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Quality Assurance Resume Profile


A key role in QA/Test, Analysis, and Development, providing innovation in testing, tuning, measuring, designing, and building market-tuned, state-of-the-art products and solutions.

Summary of Skills

  • Wide experience in quality assurance, analysis, and product development as consultant, team leader, group manager, and program director for start-up firms, State and Federal agencies, and Fortune 50 companies.
  • Strong knowledge of industry tools and platforms: eCommerce, software development Iterative, Agile, Waterfall, RUP, Spiral, Hybrid , high-tech manufacturing, Business Process Improvement, OO design/ development/ test, source code control, work-flow automation, databases object, hybrid, relational , web site design /development, web services, scripting, Unix/Linux tool chains, embedded systems, SCM, mobile apps, portals, mainframe/legacy systems, Business Intelligence BI , PMO, PMBOK, SaaS, virtualization, cloud computing, MS LAMP tech stacks, CRM, HIPAA, ERP, SharePoint / Wiki.
  • Track record of dealing with highly complex projects, working on teams with diverse skill sets in diverse locations, designing innovative solutions, and keeping business and market focus in mind. Scrum Master, product owner, JAD sessions, business technical requirements, user stories/ use cases, traceability matrices, usability and interface design, UI/UX, risks, contingency planning, coordinating resources, time/ money/ budget, management of objectives scope creep. Planning and tracking deliverables, milestones and tasks. Report and present to management, team members, and stakeholders. Test plans scripts, testing mentor.
  • Expertise across the QA/Testing spectrum: Levels Unit, Integration, System, User Acceptance UAT Focus White-box, Black-box, Grey-box Process Agile, TDD, Waterfall/traditional Systems manual, scripted, automated, table-driven, virtualized, cloud Types requirements, functional, usability, regression, build validation BVT , security, performance, smoke, development, compatibility, IV V, code coverage, etc. Artifacts test plans, test cases / scripts / suites, traceability matrices, defect/failure reports, bug-tracking, requirements tracking .
  • Work style combines technical savvy with business sense, aiming to enhance team and group motivation, morale, and productivity under pressure. A team player who appreciates individual accomplishment and initiative.
  • Skill in identifying, building, and applying software and process/analysis tools to increase efficiency and creativity.
  • Adept in written and verbal communication straightforward presentation style bottom-line oriented. Strong customer awareness.
  • Evangelist for process improvement and product quality, using intelligent and effective methods, tools, systems, and practices.

Employment History:


Quality Assurance, Product Analysis, Project Product Management

Product development and testing Business technical analysis complex process management web site design implementation, project management, product design and management for in-house product set memory/storage enabling utility for the mobile/PDA market , as well as a wide range of customer development projects see below . Worked with team to define market-tuned feature set Managed project development designed and built PDA/ mobile/ PC based automated test system On- and off-shore vendor management Product Owner Business Analysis Project Management Testing in-house and client systems, PDA, PC, medical / instrumentation apps, HIPAA, SaaS apps, BI, financial apps, medical / health sciences products services.


Focused on analysis, development and testing of Athena America's in-house product family.


Product Development and Test Architecture

Led development and test for a group of software products composing Spartan family of program security analysis and mediation systems, which use an advanced static code analyzer technology to point out and under full development organization control fix inherent code security vulnerabilities, thus protecting programs/sites from widespread hacker/cracker exploits. Led the test program, applying SQA technology to product set, including automated testing system for both product and client apps. Brought in new technology MS.NET, ASP.NET, HP/Mercury test products, C /C , Java J2EE , CVS/ClearCase, MSDN toolset to design, build, and test. Project management MS Project Visio , ClearQuest, SCM Windows, Linux. Presented to investors, Defense Agencies Beltway suppliers, industry conferences. Vendor management, contracts, white papers, marketing materials.


