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Qa Analyst Resume Profile



  • As a Senior Production SAP Sybase ASE DBA Replication Server Administrator having 13 years of relevant experience worked extensively on Sybase ASE 15.0.3 11.0, Replication Server 15.2-12.5 , Hands on experience on operating systems IBM AIX 5.3.3-4.3.3, Sun Solaris 5.10-5.8 , Enterprise Linux hardware
  • Exceptionally proficient in installing , Upgrading , Configuring and monitoring all Sybase products ie., ASE ,Replication, Auditing ,Backup and restore strategies , Migrations , Mirroring familiar with Sybase ASE / RS / IQ architectures
  • Proficient in identifying resolving performance bottlenecks. Worked extensively on UNICODE data manipulation good at writing stored procedures and manipulating data using Sybase T-SQL, experience supporting SAN DISK Migrations , BCP using SRDF/BCV Splits , Sybase dump and loads , Replication Sync , maintenance of database during OS patching.
  • Migrating production servers cross platform big endian to little endian , in place upgrades to higher versions resolving bottle necks related memory / architecture / CPU Provided BI solutions to DWH requirements of customers using sybase replication , familiar with resolving volatile data inconsistencies using replication techniques.
  • As a Primary DBA /Capacity planner suggests SAN requirement based on growth trends using change management process pre post approvals , member of Change Advisory Board for customer for all production changes
  • Familiar with Critical Business Contingency plans with various methods /Disaster recovery, executed business continuity plans using Replication Sync , Dump and Load / Transaction Replication .
  • As a Replication server administrator proficient in installing/setting up managing trouble shooting hands on experience on Warm Standby Setup / Semiautomatic Warm Standby / MSA , performance and tuning of RS managing disk /queues ,working on resolving latency.

Areas of Expertise:

  • RDBMS : Sybase ASE-15 x - ASE-11 0, Oracle 8i Trained skills ,MS SQL Server Beginner
  • Replication: Sybase RS15-2 - 12-5 MSA , Warm Standby, Semi automatic warm standby
  • Application: Sybase Power Builder 7.0 - 4.0 , APT DWB/RWB .
  • Operating System :IBM AIX 5.3.3 - 4.3.3 Version, Sun Solaris 5.10-5.8 , Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.
  • DBMS: FoxPro 2.6-2.5 .
  • Data Modeling : Power Designer .
  • Tools and Utilities :- SSH Techtia, , SSH Putty ,Sybase Central,DSEDIT,DSCP,SQL Advantage ,DBArtisan ,iWatch, SQL Guard, BMC Patrol, Netbackup , SQL Backtrack .
  • Domains Knowledge : Supply chain , Equipment Services, Banking

Technical Skills:

  • RDBMS: Sybase ASE-15 x - ASE-11 0, Oracle 8i Trained skills , MS SQL Server Beginner
  • Replication: Sybase RS15-2 - 12-5 MSA, Warm Standby, Semi-automatic warm standby
  • Application: Sybase Power Builder 7.0 - 4.0, APT DWB/RWB
  • Operating System: IBM AIX 5.3.3 - 4.3.3 Version, Sun Solaris 5.10-5.8, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
  • DBMS: FoxPro 2.6-2.5
  • Data Modeling: Power Designer
  • Tools and Utilities: SSH Techtia, SSH Putty, Sybase Central, DSEDIT, DSCP, SQL Advantage, DBArtisan, iWatch, SQL Guard, BMC Patrol, Net backup, SQL Backtrack



