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Test Engineer Resume

Plainsboro, NJ


  • Overthreeyearsof experience in Software Quality Testing inWindows,WebandClient/Serversapplications with great experience inManualandAutomationTesting.
  • Strong Business and Domain knowledge ofInsurance,Financial-Banking, andRetailverticals.
  • Strong knowledge ofSystem Development Life Cycle (SDLC)andSoftware Testing Life Cycle (STLC)in Requirements gathering, Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Testing, and Testing models such asWaterfall & Agile.
  • Hands on experience onSmoke, Sanity, Regression, Functional, System, User Acceptance, compatibility and Security testing.
  • Hands on experience in preparingTest Plans, Test Scenarios, and Test casesby reviewingBusiness Requirements, Functional Requirement documents and detailed designfor testing purpose.
  • Preparation ofTest Dataforpositiveandnegativescenarios and setting uptestenvironment.
  • Excellentexperience on manual testing, writingefficienttestcasesusing black box test cases design techniques such as equivalence partition,equivalence class, andboundary value analysis.
  • Createdtest casesinexternal Excel data sheets filesand imported back toQuality Center.
  • Executedtest cases manuallyand usedQuality Centerto manage the tests andlogging defects.
  • Preparedtest summery, test analysis, defect reportsusingQuality Centerdashboard tools.
  • Developed theTest case Repositorythat contained the pool of Regression Test cases of the business critical components for building theAutomatedRegressionTest suites.
  • Expertise in writingVB scriptsfor performing automation testing and creating macros.
  • Experience in DesigningAutomation Test ScriptsusingData driven and Keyword driven frameworks.
  • Experience in developingSQL queriesand using differentJoinson multiple tables to perform Back-end Testing.
  • Excellent knowledge ofApplication Lifecycle Management,Testing Life Cycles,SQA methodologyandtest process documentationand End user training.
  • Experience in working inagileprocess environment and excellent hands on experience onSEENOWDO.
  • Ability to relate people at any level of business and management, developers and product analysts and maintaining detailed QA documentation.


Programming Languages

C, C++, Java, VB, Assembly, FoxPro, SQL, PL/SQL

Operating System

Windows XP/2000/NT/98, UNIX

Testing Tools

QTP, Quality Center

Web Technologies



SQL Server 2000, Oracle 8i,9i,10g, IBM DB2

Front End Tools

Visual Studio 2003, Dream Weaver, MS Project, MS Visio.

Agile tools



  • MBA in Accounting & Intl Business,
  • BSc in Computer and Information Science,


Confidential, Plainsboro, NJ Sep 2010 – Present
Project Description: E-Staffing
Role: Test Engineer


  • Review Business Requirement Documents, Functional requirement documents, Technical review document.
  • Preparing test data and test environment for testing modules.
  • Responsible for writing test plan, test scenarios, and test cases for requirement, client and submission modules.
  • Developed test cases in Excel datasheets and imported into Quality Center.
  • Execution of test cases and logging defects using Quality Center.
  • Data validation tests were carried out to verify that only valid data could be used for registration.
  • Executed test cases manually to verify the expected results for the different modules.
  • Performed backend application testing and Database testing by extensively using SQL queries.
  • Developed automated scripts in a folder module structure using VB scripts for regression testing.
  • Executed scripts using QTP and exported the test results back to Quality Center.
  • Parameterized scripts using local and global data sheets, added synchronization points, and various check points in scripts.
  • Scripted reusable functions, user defined function with VB scripts and used library functions.
  • Preparing test summary report, defects report and status reports using Quality Center dashboard tools.
  • Carried out security tests to check that only valid users could access certain sections of the site and carried out compatibility testing to check that the applications work with different browsers without throwing any errors.
  • Attended daily scrum and formal walkthroughs with business analysts, project managers, team leaders and developers.

Environment: J2EE, Oracle 9i and 10g, SQL, IBM AIX, Windows XP, IBM Web Sphere, IBM Utilities, HP Quality Center.

