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Test Engineer Resume

Dublin, OH


  • Around 10+ Yearsof expertise in the IT Industry including more Than 9 years of experience as automation Test Engineer and around 6 months of experience as a Programmer.
  • Strong experience in Software Design, Development, Testing, Documentation, and Maintenance of Client/Server and distributed web applications.
  • Preparation of Test Cases, Defects and Test Reports using Test Director and Quality Center.
  • Preparation and execution of Test Scripts manually and automation of the test scripts by Mercury tools Win Runner, Quick Test professional (QTP) and Load Runner (LR).
  • Good Expertise in Execution of performance tests using HP Performance center.
  • Good Expertise in testing dynamically changing Web Sites using QTP.
  • Has extensive experience in testing of Mainframe, Client/Server, Oracle apps and Web applications in Windows, UNIX and Mainframe environments.
  • Generating Bug Reports using bug-tracking tools for Business Software’s and Web applications.
  • Expertise in designing, developing and administering multi-tier distributed applications using Visual Basic.
  • Actively involving in review meetings and interacting with clients.
  • Excellent problem solving skills with a strong technical background and good interpersonal skills.
  • Quick learner and excellent team player with ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure.
Technical Skills

Languages : C, VB Script
Testing tools : Win Runner 6.0/7.0/7.5/7.6,
Quick Test Professional (QTP) 8.2,
Test Director 8.x/7.x, Track record, Load Runner7.x, 8.x, 9.0
Performance Center 8.1, 9.51,Quality Center 9.x
Operating System : Windows’ 95/98/NT/2000
RDBMS : Oracle, MS-Access,
GUI’s : Visual Basic 6.0
Web Technologies : XML, HTML.

Professional Experience

September 2011 to Till Date, Confidental, Dublin, OH, Lead Performance Tester


  • Gathered Performance Requirement SLA, Usage model & history, Business Process, and Performance Counters by interacting with End Users, SMEs and various teams.
  • Reviewed and analyzed Business Requirements, Use Cases, Functional Specs, Performance Criteria, Usage Model, KPI and SLA of the application
  • Enhanced scripts with Transactions, Rendezvous points, Parameterization, manual Correlation, Runtime settings, C and VB Programming using Load Runner – Vugen
  • Executing scripts using performance Center 9.51
  • Trouble shooting production issues
  • Used PC to design tests & scenarios, reserving Time slots
  • Monitored Windows, AIX & Linux System Resource which includes CPU Utilization, Memory Utilization, Disk I/o using Windows and Site scope Monitors
  • Worked closely with DBA, WAS Administrators, AIX, Linux, Administrators and Developers Team to find Root cause of Bottlenecks and tuning applications for performance improvement
  • Analyzing the results and reporting the results to the management.
  • Coordination off shore team.
  • Documented all test results and presented to various groups.

June 20th 2011 to August 2011, Confidental, Atlanta, Performance tester


  • Working on requirement gathering for the IM project
  • Validating existing Web service scripts.
  • Created scripts using web service protocol
  • Executing scripts using performance Center 9.51
  • Prepared Data for Load Test Scenarios to run in Data Driven Testing and prepared SQL to retrieve the Data from DB
  • Monitored Run time, Transaction, Windows and Unix System Resource, Web logic Resources and measured, Transaction Response time, Network Delay, CPU Utilization, Memory Utilization, Hit Rate and Though put etc. of App Server, DB Server using Performance Center/Load Runner / Sitescope.
  • Analyzing the results and reporting the results to the management.

Environment: Load runner 11.0, Performance Center 9.52, Java, Soap, XML.

Sep 2010 to June 2011,Confidental, Pittsburgh Performance Tester


  • Gathered Performance Requirement SLA, Usage model & history, Business Process, and Performance Counters by interacting with End Users, SMEs and various teams.
  • Created Scripts in Vugen 11.0 using Web Http/Flex Protocol.
  • Created Scenarios for Scalability and endurance tests.
  • Ran peak load test with 500 users.
  • Created and executed Endurance and Scalability Load tests.
  • Documented the results in customized report template.
  • Monitored Run time, Transaction, Windows and Unix System Resource, Web Resource, Web Sphere Resource Counters and Transaction Response time, Network Delay, CPU Utilization, Memory Utilization, Hit Rate and Though put etc. using Load Runner – Controller / Site scope
  • Analyzed performance of AUT and created / generated Test reports and Graphs such as Run Time, Transaction, Web Page Break-down, Web Resource, Windows Resource etc using Load Runner Analyzer to ensure and meet Benchmarks and Service Level Agreements
  • Analyzed Test Result by merging various Graphs, verifying Logs and correlating Results
  • Analyzed Test Result, reported Defects, tracked Defects and maintained Test Results using QC
  • Interacted with Business Analyst, Testing Team, Developers, TUXEDO Administrators and DBA on Data, Functional and Performance issues while testing the application.

