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Sqa Analyst Resume

New York, CitY


  • Around seven years of experience in software QA testing related to Java GUI, Wireless, Media, E-commerce and Web based applications/products on Cross-platform and Cross-browser environment.
  • Proficient in manual and software test automation.
  • Experienced in using Quality Center for complete test management.
  • Analyzed functional specifications and developed QA artifacts not limited to high level use cases, test scripts and test strategies.
  • Proficient in testing software patches, hot fixes on pre-prod, UAT environment.
  • Involved in functionality, usability, regression, smoke, performance, stress, compatibility, volume, user interface, integration, user acceptance, system, ad hoc, upgrade testing phases for multiple QA releases.
  • Familiar in debugging elements of JavaScript, XML, HTML and CSS files.
  • Efficient in using web debuggers fire bug, fiddler and developer tools.
  • Worked in test automation frameworks of watij, JUnit and Selenium.
  • Experienced with entire SDLC, software QA test and defect life cycle.
  • Expert in using defect tracking tools like Jira, Rally, clear quest and bugzilla.
  • Performed backend validation by executing SQL queries.
  • Headed pre-end game, end game test activities for multiple software QA releases.
  • Proficient in testing business logic scenarios and error prone functional areas.
  • Specialist in mobile feature application testing on UMTS Motorola mobile devices.
  • Verified data logs, panics and memory leak issues in Motorola mobile 3g WAP enabled hand held devices.
  • Mastered in testing mobile commerce applications like Mobile purchases,
  • Mobile billing, Java and browser apps.
  • Multi-tasker, self starter possessing offshore-onsite coordination skills.


  • Masters of Sciences in Information Systems.
  • Bachelors in Computer Applications.


Operating Systems:

Windows Vista/XP/2000/NT/98, UNIX, Linux, Mac OS X


IE 6-8, Mozilla Firefox 3.6.3, Safari 4.0.4, Chrome 5.0


Java, XML, HTML, SQL, JavaScript

Test Management:

Quality Center 9.2, Test Central

Automation Tools:

Watij (TesttNG), Selenium IDE 1.0

Relational Databases:

Oracle 9i/10g, SQL Server 2000/2005

Database Tools:

SQL Query Analyzer, Aqua Data Studio

Bug tracking Tools:

Jira 3.13.5, Clear Quest, DDTS, Bugzilla

Web Tools:

Fiddler, Firebug, IE developer, Web developer

Web protocols:


Mobile testing Tools:

Radiocomm, ihopper, PTF, Flashing/Flexing, QPST, RSDLite, User Agents

Telecom networks:


Web Content Management:

Day CQ5 5.3 (CRX 2.0 based on JCR-283)

Project Management:

CA Clarity




Java GUI

Reporting Tools:

Actuate Reports 7, BO Reports

Application Servers:

Apache Tomcat 5.5.9, BEA 9.0, Web Logic, IBM Web Sphere 6.0

SCM tools:

Cruise Control, Comweb, Star team, Rational Clear Case, SVN, Maven and Perforce

Work Flow Tools:

MSOffice suite


Client: Confidential,New York City JAN 2011 – AUG 2011
Role & Project: SQA Analyst, Pre-College
Confidential, provides higher education programs, professional training courses, test preparation materials and other services for various levels of education


  • Responsible for the execution of daily regression, smoke, upgrade test cases on QA Functional, Staging, Production environments and report analysis.
  • Involved in pre and post release QA activity planning and leading.
  • Closing, Re-testing defects in JIRA including impact analysis.
  • Identified integration scenarios involved in multiple Kaplan apps to load test.
  • Developed, Reviewed QA load test specification documents.
  • Collected test data and set up of performance test environment.
  • Scripted the load test integration scenarios using selenium and java frameworks.
  • Executed the test scripts on QA performance environment using PushToTest test maker.
  • Analyzed load test results to share performance metrics with QA management.
  • Daily interaction with development, configuration teams and mentoring to QA.
  • Proactive communication with third party vendors like SOASTA, Utest on outsourcing performance testing.
  • Cross team meetings to identify application integration scenarios.
  • Created wiki pages on new QA hire orientation and reusable data.
  • Ownership of reporting daily QA team status and updates.
  • Daily Onsite-Offshore co-ordination to accomplish QA testing activities.

