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Quality Assurance Resume Profile



  • To learn as much about a company in order to help further my career, while in turn helping the company prosper.

Summary of qualifications

  • 16 years of working with computers.
  • 16 years of Internet knowledge. I.e. TCP/IP, Telnet, Remote Printing, FTP, SSH, SFTP.
  • 16 years of UNIX knowledge.
  • 16 years as a UNIX Administrator.
  • 15 years as a Linux Administrator.
  • 11 years Tivoli Storage Manager Administrator.
  • 3 years Word Press experience.
  • 3 years MySQL Database experience.
  • 3 years Joomla experience.
  • 3 years Drupal experience.
  • 3 years WHM experience.
  • 3 years cPanel experience.
  • 12 years LAMP experience.
  • 6 years HTML knowledge.
  • 2 years Cristie Bare Metal Restore Administrator.
  • 16 years of working with almost all of the Microsoft Products.
  • 5 Years Remedy Change /Incident/Problem.
  • 5 Years working with Adobe Photoshop.
  • 40 hours of Windows 2000 Server Administration training.
  • 40 hours of korn shell scripting training.
  • 80 hours of BMC Patrol Enterprise Monitoring training



Transfers Administrator

  • Transferring customers web content, email, databases and content management systems and configuring them to work with our systems. Trouble shooting and recoding custom scripts to work with our systems.


Quality Assurance

Help with training and mentoring of the new employees on the correct policy and procedures of the company. Handling the difficult customer calls and backing up the shift leaders in some of the management roles.

Chat Tech


Supporting and trouble shooting in a high volume call center of all customer's issues with all web hosting, DNS, PHP, MySQL,cPanel, WHM Exim mail, Linux user and group permissions, file system quotas, FTP, SSH, php and coding issues. Also helping the customer configure, make and make install new software packages.


Contractor to IBM

  • TSM Administrator for AstraZeneca
  • CBMR Administrator for AstraZeneca
  • AstraZeneca work involved doing daily TSM client, server and library steady state.
  • Rerun of missed or failed backups and troubleshooting of client failures on UNIX, Windows and Linux systems.
  • Working with DBA's to ensure good quality backups of Oracle databases and SAP data.
  • Restore of customer data on UNIX, Windows and Linux servers
  • DR preparation, implementation and yearly testing.
  • TSM Administrator for Atlas Copco
  • TDP for Domino Administrator for Atlas Copco
  • Atlas Copco work involved TSM and TDP server steady state, client steady state, library steady state.
  • Rerun of missed backup and archive jobs.
  • Restore customer data via TSM.
  • Restore Domino databases via TDP


Analyst Enterprise Monitoring

  • Phased out the Big Brother monitoring tool and replace it with the BMC Enterprise Monitoring Suite to give our clients a better comprehensive monitoring of our UNIX, Linux, Windows and Mainframe servers and reporting for business continuity. Also allows us to tie into our problem ticket solution to cut problem tickets and notify the administrators by voice, email and instant messenger.
  • Implemented BMC Patrol Console Operator, Patrol Agents, Distribution Server, Patrol Portal, BMC Event Monitoring and integrated with AlarmPointEnterprise Server. Soon to be integrated with Remedy AR.
  • Created documentation of the installation of BMC products for future use and disaster recovery procedures.
  • Created practices and standards documentation for Event Monitoring group.
  • Developed test plans and back out plans for installations.
  • Created training materials and trained the group supervisors and users for AlarmPoint.
  • Analyst Computer Operations
  • Doing cost analysis, power consumption and HVAC analysis for deployment new machines in the Data Center.
  • Obtaining price quotes and purchasing new machines for the Data Center. Receiving and racking new servers in the data center.
  • Running power, cat5 and fiber cables to the data racks.
  • Monitoring power consumption and environment variables.
  • Implemented Advocent KVM system for Lights Out Data Center support.
  • Systems Programmer - ISC-SEO
  • Daily UNIX/Linux administrator task of checking all logs for any system problems or security breaches, adding new users and groups. Update and install new operating systems on new and existing hardware.
  • Contact hardware vendors in case of hardware errors and replace when parts are received.
  • Installing Oracle database software to be used by DBA's. Monitoring of the daily system TSM backups to ensure business continuity.
  • Implemented and supported Big Brother monitoring system to give up to date monitoring for systems and network health.


Unix Administrator

Supporting all Unix boxes, including HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, DEC Alpha. Running, creating and implementing scripts for the Big Brother monitoring system.

Desktop Support

Purchasing and setting up new desktops and new laptops for incoming employees. Daily support of hardware and software issues. 40 hours of HP UNIX School. 40 hours of HPUX System administration school.


MIS Staff

Supporting, installing, troubleshooting all software and hardware on a Windows UNIX/Linux based network. Purchasing of computers and software for newly acquired offices and arranging either point to point FDDA lines or internet access to connect to our servers in the main office. Network administrator UNIX, Linux and NT servers. Supporting Medical Outcomes, Scheduling, Time Management, Billing software. Setting up Windows '95 peer to peer networks, and all networking hardware, i.e. network cards, hubs, multiplexers and modems. Setup and maintain all backup routines for the UNIX and Windows NT servers.

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