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Qa Engineer Resume

Phoenix, AZ

To obtain a position in related field of: Software QA Engineer.


  • Experience in Perl, C/C++, Visual Basic, Lab windows CVI, Win32 API, Shell,
  • MySQL, MS SQL.

  • Experience with MS Visual C/C++, MS Visual Basic, MS-DOS.
  • Microsoft Access, Excel and Microsoft Office.
  • Experience with OS windows 95/98/2000/XP/NT, Unix.
  • Experience with Laser source equipments, and fiber optics.
  • Experience with the development of software for automated testing systems.
  • Hard working, quick learning, reliable, responsible and self-motivated.
  • Work well with others and independently.
    Finished Perl, SQL courses in October.
    Currently taking Web Design course, Dreamweaver and Java.


    Confidential, 06/2007 – 12/2008 . Phoenix, AZ
    (Self Employed):

  • I managed a team of 8 employees.
  • Working hard, working smart and team work were our keys to success.
  • Punctuality, getting things done on time, meeting the milestone meant saving time and money.
  • Paying close attention to detail for good quality and product perfection.
  • Customers\' satisfaction is our goal.
  • Listening to any critics well then made improvement based upon.
  • Respect the people working around and create a joyful working environment.
  • I created a customer-employee database for the company use (Coding in VB and MS Access).
  • I handled payroll and billing using MS office tools.
  • Confidential, 01/2005 – 06/2007 Phoenix, AZ
    (Self Employed):

  • I supervised a group of 10-12 employees.
  • As a contracting company, we dealt with customers on their complains/requests daily.
  • We worked hand in hand with customers for better results; this meant meeting deadlines is important. Team work speeded up the process.
  • We paid close to detail and as the result it reduced the stress and hassle.
  • Customers\' satisfaction is our goal.
  • I did the payroll for employees weekly and billing for customers monthly (Using MS Office Tools).
  • Confidential, 12/2001- 12/2004 Campbell, CA
    QA Engineer

  • Designed and implemented standard routines for common white box functions. Established conventions for how tests should be implemented. Supported other developers as they began to implement and used the tool framework and APIs.
  • Designed/developed Tool Framework, Tool APIs, Tool Applications for variance projects such as M1 ActiveX SDK Test Tool, UPnP Test Tool (coded in VB)
  • Designed/developed Client Tool to analyze and trouble-shoot the Media-Server configuration, media transcoding and streaming.
  • Analyzed/ trouble-shoot Media-Server configuration, media content formats, data transferring; client connection and client player.
  • Wrote variance scripts to run on the embedded Unix platform (coded in shell script and C).
  • Worked with existing codes to provide more useful features to the existing test tools
  • Designed and developed data analysis, data mining, and database reporting tools. (Coded in VB, MS SQL).
  • Developed customer-focused test approaches, test plans, and test cases for complex end-to-end client/server solutions.
  • Executed test plans, regress bug fixes and document errors.
  • Setup and run automated tools.
  • Executed smoke, regression, performance, stretch and scalability tests.
  • Install/manage Server and local networking.
  • Confidential, 01/2000 – 11/2001 Sunnyvale, CA
    Software Test Engineer

  • Developed measurement algorithms, wrote measurement procedures, and performed
  • Calculations using Microsoft C++, Lab windows CVI.
  • Wrote test scripts, test plans, automation tests.
  • Coding with RS232 GPIB and Visa programming.
  • Hands on with Optical measurement equipments and switches.
  • Experienced with T1, T3, Lan testing.
    BS in Computer Science

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