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Sr. Hardware Reliability Test Engineer Resume

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El Segundo, CA

OBJECTIVE: To secure a challenging H/W signal integrity, EMI test or validation Engineering position in the field of electronics or related area with a company that will offer growth and make effective use of my hands-on training.

BSEE Electronic Engineering.

Associate degree in Computer Science Programming.
Test Equipment:Oscilloscope, Frequency Counter, Network Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, PCIe, USB2.0 & 3.0 Bus Analyzer, Data and RF Network Analyzer / Generator, BERT and AWG Tester. TekExpress & SerialExpress MOI package (HP and Tektronix ). Full SATA6G and USB3.0 , USB-IF & HDMI compliance testing.
Computer Knowledge:Programming in C & C++, Visual Basic and Labview10.0, Good Understanding of UNIX, LINUX, Windows XP, VISTA and Winodws7. ORCAD / CADANCE, schematic capture and PCB layout and SI simulation.


Confidential, El Segundo CA.
April 2011 – April 2012. Lay Off
Job Title: Sr. Hardware Reliability Test Engineer
Duties:Working closely with H/W design team for new or existing DVR set top boxes to find any design, EMI/EMC or manufacturing related issues on Power supply, mainboard and peripherals. Run failure analysis on return units for any reliability and quality issues down to component levels. Work closely with part vendors to monitor their failure rate and improving their test process. Work closely with manufacture test engineers to improve their test methodology. Work closely with DirecTV engineers regarding their field failure units to find the root cause of the issue. Brown-out, power glitch and power cycle test using test automation on Agilent AC power source 6814B. Coordinate signal integrity, Reliability, EMI/EMC and Labview Automation testing to improve the product performance to meet all the compliance requirements. Run Full signal integrity compliance testing On Broadcom, STMicro and Entropic SOC’s for SATA, HDMI, USB, including RF output levels. Work closely with customer related issues for design or reliability related failures.

Confidential. Irvine, CA.
June 2007- February 2011. Lay Off
Job Title: Sr. Principal Signal Integrity / EMI, Reliability Engineer.
Duties:Full Signal Integrity Analysis on, PATA, SATA & SAS 1.5/3.0 and 6Ghz drives, including USB3.0, 5Ghighspeed and SSD ( Solid State Disk , Flash Base drives ). Validating Rx & Tx signals for RT-Eye and full Jitter measurements (DJ & TJ). Measuring Return Loss for Near and Far End sensitivity test using Agilent VNA and DCA6100A test equipments. Working closely with PCB layout designers and EMC engineers to verify proper PCB layout, stack up and trace routing for differential pairs, including impedance matching to comply with EMC radiated and immunity testing. Working closely with SRE (System Reliability Engineering) team, to complete all system level Temperature cycle & Shock/Vibration testing. Validate full signal integrity qualifications on different range of OEM Servers, Mass Storage system, DVR, Satellite Set Top boxes, Notebooks and desktop PC, using Tektronix TDS8000 and Agilent BERT scopes. Full FCC, CE class B, EMI/RFI, Radiation / Immunity compliance certification testing using inside 3M and outside 10M Chamber labs for up to 30Ghz. Working directly on customer related issues inside their chassis for EMI, SI and reliability issues.

Confidential. Carson, CA.
June 2004- May 2007. Contract Position Full time.
Job Title: Sr. EMC / Validation Test Engineer.
Duties: Take all new products to EMC Test Labs and debug all radiated and conducted emission issues for FCC part 15, CISPR 22, class B certifications. Fix any issues with USB and Ethernet interface ports. Build and setup Pre-Compliance kit using Agilent E7405 Spectrum Analyzer. Validate USB 1.1 & 2.0 (full speed and high speed ) using TDS7404 and USB2.0 software to measure eye diagram, chirp, J& K Tests, suspend, resume and current tests. Check jitter measurements on D+, D- , differential lines, plus rise and fall time. Using CATC, USB protocol Analyzer to debug transaction issues. Full PCB layout and Signal Integrity/ EMC simulation using CADENCE Allegro & EMSAT tools. Board level and system level MTBF, MIL-217 & Bellcore reliability analysis using “items” software. Develope DVT, Reliability tests and validation procedures for each new product. Using labview 8.1 for test automation.

Confidential. Tustin, CA.
January 2003-July 2004, Contract Position, Full Time.
Job Title: Sr. Mfg Test Engineer.
Duties: Generate board level ICT test program and test fixture design on HP3070 ICT tester. Design functional test setup and develop test program using National Instrument PXI, and Labview 7.1 to generate functional test programs to test all Pool and SPA system control boards. Working closely with Mfg and quality engineers to improve board level and system level yield and product quality. Working with Design engineers from start to end of each design for full DFT & DFM related issue on new and existing products.

Confidential. Costa Mesa, CA.
March 2002- January 2003: Consulting Position, Full Time Contract. Six Months
Job Title: Sr. H/W Validation Test Engineer.
Duties: Full ASIC Validation on Laser Guided Imaging Die, running at two 500MHz internal Clocks. Design Test Fixtures using ORCAD and PCAD for PCB Design and using Xilinx FPGA for implementing test logics into the test fixture. Generating test automation using National Instrument PCI DAQ and Labview 6.1 to test and validate all new Die’s using Micro probing technique and Chip on Board for Vth, Mux, full FIFO and End to End functional test.