QA Analyst Contract

  • QA environments on a 24X7. Role is to support the environment on a 24X7, performing Primary DBA responsibilities for 70 servers. As a project lead preparing shift schedule gathering operational metrics and preparing weekly accomplishment reports submitting to client. Supports the environment on call off business hours /weekends, change review/management during green zones, Annual COB tests
  • ASE, replication server health checkouts, measuring replication latency, tuning and troubleshooting ASE and RS
  • Applying patches data servers and version upgrades, applying application data patches, ASE-15 0 3 ESD 4.2 upgrades of production databases from 12.5, migrating data servers from Sun/AIX/Linux, cross platform data server migrations
  • Worked on change management by creating an RFC and implement the changes during green zones, applying patrol block outs, managing threshold with BMC
  • Automate jobs in cron by using AutoSys JIL's and troubleshooting job failures, familiar with JIL changes and implementation
  • Troubleshooting net backup failures, monitoring jobs through Bravura website, recovering files from tapes, configuring net backup using SQL backtrack implementing new backup policies
  • Management of threshold on application databases, adding space to databases, cache binding, multiple tempdb, load balancing on tempdb's, install and configuring MDA/DBCCDB
  • Backup and restore strategies SFTP of production dumps to Dev/UAT/QA environments and troubleshooting transaction log loads on contingency servers, synchronize COB servers on transaction load failure, synchronizing syslog ins between PROD and CNTG
  • Managing file system utilization addressing Tivoli alerts and to run CPU statistics and to run sp sysmon during CPU spikes and to automate reports
  • Capacity management of Sybase databases, schema management, memory management, performance and tuning of ASE and RS, setting up replication, table level, WS, MSA
  • Managing auditing database sybsecurity and fix the issues archiving, to monitor maintenance tasks during weekends and fix the issues dbcc, update statistics, reorg rebuild, re-creation of indices, capacity management of dbccdb
  • Addressing tempdb log issues, application databases data and log issues log suspend from time to time by increasing tran frequency, worked on multiple tempdb's
  • Participating in COB tests helping application testing on SRDF, Dump Load, replication environments document the timelines and reversing the changes every quarter APAC, LATAM, NAM EMEA regions


Sybase DBA Lead

  • GE Equipment Services Europe is a division of General Electric of UK which sells/Leases Trucks and Trailers across the globe. The business operates out of their Manchester office situated in UK. As a Sybase Primary DBA Lead Supported their production data servers located in London Data Center on an 11X5, during their business hours, provided off-hour support, managed a small team of six DBA's on rotational basis. Proactively involved in their disk migration from SVM VVM during their production move to LDC, appreciated by business on numerous occasions. As a single point of contact dealt with Senior Management of Client on project scope, deliverables, billing for out of scope activities, managing resources, liaison with application teams during new roll outs during go live. Worked on UNICODE data manipulation on Russian characters a provided a solution to store multi byte characters without changing the default character set of servers
  • Installation of new Sybase ASE /RS setting up user databases, disk management, setting up replication table level
  • Applying patches to data servers and version upgrades, applying application data patches, ASE-15.0 upgrades of production databases, migrated disk from SVM VVM during datacenter move
  • Sybase ASE, RS Administration, tuning and troubleshooting, setting up replication Semi-automatic warm standby , synchronizing production data using rs subcmp
  • Disaster recovery tests every quarter record the timelines and document the results, familiar with backup strategy and management of backup's trouble shooting backup failures, familiar with taking backups to tapes and UFS
  • Automate jobs in cron by using shell scripts, debugging shells as per the changes from time to time
  • Familiar with change management, providing estimates for development work outside the scope of project and to prepare SOW's
  • To address the blockings on production servers by notifying application support team, help resolving deadlocks
  • Management of space threshold on application databases, adding space to database backups, cache binding of tempdb
  • To interact with Sybase Inc during production impacting issues by raising P1, P2 cases and to fix the issue by applying EBF, full version upgrade
  • Capacity management of Sybase databases, schema management, memory management, performance and tuning of ASE and RS, setting up replication table level
  • Monitor maintenance tasks during weekends and fix the issues dbcc, update statistics, reorg-rebuild, re-creation of indices, and capacity management of dbccdb
  • Implemented Heterogeneous Replication between Sybase ASE and MS SQL Server 2000 using Direct Connect Maintenance of Sybase Replication Server
  • Installation and Implemented Replication server 12.6 installations using rs init utility and marked many tables for replication by creating replication definitions and subscriptions
  • Monitored Replication system threads and Stable Queues
  • Configured Rep Agents to set up replication, created connections and subscriptions
  • Performed restoration of broken replication system using RCL commands
  • Using the rs init utility to install and configure the replication system, monitor replication server logs and look out for errors
  • Performed query tuning using explain plan and hints. Created Indexes and used Function based indexes for certain queries
  • Ensure that the data and access are secure. Security management by creating synonyms and grant and revoke permissions on objects to certain users
  • Extensively used SQLLDR and control files to load test data from Sybase to Oracle and debugging failures
  • Queried various data dictionary tables and views for object maintenance and management
  • Wrote ksh shell scripts to perform a one-time load migration of over 400 Sybase tables to Oracle 10g for the Replication set up to the MRI Migration Project and to generate some data reports and that gave time and feed status analysis of data feed processes and workflows that were run by using AutoSys
  • Used Perl, DBI and DBD Sybase and Oracle and made use of pattern matching at many places too far above migration of text data columns to CLOBs