Environment: Load runner 11.0, Performance Center 9.51 Web Logic, Oracle, Java, J2ee.

June 21st 2010 to Aug 2010, Confidental, Libertyville, IL, Lead Performance Tester


  • Gathering the performance test scenarios
  • Coordinating the Accenture off shore team.
  • Creating Performance test plan
  • Installing Load generators to simulate user load from different regions.
  • Creating Scripts for Order Management, Purchase Order, AP and AR modules.
  • Creating Vugen scripts in Oracle Web 11i Protocol.
  • Executing scripts using performance Center 9.51
  • Analyzing the results and reporting the results to the management.

Environment: Performance Center 9.51, Oracle E-Business Suite R12, and Load Runner 9.51

July 09 to June 18th 10, Confidental, Cleveland, OH, Lead Performance Tester


  • Developed the Load Runner scripts in Virtual User Generator (VU Gen) and created different scenarios in Controller as per the requirements.
  • Verified that Web application performance meets the requirements for page response times, numbers of concurrent users, and system resource usage.
  • Extensively worked on customization of the LR scripts like re-usable login, file storage and updated load runner system files etc.
  • Conducted stress testing to expose performance bottlenecks and determine system behavior under peak activity when user load exceeds anticipated levels; verify that applications recover from overload conditions as expected.
  • Created VUGEN scripts for applications using Oracle Web 11i, and Oracle nca protocol.
  • Executed Stress and Soak tests.
  • Involved in all the above Projects for Performance testing from End to End.
  • Created Custom Analysis Templates to report results and clear documentation for analysis.
  • Developed QTP scripts for Oracle Apps regression testing
  • Developed end to end QTP scripting for Purchase orders, Order Management ,AP and AR modules.

Environment: Quality Center, Java, J2ee, Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5.10, and Load Runner 9.0, SOAP and XML. Stand Alone Controller.

March 09 – July 09, Confidental, Santa Ana, CA, Performance Tester


  • Involved in Stress, Load and performance testing using Load Runner.
  • Coordinated meetings and walkthroughs with the management team to ensure steady progress.
  • Reviewed Functional Requirement Specifications and created test cases based on test scenarios drawn from functional requirements using Test Director
  • Designed Load Runner scripts with Virtual User Generator for HTML/HTTP Web Protocols
  • Enhancing the Vuser scripts and incorporating to the Load runner Scenarios by using the Load runner 8.0 Controller.
  • Created Vuser scripts to ensure application meets performance benchmarks using Load Runner.
  • Creating and Running Scenarios using Load Runner Controller.
  • Used Analysis tool to analyze the Transaction Response Times using Load Runner.
  • Different Loads at the increments of 10 starting from 10 Virtual Users, 20 Iterations to 500 Virtual Users were ramped until it reached 100% CPU
  • The Average CPU usage, Response time, TPS are analyzed for each scenario

Environment: Load Runner 8.1,Performance Center 8.1, Quick Test Pro, Java, HTML, Oracle 9i, Toad, Quality Centre 9.0, Web Logic, Sun Solaris, Windows XP Pro, Putty, UNIX and IBM Rational Clear Quest

Oct 08 – Feb 09, Confidental, Orrville, OH, QA Analyst
Custom Menu Application

Responsibilities: Created QTP scripts for Operation team for running monthly closing and opening inventory periods. Created Automation Test scripts for the module for the regression testing

Environment: QTP 9.5, Oracle E-Business Suite 11i, Linux, Quality Center 9.2
June 08 – Sep 08, Masco Contractor Services, Daytona Beach, FL, Performance Tester
Masco Corporation, our Fortune 500 parent, created Masco Contractor Services (MCS), to provide North America\'s building industry with one single, convenient resource for all of its product and installation needs.It is a Customized Oracle E-business suite for creating Quotes with different configurations, sending requisitions, Manages Orders across the North America using Order Management and maintains the Accounts using the Oracle Financials.
Order Management: - Querying a Sales Order, Changing the Trip Value, Copying a Sales Order, Creation of Custom ship To Address, Entering Customer PO Number, Entering Billing and Booking a Sales Order.
Quoting:- Creation of Quote (Quoting involves with different configuration of different products) and Printing of Quote, Converting the Quote to Sales Order.

  • Created manual test cases for testing of the Quoting module.
  • Interacted with developers in following up the defects
  • Retesting the defects.

Environment: Quality Center 9.0, VBScript, Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5.10, Sales online, Order Management, Distribution, Forms, Reports.

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