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Quality Assurance Resume Profile


Dedicated professional committed to the principle that quality software begins at the design stage, continues throughout the development process and meets customer needs at delivery. Recognized for working to eliminate recurring issues, identifying defects prior to customer delivery, improving the customer experience and reducing support loads. Used Agile methodologies as part of the development process.


  • OS: Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Automation: SilkTest and Rational Functional Tester.
  • Test and Defect Tracking: Rational Team Concert, Rational Quality Manager and Notes.

Professional Experience


Quality Assurance Engineer

  • Extensive experience in SilkTest and other automation tools to create frameworks for acceptance and deep testing.
  • Proven expertise in finding bugs in software by manual testing, creating automated tests and running automated tests.
  • Ability to investigate, identify and document reported problems from non-technical personnel.
  • Managed the Test Tracking database and vet incoming requests for overly complex database changes. I would try to find a better, simpler solutions.
  • Supported the following projects:


  • Lead tester on Profiles component managed test-tracking database.
  • IBM Connections is a leading social software platform with real-time social communications and content management capabilities onsite, in hybrid or the cloud. Connections uses a SQL, DB2 or Oracle backend.
  • Identified over 1,000 defects before product delivery.
  • Created automated tests for repetitive tasks, this both expedited the test cycle and allowed tests not possible manually.
  • Created and maintained a UI map document of how to bring up all the UI of the profiles component. This expedited translation and accessibility testing done by other testers .
  • Ran post-mortem meetings after project releases and gathered data for release management.
  • Lead daily scrums.
  • Coordinated with others to maximize team efforts: For instance, to help the group test the employee photograph function of a massive contacts database, I found images of the Boston Celtics where the jersey numbers were visible, so that other QA members could see at a glance if the pictures stayed in sync with the numerically-named sample users TestUser1 wore uniform 1, TestUser2 wore uniform 2, etc. .


  • Scripted UI automation framework with SilkTest for the Windows UI of the product that paralleled an effort by another tester doing the same for the web UI.
  • Ran and maintained the weekly acceptance test. This test determined if the team took the build, if the build got patched or if a new build was started.
  • Created in depth automation tests. These tests ranged from quick acceptance tests to in depth tests that repeated actions to locate memory leaks.
  • Lotus Notes: Verified fixed bugs for Notes' quarterly releases. Notes is a desktop client and email software that includes messaging, applications and social collaboration.

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