Environment: Jira, Team Track, Test Link, Confluence, nxclient, PushToTest Test Maker, Selenium.

Client: Confidential,New York City FEB 2010 – JAN 2011
Role & Project: QA Analyst, Newsweek
Confidential, offers comprehensive coverage of world events with a global network of correspondents, reporters and editors covering national and international affairs, business, science and technology, society and the arts and entertainment. Newsweek.com offers the weekly magazine online, daily news updates. Newsweek re-design project involves Adobe CQ5 Web Content Management to easily create and publish the content. Author once, publish many, with design templates and inherited content, while allowing for author and publish of local content.


  • Extracted high-level use cases, test scenarios in interaction with development team.
  • Set up development and QA environment using CQ5 WCM.
  • Automated web navigations using selenium IDE.
  • Involved in authoring of Newsweek design templates and publishing the content on to CQ5 pre-production, UAT environments.
  • Maintained daily maven build releases and source code changes through SVN and pushed the changes on to CQ5 Newsweek instance.
  • Performed manual functional testing of re-designed site across cross browser and cross platforms on pre-prod, UAT environments.
  • Executed User Stories of the projects available in Rally implementing agile methodology.
  • Participated in Scrum meetings and analyzed backlogs in Rally.
  • Debugged web traffic using fiddler, sorted issues using firebug, IE developer, web developer tools.
  • Extensive look up of JavaScript, CSS, XML and HTML code as part of Ajax web testing.
  • Involved in Unit, Regression, Smoke, Upgrade and UAT on Pre-Prod.
  • Tested re-designed site on Amazon’s cloud EC2 instantiated servers involving the cloud computing.
  • Tracked QA issues using Jira, Rally along with defect logging that includes technical, logical, functional, UI, Server, CQ5 Sling issues.
  • Expertise in testing the web pages on MAC OS X, WIN on various versions of IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari browsers along with the use of Virtual Machines.
  • Performed testing of CQ5 WCM editor with Newsweek components and involved in analyzing the code structure.
  • Authored functional design changes, design style guides, CQ5 training and deployment instructions to Newsweek dashboard on atlassian Confluence.
  • Co-ordination with uTest team on QA issues as part of Newsweek site functional testing.

Environment: Day CQ 5.3 WCM(CRX 2.0 based on JCR-283 ), AJAX, Java 1.6, Apache 2.2, Jira, Rally, MVN, SVN, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, jquery JavaScript Library v1.4.2, Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3), Echo/JS-Kit (for comments), Bright cove (video), Firebug, Fiddler, Web developer..

Client: Confidential,New York DEC 2007 – JAN 2009
Role & Project: QA Analyst, Clarity
Confidential,is an on demand solution built on web services platform to help organizations maximize portfolio value and minimize project costs assisting wide range of IT governance enterprise in managing their dynamic business requirements, complex projects and global resources.


  • Created test plans from Abstract, Feature Spec and Tech Design Spec documents and authored test cases.
  • Conducted regression, upgrade, system, configuration, volume, stress, user acceptance, interface and risk based testing for multiple QA releases.
  • Experienced with Agile software development and multi-tier web application.
  • Documented UAT process and executed business logic, data driven test cases.
  • Set up test environments involved in testing automation smoke tests to determine the build acceptance for QA.
  • Conducted extensive Clarity GUI testing and localization testing.
  • Performed backend validation to match front end data using SQL.
  • Executed financial management reports and jobs to generate project data.
  • Lead Service Pack team in delivering priority fixes for major QA releases.
  • Automated tests using testNG framework and used selenium API to automate browser actions.
  • Developed test scripts based on selenium IDE generated code.
  • Provided technical analysis for the QA test issues found during test execution.
  • Trouble shooted client-server issues, build deployments, build schedules.
  • Monitored page build times, heap size, GC as part of endurance testing.
  • Read java stack trace in log files as part of debugging automation coverage script failures.
  • Installed and tested XOG (XML Open Gateway) Client using XOG SOAP API.
  • Performed gap analysis and impact analysis for logged and escaped defects.
  • Performed rapid application testing (RAT) to provide early feedback on features.
  • Coordinated day-to-day activities with offshore teams.