Confidential, NJ Jan 2010 – Jul 2010
Project Description:
Role: Test Engineer


  • Review ofBusiness Requirement documents,Functional requirements documentandTechnical requirement documents.
  • Responsible forwriting test plans, scenarios and test cases.
  • Imported externally created test cases inExcel sheetsintoQuality Centerand executed.
  • Testing included performing requiredSmoke, Functional,integration,Regression,SecurityandSystemtesting.
  • UsedQuality Centertologging defects, assigned severityto the defects those were logged on.
  • Interacted with the business users forUAT.
  • Preparedtest summary report, defects report, and Test status reportsusing Quality Center dashboard tools.
  • Worked inAgilemodel and used Seenowdo software for managing the process.
  • AttendedSprintplanningmeetings and dailyscrumsas necessary.
  • Preparation ofreleaseburndowncharts, defect backlogfor sprints.
  • Created and executed Automated Scripts usingQTPforRegression testing.
  • Recorded and built manual scriptsfor different modules in afolderstructureand executed inQTP.
  • Exportedthe automated regression test results back toQuality Center.
  • Parameterizedthescripts, usedregularexpressionsand handled unexpected errors usingexceptionhandingmechanism.
  • VB scriptedreusablefunctions, and Setting up the startup files for the loading thelibraryfunctions.
  • Enhanced test scripts by addingSynchronizationPointsand variouscheckpointslike text area, standard, table and database checkpoints using QTP.
  • Static and dynamic Userdefinedfunctionswere written in QTP according to the functionality of the application.
  • Extensively worked on handling the application response for Positive and Negative sets of data for data driven using Quick Test Professional.
  • Involved inbackendvalidationusing Scripts andSQLqueries to verify theintegrityof the database.
  • InteractedwithBusinessAnalysts,DevelopersandQAteam members in different defect raising situations.
  • Attended insprint retrospectivemeetingsandinspectionmeetings, to verify the status and quality of the testing effort and provided feedback for business analysts.

Environment:VB, ASP, HTML, XML, UNIX, .NET, Excel, Oracle, SQL server, Windows/NT, QTP 10, QC

Confidential, Evansville IN, Intern Sep 2007 – Dec 2007
Role: Jr Test Engineer

  • Review Functional requirements and technical requirement documents.
  • Writing test plan, test scenarios, and test cases.
  • Preparing test data and test environment.
  • Execute test cases manually and manage tests with Quality Center.
  • Logged defects using Quality Center and assigned severity for logged defects.
  • Prepare test summery, status and defect summery reports.
  • Attended formal walkthroughs and review meetings.
  • Executed data validation tests for front end and backend applications.

Confidential, Intern Jan 2007– June 2007
Role: Technical Support Specialist

My role was to provide product support to district personnel in the use of computers and other technological products to enhance the classroom integration.

  • Provide teachers with training and ongoing usage of education enhancement products, including coordination of volunteers to assist teachers with technology utilization.
  • Done duties such as taking phone calls, taking messages, respond to inquiries and provide clerical and secretarial support to center staff and management.
  • Collaborates with building administer to identify building level technology needs and solutions for staff development.
  • Assist teachers with implementing integration of technology and education to their students.
  • Assist with diagnosing, resolving and reporting operational problems with technology related products.
  • Helps teachers identify age appropriate Internet sites to enhance classroom activities.
  • Responds to, resolves all technology issues, maintaining problem-tracking logs.

Confidential Jan 2004 – Dec 2004
Role: Test Engineer

  • Analyzed documentation and writing test scenarios and test case documentation for online billing module.
  • Executing test cases for assigned areas of product as well as testing proper localization of features.
  • Identifying sample Test Data based on the testing criteria provided.
  • Reporting, tracking, verifying and regressing of bugs.
  • Maintaining status of the Test Results generated.
  • Perform functional and compatibility testing on different browsers.
  • Worked with program managers, developers and stakeholders to insure the best quality of releases.

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