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Qa Analyst Resume

New Jersey, NJ


  • Effectively implemented different QA methodologies/policies, strategies and plans in all stages of SDLC.
  • Demonstrated excellence in creating Test Plans, Test cases and Test scripts for manual and automated testing.
  • Experience working on automated testing tools including Quick Test Professional, Fitnesse.
  • Effectively created, maintained, and executed manual and automated test scripts for functional, regression, integration and system testing.
  • Used SQL for backend testing
  • Extensive experience in MS office tools like MS-word, Power point, Excel, Access.
  • Expertise working on Confluence, Quality Center, Bugzilla, Jira, Knowledgetree for requirements management, planning, scheduling, defect tracking and executing the test cases.
  • Active participation in various meetings with the development team.
  • Self-starter with strong analytical and documentation skills and problem solving techniques.
  • Excellent communication skills, documentation skills.
  • Worked in both Agile and water fall models.
    Confidential,December 2009-Current
    Role: QA Analyst/Lead QA

    Project: Rcopia
    Description: EMR system that helps Medical Practitioners in prescribing electronically.
    Worked on various projects like Rcopia Web, Rcopia Update(web service), Payor Engine, SSPoller, Runner to name a few.

  • Tested various enhancements of the applications like Rcopia Web, Rcopia mini browser, Rcopia Update, Payor Engine, SSpoller/Runner/Server
  • Involved in reviewing requirements specification
  • Documented test plan and test cases
  • Manually tested EMR applications.
    Used Bugzilla Bug Tracker, Jira to report/track all issues and defects.
    Experience using SQL for backend testing of Oracle database.
    Used Visual Source Safe (VSS), SVN, Confluence, Knowledge Tree to house the test plans, test cases and other documents.
    Integration Testing, End-to-End testing experience
    Involved in day to day interaction with developers, offshore QA, BA’s, Tier-1 and 2.
    Regression testing experience.

  • Lead various projects, managing both onsite and offshore team members.
  • Experience working in a team and as an individual contributor
  • Reported daily status to QA Managers while in water fall model, Reported daily status to scrum team in agile environment
  • Received awards for excellence
  • Experience build war files and deploying them to QA servers
  • Involved in post deployment verification on production servers.
  • Experience in system testing which involved memory dump, garbage collection, Appscan for identifying high security issues, Long sql, sql comparison.
  • Generated PDF prescriptions for pharmacies and providers from different states.
    Experience writing automation scripts for web application using Fitnesse generated keywords.

    Environment: Bugzilla Bug tracker, VSS, SVN, Confluence, Knowledgetree, Windows NT/98/2000, XML, HTML, SQL, Apache Tomcat, Oracle SQL Developer, FOP, Fitnesse Keywords

  • Confidential,India April 2005-July 2006
  • Project: Drug Therapeutic

  • Role: Java Developer
  • Description: A database with 600 drugs dealing with the generation of Drug Structure, Chemical Reactions, Harmful Effects, Usage, food intake ,food that could be avoided etc given the Drug Name or Drug Number. The Basic software components used to implement this application are JSP’s and Java Beans. The Application Layer consists of the business logic and operations that ultimately fulfill the user requests. The Tomcat Server performs the Web transactions and interactions in this layer. The Data Layer consists of the SQL server tables. The application flow in this model is based on multiple JSP pages per display (one target and many sub pages).
  • Responsibilities:
  • Involved in viewing the design documents.
  • Actively involved in the implementation of JSP Target and sub pages, Java Beans development
  • Maintenance of the application flow control
  • Development of the ER diagrams using Rational Rose to visualize the inter-component relationships
  • Configuring, monitoring the Tomcat Server
  • Developed database tables using SQL.
  • Used XSLT to display the information related to drugs.
  • Environment: JSP, Java Beans, JDBC, Java (JDK1.5), HTML, XML, XSLT, Tomcat Server, Rational Rose, Oracle, Windows XP, NetBeans.
    Confidential,India December 2004-March 2005
    Project: Stock Administration Systems
    Role: Software Trainee

    Description: Confidential,deals with how a client gets acquainted with information related to one or more Company’s Stocks. It’s a prototype model that could potentially be deployed on n-tier web based architecture. It includes modules for buying, selling stocks, feedback, updating stock information, viewing stocks etc.

    Responsibilities and Contributions:

  • Design and Development of use cases like login, registration, buy stocks, sell stocks, FAQ’s, suggestions, Contact Us etc
  • Involved in understanding the business processes and defining the requirements.
  • Involved in analyzing the design documents, understanding Customer Specifications from Business Analyst.
  • Coding using HTML pages, JSPS, Action form beansfor presentation logic.
  • CodingAction Classes, Data Access objectfor accessing data at the back end and forwarding the data to client.
  • Used Struts Tag Library to code JSP’s, Used Valdation Framework for global validations.
  • Creating DML, DDL queries for back end programming.
  • Assisting team members in Design and Coding
  • Developed sequences in oracle.
  • Prepared test plans and test cases to test the Client Server application
  • Designed output pages in XML for portability.
  • Environment: Java, Struts, Java Script, Oracle PL/SQL, HTML, XML, XSLT, Tomcat Server, Rational Rose, Windows XP, Edit Plus.


    Database for the Study of Biological Pathways, Master of Sciences Thesis, Confidential,Cincinnati
    Description: This project deals with the optimization of biological pathways to combat many dreadful diseases. To optimize the concentration of the biological species in Wnt Signaling Pathway an algorithm called Box is used which includes 6 different stages. The results obtained using the Box Algorithm are integrated into database application to make the task of biologists, synthetic biologists easier in developing drugs that combat diseases like cancer. The Box Algorithm is developed in Matlab. The database application is developed using Java/J2ee.


  • Developed a Deterministic Model, Stochastic Model, Bio-Control database, RS-HDMR, Bio-rules procedure, GA, SA in Matlab.
  • Integrated the experimental results obtained from Box Algorithm into Database Application.
  • The dynamic pages were developed using JSP’s, Java Script.
  • The control parameters in database were retrieved to front end using JDBC.
  • Deployed the application using Tomcat.
  • Tested the application manually.
  • Actively participated in creating requirements,traceability matrices, and test plans.
  • Created, developed and executed test cases and test scripts manually and using automationtoolQuick Test Pro 9.2.
  • Used Mercury’sQuick Test Pro 9.2to provide automation and regression testing for the web application.
  • Checkedobjects,text,pagesandtables by insertingcheckpointsusing Quick Test Pro. Used accessibility check points to test accessibility of the application.
  • UsedAlceaBug Trackerto report/track all issues and defects.
  • Extensively usedSQLforbackendtesting ofOracle and SQL serverDatabases.
  • Used Visual Source Safe (VSS) to house the test plans, test cases and other documents.
  • Environment: Java, JSP, JavaScript, Rational Rose, Windows XP/NT/2000, MySql, SQL, Matlab, XMl, XSLT, XPATH, Tomcat, JDBC, Java Beans, Netbeans.


  • Masters in Computer Sciences
  • B.TECH (Computer Science and Engineering)

    Languages: Java

    App Server:

    Tomcat 5/6


    Oracle 8i/9i/10g, MS ACCESS

    IDE/Editor Tools: Edit+, notepad++, Excel, Word, Access and PowerPoint.

    Source Control:

    Microsoft VSS 6.0, SVN 1.7

    Operating Systems: Windows

    Testing & Bug tracking Tools:

    QTP 10.0, Quality Center 9.0, Bugzilla, Jira, Fitnesse

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