Team Leader: Analysis, Development, Test

  • Led a 45 member Analysis / Development / QA organization in designing, building, testing, and running the award-winning Rx.com on-line pharmacy website. Was liaison between IT/Dev and Marketing. Validated powerful toolsets for development, daily website operations, quality assurance, SCM software configuration mgmt. . Complex re-engineering included enterprise-wide data-migration from proprietary DB to MS SQL. Search engine optimization. Large-scale web site traffic program. High-availability OLTP. HIPAA, EDI. Integrated data from Fulfillment/Drug Verification back-end system into analyzable SQA database. eCommerce.
  • Windows, Linux, SQL Server, Oracle, MS Project, Visio, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design OOAD , UML, RUP, Rational Rose, SCM, Rational ClearCase, Mercury SQA/test, OLTP


Test Director

  • Directed a Quality Center of Excellence team within a 110 member development organization that built, tested, and deployed an Internet Commerce product which provides infrastructure and client-side interface for highly secure 1-button web shopping. Product released thru branded customer versions to major financial institutions e.g., American Express Blue card, Citibank on-line wallet . Integrated testing facilities within program objects, invokeable at multiple phases: test, pre-release, production, and post-production. TQM, focus on customer satisfaction. eCommerce.
  • Windows, Linux, SQL Server, VC , MS Project, ColdFusion, data mapping, SCM, CVS, Rational Rose, Mercury tool set, CRM, OOAD


Quality Engineering, Product Analysis, Development

  • Designed and built SQA-based solutions for worldwide Year2000 readiness projects, and for an online Travel site. Incorporated functional and system test methodologies into Y2K analysis and verification operation. Led development of web-based tools and products. Worked with an international team of IS and web programmers, embedded systems microprocessor engineers, project managers, program directors, and project schedulers for executing SQA-based web and Y2K projects. Developed new methods and tools for assessing, analyzing, and testing Y2K readiness efforts for clients in both the private and government State and Federal sectors, both in USA and in Europe.
  • For the State of Texas, managed the Year 2000 Embedded Systems Readiness Assessment for 15 sites across Texas e.g., Univ of Texas, Texas Dept of Public Safety, TDMH MR, Texas Youth Commission, and the Texas Dept of Criminal Justice . Created Intransit Solutions' 14 Point Embedded Systems methodology and, more generally, a Universal Y2K Readiness Assessment Methodology which included: Systemic and Topographic inventories analysis of readiness, potential impact, and costs/benefits and which spanned IT, embedded systems, electronic interfaces, and trading partners/critical suppliers.
  • Windows, Linux, DBs, MS SQL Server Oracle, widely-distributed apps, internationalization /localization, OOAD, MS Project, geographically disparate project management


Principal Technologist

  • Co-originated Program Athena, an initiative to bring enterprise-wide flexible manufacturing methods to Dell's transformation process. Central to Athena is an integrated Adaptive Factory mechanism built around intelligent, embedded automated test facilities for both manufacturing and customer/field service. Designed and scoped out Athena goals, presented program to internal customers, was Athena lead architect, aiming at constant innovation in building computers better, faster, cheaper, and smarter. Six Sigma, TQM. Dell's cross-functional project team methodology. Factory simulation control. FMEA.
  • In related project, designed new methods for building production testing of NetPC, a network-based, diskette-less system methods which were patented and deployed across business lines.
  • Flexible manufacturing, SQA, Integrated Test, project management, OOAD Booch, Rumbaugh , internal multi-line-of-business website


IBM, Microsoft, Dell, Bank of America, 3M, eBay / PayPal, Promega, EDS, Borland, AMD, Freescale, CSC, Lotus, State of Texas, Honeywell, Samsung, McDermott, Babcock Wilcox, International Bureau of Software Test, Gould, Continuum, ObjectTrain, GTE Teradyne, DEC, ARCO, Wrangler, Pilot Executive Software, Sony, Tandem Computer, Ashton-Tate, General Motors, UniSQL, VTEL, Globeset, BRC Healthcare, RX.com, Cornerstone, Motorola, Aetna, Charles Schwab / CyberTrader, Trilogy, USAA.

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