Environment: QC, XOG, JIRA, Eclipse, Cruise Control, IE 7, putty JavaScript, Watij/TestNG, Selenium, XOG, WSDL, J2EE, UNIX, AIX, Web Sphere, SQL, GEL, QTP, SOAP, AquaDataStudio, Actuate Reports, XML, Star team, MSP

Client: Confidential,India JAN 2005 – NOV 2007
Role & Project: QA Analyst, ICDMA
The Diamond Back product is a dual-mode phone, providing CDMA telephony and iDEN telephony and dispatch. IDEN dispatch is available whenever Nextel coverage is available. In order to provide dual mode (iDEN/CDMA) operation, two processors are required, the MSM6550 processor to provide CDMA operation and the Patriot Bravo IC to provide iDEN operations.


  • Analyzed SRS and functional specification documents from Sprint Nextel.
  • Authored test plans and test cases for BREW mobile feature applications.
  • Performed manual, feature, regression, sanity, I18N, UI and integration testing
  • Tested Motorola’s IC702 (RacerWithCamera), ic902 (Diamond Back),

ic602 (Buzz), ic502 (Racer), i776 (Razr) mobile handsets with Sprint carriers

  • Involved in defect logging, tracking re-testing. Captured, analyzed panic logs.
  • Performed master resets, SIM locking/unlocking, bringing up new hardware.
  • Analyzed mobile panics, data logs and load testing results in mobile handsets.
  • Tested features not limited to Courtesy Masking, RTN, Airplane Mode, PUD, Phone Book, Push-to-talk, Java apps, and Keys Management
  • Flashed/Flexed various releases builds on to UMTS Motorola mobile devices.
  • Initiated meetings with dev team and counter parts for milestones, reviews.
  • Automated feature test cases using phone test framework.
  • Tested mobile commerce applications like mobile ticketing, purchases,

billing, tunes download and others.

  • Conducted usability testing of the mobile features with complex positive and negative test case scenarios.
  • Lead UAT test team with acceptable test strategies and business logic rules.
  • Well experienced with agile software development in a fast paced

environment with regular scrum team meetings.

  • Performed stress testing of feature applications using iHopper.

Environment: Test Central, DDTS, QC, Flashing, radiocomm, ihopper, PhoneTestFramework, J2ME, CDMA, GSM, Clear Case, RSDLite, UNIX, QPST, Windows and Linux, Quality Central.

Client: Confidential,India JAN 2004 – DEC 2004
Role & Project: Trainee, CDMA
CDMA employsspread spectrumtechnology and a special coding scheme where each transmitter is assigned a code to allow multiple users to be multiplexed over the same physical channel. The Diamond product is a single mode phone, providing CDMA telephony.


  • Participated in the early phases of projects for requirement gathering.
  • Created test cases as per business requirements and use cases.
  • Analyzed data in software development life cycle and test process.
  • Closely worked with clients and dev teams on requirement reviews and follow ups.
  • CDMA carrier analysis with network simulated environments.
  • Conducted functional, regression, upgrade testing of mobile software.
  • Performed bug logging, defect tracking, documented results using Clear Quest.
  • Headed end-to-end manual testing process for multiple software releases.
  • Monitored change requests, defects and closed them on re-test.
  • Conducted database validation using SQL queries.
  • Trouble shooted mobile application issues.
  • Interacted with developers, system engineers to identify applications defects.
  • Developed and implemented Java based tools/utilities.

Environment: Core Java, Clear Quest, Clear Case, Windows XP, SQL, CDMA, CITRIX Metaframe.

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