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Senior Quality Assurance Resume

Conshohocken, PA

Job Objectives:
A position in Quality Assurance by utilizing my skills and experience in quality assurance, Financial Service,
Software Development, Database Design, Sales/Order Processing in the Financial software development and
Financial Planning and Investment companies.

5 and half years in Quality Assurance testing experiences in Dot Net, Web based Financial Service software house.
As a senior quality assurance, I was assigned to test the most complicated projects. I detected most bugs in my group. The project managers and financial planning group supervisors feel very comfortable with my work and can rest with confident to release the bug free software package after projects are passed by me.
When the production release is due, my manager always assign me with the important regression test, market index update, security data updates and yearly federal income tax as well as estate tax updates and enhancement testing.
14 years in DEC/VAX, ALPHA, Trained on C++, ASP.net programming languages, Sybase SQL and Oracle SQL.

Computer Systems:
Microsoft Window PC, Micro VAX (Multiple nodes), ALPHA,
VAX 3500,6400,8600(Cluster), VAX 11/780,IBM 4341 CMS

Trained on Microsoft Visual Basic, C++ and Asp.net

Microsoft Excel, Words, Visual SourceSafe, Elsinore Issuenet Center, Morningstar Advisor Workstation Office
SURPAS mutual financial system, DEC\'s DECnet network, FMS, TDMS, DECFORM, RDB, DBMS, ORACLE, DATATRIEVE, CDD, CMS, CALCOMP Electrostatic Plotter Software, ASK\'s Material and Resource Planning Systems (ManMan)


Senior Quality Assurance
Conshohocken, Pa (August, 2005 – Present)
Testing financial planning software products developed for major U.S. insurance and investment companies in the
Dot Net frame work. The software products provide Estate Planning, Trusts set up, Federal Income and Estate tax calculations, Investment Planning and financial planning module analysis and portfolio analysis. Most of the major Insurance Companies in America and independent financial advisors are the primary users; they are New York life, Met Life, Mass Mutual, LPL, Guardian, Securian, EFA and TD bank. The job responsibilities are functional specification review, create test plans and set up the test cases, implement the tests, UI testing, regression test, software release, quarterly market index update, security (stock) data base updates, yearly federal income tax and estate tax modification, update and testing.
- Creating new test plans for new product features
- Developing new methods to test existing product features
- Participate in the execution of test plans
- Document and review bug reports and other test results, verify the bug fix
- Regression test and software release test
- Test strategy and set up requirements traceability matrix (RTM) test table
- Analyzing test output, identifying discrepancies and clearly documenting defects
- Analyzing functional specs for completeness & testability

Confidential,Columbus, OH June 2005 – Aug. 2005

Independent Consultant – Software Developer

Developed financial package for magazine subscription and gift award program (Alpha system/Fortran language).

Senior Software Developer
King of Prussia, Pa. (Jan. 2000 – May, 2004)
Programming on the SURPAS Financial Software system, Mutual Fund Services, development new events for interface between Surpas system and JAVA SQL, NSCC same day event modification, SWB modification of OTIFAL to support exchange automation, new loiadjsum/loipurge events, NSCC files handling and client settlement report, PFS check writing, check upload program, Dazl Project development, broker fund serve initial purchase for house account by affiliate, create ADP intact file and developed new API module interface with desktop.
Follow PFPC SURPAS development standard from study FTK requirement, SA turnover, estimation, program spec, specification review, coding, unit test, code review, QA support to final packaging. I created new events, new token, new CFD, new events and new classical screen as well as new parameters for SURPAS system.

Sales Manager –Asia (July 1996 – December 1999)
Singapore and Coatesville, Pa.
I was expatriated to Singapore on June 1997 as Asian Sales Manager and relocated back to corporate headquarters in
Coatesville in August 1999. Sales and marketing high end steel products in International Markets. Traveling
throughout of Asia and Europe.

Sr. Software Engineer (Process Control Division)
Confidential, (April 1991 – July 1996)
Conshohocken, PA 19428
I worked in the Information Technology (Process Control) Division, my major responsibilities were Quench and
Temper line process automation software developments and supports, The communications between VAX level
2 and Allen Bradley PLC through pyramid integrator communication device by using Ethernet and Data Highway +
link, Marketing and Bar coding automation system.

Sr. Programmer Analyst (August 1989 – March 1991)
Franklin Center, PA 19101
I contributed as a project leader of Global Manufacture Computer System. My responsibilities included supporting
and supervisory Malaysia Digital Computer System (VAX) as well as maintenance. I intensively modified the Material
and Resource Planning System’s Data Base files layouts and record fields as well as recompiled and reestablished Data
Base new relationships. DB optimization is part of weekly routine duties. I visited Malaysia at least once a year to
upgrade the MRP system and trained the overseas employees, as well as initiated, managed new projects.

Consultant (July 1988 – August 1989)
Confidential, Wayne, PA
Contracted with Sun Refinery and Marketing Company as
a consultant to computerize the Automated Terminal
Interface / Sun Terminal Automation Network.
As a key member of the development team, I
in charged the real time event logging system design
and implementation, file and data storage management,
process control, and communication with distributed
process multiple nodes system by using DECnet
NETWORK, System Queue IO, Event Flag and Mailbox

Consultant (May 1987 – July 1988)
Confidential, Philadelphia, PA
Contracted with Moore Products as a consultant to convert the database system on Burroughs (Unisys) to ASK\'s
MANMAN(MRP) and running on DEC/VAX system as well as customized MANMAN package.
Contracted with Dupont\'s Information Technology Product division as a special business and technical
consultant for manufacturing software development.

Programmer Analyst (May 1985 – Aug 1987)
Developed patient follow up, treatment, result and statistical studies
software package for medical research and drug study.

Programmer Analyst (August 1982 – May 1985)
Confidential, Graphic and Scientific applications for communication
firm, developed terrain Graphic Mapping Package for
FCC cellular telephone coverage study and cellular
phone system design.

Financial Analyst (MIS department)
Citi Bank, Taipei Branch
MIS department

MS in Computer Science 1984

M.B.A in International Trade

BS in Accounting

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