Confidential. Irvine CA.
November 2001 – Jun 2002. Lay off.
Job Title: Sr. Mfg Test Engineer.
Duties: Support manufacturing floor for all board and system level test setup and configuration on C-Band, L-Band and Ku-Band satellite modems and network Hub’s. Writing production test / debug procedures, plus test automation tools using National Instrument Lab View 6.1 for Windows and RF Switches DC-18GHz. Working closely with H/W design team during design phase to design test fixtures using ORCAD to validate and debug Digital, Analog and RF boards for new design, complete DVT test procedures. Extensive knowledge of RF design, Phase noise, and spurious measurement. Using Spectrum Analyzer, Power Meter, Signal & RF Generator, BER Tester and Logic Analyzer. RF Test Equipments Calibration and Rental Scheduling. Supervise and train all Mfg Technicians. Contract, Full Time Position. Six Months.

Confidential. Irvine CA.
September 2000 – May 2006. Contract Position, Part time.
Job Title: Sr. H/W Design & Validation Engineer. Contract Part Time, Long Term.
Duties: Schematic Capture, using ORCAD & McCad for board level design and PCAD for layout. Test development, Troubleshooting, Debug and Signal Integrity on all new PCI, PCI-X, PMC and cPCI Gigabit Single/Dual Ports, Including Copper and Fiber boards up to 8 layers Network Cards using Intel PCI Bridge, National, Intel and Broadcom Gigabit MAC / PHY plus Marvell, Vittesse or Agilent SERDES. Complete FCC (Part 15), CE and UL Test certification using third party test labs. Contract Part time long term position.

Confidential. Irvine CA.
Sept 1999 - Nov 2001.
Job Title: Sr. H/W Test Engineer. Laid Off
Duties: Working closely with Sr. H/W Design Engineers to develop and troubleshoot all new PCI, CPCI and PMC Cryptographic SSL accelerator boards in Linux and Windows NT Platforms using Catalyst PCI Bus Analyzer. Evaluate test equipments and furniture’s to layout Hardware Engineering Lab. Complete DVT Test Procedures and reports for full characterization and validation of all new designs. Complete FCC (Part 15), CE and UL Test reports using third parties test labs. Complete full DVT and Compliance tests on Cryptographic SSL Network Proxy Accelerator server. Complete troubleshoot and debugging USB low and full speed iKey Tokens using USB Bus Analyzer, Tektronix USB Compliance test package. Full DVT and Environmental test reports, plus Compliance tests on USB ikey modules. Automate DVT Test procedures using National Instrument Lookout and Labview software interfacing Fieldpoint Analog I/O, Data Acquisition and Relay modules to control programmable power supply Test Chamber. Monitor and logging data for all electrical parameters like In-Rush Current, Voltage Droop and temperatures data. Test Equipments Calibration and Rental Scheduling.

Confidential.,Rancho Santa Margarita CA.
Nov 1997, Sept 1999.
Job Title: Sr Test Engineer.
Duties: Design SDRAM, PC100, PC133, DDR and Rambus memory modules for PC’s and Servers. Schematic captures and board layout for test fixtures using ORCAD &ACCELL EDA. Develop test procedure to test all different type of high-speed memory modules using HP83000 F330I and Advantest Rambus ATE and GenRad in circuit tester. Develop DVT test procedures on all new memory modules for signal integrity and AC-DC characterization using Tektronix TDS694C Oscilloscope and HP 10674, logic analyzer. Troubleshoot and analyze all field failure returned modules from OEM and write corrective action reports for all failures and developing new test using ATE testers. Supervise & Train technicians.

Confidential.Irvine CA.
Sept 1996 To Nov 1997.
Job Title: Sr. Validation Engineer. Laid Off
Duties: Test and Validate R/W Channel Chip for Analog and Digital Blocks. Design the Test Bed to simulate hardware environment using ICE (In Circuit Emulator, Intel 8xc196 NU & NP) using NOHAUE Software for mapping memory Blocks of the Test Bed. Using Altera and Lattice FPGA (7000 & 8000) series to design logic’s and ORCAD tools for schematic capture. Writing and translating Sims in Verilog and using Visual C++ on UNIX to simulate and correlate the Sims against Test Bed. Troubleshoot and upgrade the test Bed according to the latest changes to the R/W Channel chip specification. Using Arbitrary Waveform Generator, HP and Tektronix Logic Analyzer (16550C & TLA 700), Lecroy 10G Sampling Scope and Microprobing for Validating the analog Blocks.

Confidential, Hillsboro OR.
Oct 1994 To Sept 1996.
Job Title: Component Test Engineer. Moved to CA.
Duties: Test and debug devices for characterization and validation of all GAL, pLSI and PLD parts
Using Credence ATE, Semiconductor Analyzer, Pulse Generator Tek HFS 9003, Sampling Scope Tek 11801A,
Data Generator HP800A, DC Power Supply and DVM to analyze signals level for Tpd, Tco, Tsu, Fmax,
Input translator and Glitch. Write test programs for ATE. Collect and Graph data using MS Word and Excel.

Confidential.Hillsboro OR.
May 1992 - Oct 1994
Job Title:Hardware Engineer Assistant. Contract Long Term.
Duties:Build Prototype Board PCI Card for 486/Pentium base Processor, Fax /Data and DSVD Telephony internal board. Draw Schematics using ORCAD and CADANCE, Debug and troubleshoot the Prototype 1and 2, in order to pass FCC and LU Test. Build test station for Functional test and reliability test. SMT Soldering and repair the boards for Remote LAN Access network Server product. Build, Test and configured systems for LAN/WAN network using network and ISDN Cards. Build Test setup for the server to pass FCC and EMI Test. Using SPEED, MAX and EXCEL Spreadsheet for BOM and Data Collections. Contract Job.

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