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Visual Data Specialist ,resume Profile


Professional Highlights

Shipped Destiny

Shipped Destiny across 4 platforms for one of the largest new IP releases in history selling over 325m within the first 5 days and over 5.4 million units in the first 2 weeks.

Expanded Google s Indoor Maps

Created interactive floor plans for retail chains museums and universities around the world. I also did last minute fixes for Disney World touching some of the largest tourist destinations in the U.S. and abroad.

Game Development

Credited on 6 shipped titles ranging from small indie offerings to massive AAA blockbusters.



Tested Destiny on all 4 shipping platforms across 3 international regions for both physical and digital distribution methods. I focused on the PlayStation 4 our primary development platform which saw the highest percentage of sales and end-user engagement specializing in player usability issues and content designed for long-term customer retention.


Contracted by the founder of net-inspect to develop a white paper to present their new web-based applications for aerospace manufacturing quality control. I interviewed their CEO and used that information to write a 10-page paper designed for both print and web distribution.

Visual Data Specialist at Confidential

I used a proprietary GIS program to create and modify live data on the front end including interior floorplans to aid mobile users at major businesses and attractions. My first team was the go-to team for high priority work and projects with urgent ship dates while my second was responsible for working directly with customers to resolve issues in local navigation.


After prereqs in the spring and summer I began studying video game programming in the fall. I worked on two concurrent teams as the lead UI designer/programmer to produce two games over the course of 8 weeks.

QA Tester at confidential

I was on QA for Section 8 Prejudice a multi-platform downloadable shooter. I tested daily builds for stability discovered and documented bugs did regular regression testing playtested the game frequently to offer design and gameplay balance feedback and reviewed test plans to ensure that interfaces and feature sets were up to release quality and behaved as desired.

Technical Skills


Building computers Solving hardware problems Troubleshooting software/ networking issues

Audio Editing

Adobe Audition GoldWave

Photo/Video Editing and Graphic Design

Adobe Photoshop Adobe Premiere Windows Movie Maker QuarkXPress

3D Content Creation

CINEMA 4D CrazyBump


Microsoft Office Excel Word Outlook

Access PowerPoint OneNote Google

Docs Docs Sheets Slides

Game Engines/Level Design

Source engine Hammer Unreal engine Aurora toolset

Operating Systems

Windows OS X Ubuntu


C C Visual Basic HTML/CSS

Other Experience

Created and released the first level of System Shock 2 in the Source engine ultimately releasing my assets and workflow to the community. I continue to provide support as a service by operating as a knowledge POC responding to emails and helping others grow their skill sets by teaching them what I know and guiding them to resources.

Creating systematic video game bug-finding walkthroughs as a hobby.

Helped Anchorcast Entertainment create and test their first two self-published games Core Fighter for the PC and A Fading Melody for the 360. I created some minor art assets for Core Fighter helped refine gameplay balance and did quality assurance work for both games and assisted with level design in A Fading Melody by creating the second-to-last level.

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