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Test Engineer Resume Profile


  • Test Lead developed and implemented the software test plans. Responsible for the daily overall operation of test and all testers to include being aware of when each software increment is ready for release and planning the test cycle. Conduct test kick off meetings analyze requirements to ensure that the requirements meet the designed functionality of the software. Insure that each test member is occupied but not overloaded and at the same time not idle. Review weekly status reports and combine the reports to be sent to the Project Lead. Review defect reports and ensure resolved defects are retested. Insure that good collaboration is taking place between software engineers and test engineers. Develop Test Reports at the end of each test cycle and perform an after action review to see how the test team can perform better on the next test cycle.
  • Senior Software Tester developed and implemented test Procedures and performed bug finding, bug reporting, bug tracking and bug verification. In addition responsible for executing the Smoke Test/Build Verification Test and performing Ad-hoc Testing.
  • Tech Lead responsible for the daily operation of the test lab which includes setting up test stations, creating daily software builds, installing the build and performing a Sanity Check to ensure build is working correctly, installing the build on the remaining workstations for tester use. Performed failure analysis during a test cycle on any problem discovered by other testers and created a bug report if not already on file in addition to executing test procedures.

Skills Summary

  • Test Strategies Coverage
  • Testing Methodologies
  • Test Plans, Procedures and Processes
  • Functional Requirements and Definitions
  • Regression Qualification Testing
  • Defect/Bug Tracking

Professional Experience


Test Lead/Senior Test Engineer specializing in testing software and hardware for DoD projects.

  • Served as the Test Lead for the following projects: CDNS Commanders Digital Networking System , DLS Digital Location System , CDA Commanders Digital Assistant , CENTURIO Public Safety Command and Control System for Homeland Security , GeoSuite Disaster Recovery Location and Information System . Supervised a six-member test team in developing and executing quality test procedures, problem reports and collaborating with software engineers to ensure compliance with customer standards. In addition developed test reports and conducted after action reviews after a test cycle. Performed Agile Testing and participated in scrum meetings in an Agile Environment leading to the final FQT Field Qualification Test . Performed as a Senior Tester for the following projects: Bowman/ComBAT Common Battlefield Application Toolset , TIGR Tactical Ground Reporting System , AB LAV Armored Brigade Light Armored Vehicle . Provided offsite test support for the following programs: DSAN Distributed Scatterable AccessNet and Win-T Warfighter Information Network-Tactical .
  • Created and executed Software Test Plans and Procedures to identify and document software problems and their causes.
  • Saved the company and customer thousands of dollars by discovering bugs and collaborating with software engineers at an early enough stage in development to preventing additional charges for additional testing.
  • Pinpointed a previously undiscovered flaw in the software where event and places locations were not posted at the specified location, resulting in saving the company thousands of dollars in software changes and possibly saving a soldiers life on the battlefield.
  • Performed multitasking by performing as a Senior Tester/Failure Analysis in addition to performing my normal duties as a Test Lead.
  • Developed 108 Test Procedures and Peer Reviewed them for Bowman/ComBAT to include special test Procedures for Movement Planning, War Gaming, Real Estate Maneuver Areas and Staff Tables.
  • Performed offsite testing in Columbia Md to support DSAN a program that was short of personnel and behind in all aspects of testing, troubleshooting and problem reporting which assisted in making this a highly used product for the U.S Marines.
  • Set up a completely operational test lab at the Fort Wayne site to assist during test cycles and perform trouble shooting as needed.
  • Developed 85 Test Procedures and Peer Reviewed them for TIGR Tactical Ground Reporting System
  • Performed as Test Lead for TIGR Handheld and developed 24 Test Procedures, Peer Reviewed them and entered the Peer Review and all Action Items results into MAIT in addition to collaborating with the project manager, project lead and software engineers on a daily basis about new functionality and ways to perform testing better and produce a product that can be used by soldiers on the battlefield.
  • Performed testing with an android device with TIGR software loaded on it to ensure that TIGR performed well in Adaptive Mobile Mode.
  • Developed 54 Test Procedures and Peer Reviewed them for GeoSuite and entered the Peer Review and all Action Items results into MAIT in addition to setting up a fully functional test lab.
  • Performed testing of GeoSuite installed on mobile devices such as android and IOS devices and compared functionality between the two devices.
  • Created Daily Software Builds to provide testers with the most updated software to better enhance the testers ability to execute test procedures, test new functionality and run bug fixes.
  • Train new software engineers so that they will have a working knowledge of the software before they begin writing new software.
  • Execute TPM's to measure software stability and metrics prior to the shipment of a new release of software.
  • Responsible for receiving all GeoSuite equipment to include logging all equipment in and maintaining an inventory of all equipment.
  • Maintained and accounted for all GeoSuite equipment and shipped out equipment to business development for demos.
  • Set up demos for VIP's using TIGR and GeoSuite visiting the test lab and performing demos for trade shows.
  • Performed offsite testing in Taunton Ma to support Win-T a program that was short of personnel and behind in all aspects of testing, troubleshooting and problem reporting.
  • Trained new testers on TIGR in the Win-T environment while performing Sync Monitoring and maintaining synchronization of all nodes in the TIGR network.
  • Developed 8 Test Procedures to date and Peer Reviewed them for AB LAV in addition I entered the Peer Review and all Action Items results into MAIT.
  • Installed maps on every workstation to insure that each workstation had uniform operating areas as depicted by the customer.
  • Assist software engineers in the creation of test tools to better execute test procedures with special operations
  • Used Packet Storm to monitor packets being sent out when transmitting messages and monitor data flow.

Software Tools Used Daily

  • Clear Case
  • Clear Quest
  • FlySpray
  • Bugzilla
  • MAIT
  • Doors
  • Wire Shark


Software Test Engineer specializing in testing software and hardware for DoD projects.

  • Served as a Software Tester as well as a Technical Expert in Field Artillery Fires for the following projects: AFATDS Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System . Developed and executed quality test Procedures, problem reports and collaborated with software engineers to ensure compliance with U.S. Army standards.
  • Performed Data Analysis on Field Artillery data produced from AFATDS to ensure that correct data is being produced in accordance with Tactical Firing Tables.
  • Participated in stress test and endurance test to ensure that AFATDS was capable of continuous operations over long periods of time and still provide correct tactical and technical fire control.
  • Developed Test Procedures to test AFATDS capabilities to perform special missions such as Fire Planning, Setting FASCAM mine fields and Nuclear Firing Data.
  • Traveled to the U.S. Army Field Artillery Training Center to collaborate and discuss upcoming new functionality desired to ensure that AFATDS could function in all parts of the world.


Soldier and Noncommissioned officer in various Field Artillery units around the world.

  • Served as a Fire Direction Team Member, Fire Direction Section Chief, Battalion Fire Control NCO, Platoon Sergeant and Battalion Operations Sergeant in a Field Artillery Battalion.
  • Responsible for the daily health and welfare of 36 soldiers and ensuring that they are properly trained, equipped and technically proficient in performing there duties both in garrison and in tactical situations.
  • Performing Tactical and Technical Fire Control in addition to being responsible for over seven million dollars worth of U.S. Army Equipment.

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