Sybase DBA/RS Administrator

  • Integrated Logistics Management Systems ILMS
  • An in house software development team of Indian Navy spread across 4 locations connected through WAN and to Islands via Satellite. ILMS in brief cater the needs of operation requirement of Naval Ships and Establishment round the clock. Having a team of 20 people takes care of their own production development and application needs. As a permanent employee of Material Organization of Indian Navy worked as a core team member/lead at ILMS from 2000 2006 performed different roles as viz., Sybase DBA, RS Administrator. Proactively involved in implementing the ILMS application at all locations Ships / Establishments successfully played a key role in setting up replication across four locations as a contingency plan, designed and implemented full life cycle model covering all phases of a project
  • Installation of Sybase ASE /RS setting up user databases, disk management, setting up replication WS
  • Sybase ASE, RS Administration, tuning and troubleshooting, setting up replication warm standby , synchronizing production data to development spread across four locations of Indian Navy and to Port Blair via Satellite, Travelled to various destinations during implementation stages proactively interacted with Sybase Team from time to time
  • Backup and recovery strategies, taking backups to tapes three times a day scheduling transaction log backups up to the minute recovery , taking full system backup every week using smit and smitty utilities
  • Automated jobs in cron daemon by using shell scripts, debugging shells as per the changes from time to time
  • Involved in the Database Administration tasks independently in Sybase 11.9.2, 12.0 Sybase 12.5
  • Worked with UNIX system administration relevant to Sybase database management
  • Designed many table schemas and wrote shell scripts to propagate the same to development and production servers
  • Designed the logical and physical designs using ER-Studio, Visio, and Erwin modelers
  • Provided data to developers in various Sybase environments for Application design and test purposes
  • Experienced in supporting multiple SQL Server installations on a single box and very large Sybase databases
  • Provided 24X7 support in a critical production environment
  • Scheduled dbcc and other integrity checks Troubleshot and patched Sybase servers
  • Worked with Sybase Adaptive Server on many different hardware platforms, including Sun Solaris, Sun SPARC, AIX, HP-UX, and Windows NT
  • Used DBArtisan extensively to carry out regular DBA activities
  • Performed several SSO operations. Added/removed logins, roles, groups, users. Granted/revoked permissions to/from users
  • Installation Up-gradation Managing MySQL database user administration
  • Trouble shooting production issues on MySQL supporting DDL Releases
  • Installation Up-gradation Managing Microsoft SQL Serer 2000 database user administration , hands on experience on log shipping and familiar with scheduling DTS packages
  • Installation Managing of Oracle 8i and user administration , creating table spaces , hands on experience on import / export .


Sybase Developer/FOXPRO Developer

  • Controller of Management Services is an in-house software development team of Indian Navy to support its IT wing. CMS in brief cater the needs of ILMS mainly involved in database support. Having a team of four people taking care of data refinement of their production Russian Inventory using FOXPRO. Eliminating the redundant data, refer to Indian Naval Catalogues and piping the refined data into the system using Power Builder are the prime responsibilities of the project, sized the inventory to 200 000 from 494 000 by doing a technical analysis and resolved after referring to Indian Naval catalogues
  • Worked on DBMS inventory in FOXPRO, prepared screens to facilitate the search criteria using string search
  • Performed a data refinement by taking a hard copy and comparing it with samples / catalogues to do a technical analysis and update the inventory using DWB utility of APT, Data pipeline
  • Prepared weekly progress report on eliminating redundant data, sent it to approval, on approval the new nonexistent inventory is piped in to the system Sybase ASE using PowerBuilder data pipeline utility
  • Worked with other teams on comparing their inventory and standardized the patterns with Indian Naval Catalogues / INBR, saved the procurement cost of vital items and made optimum use of inventory at all four locations of ILMS and Material Organization
  • Designed physical and logical database models using ERWIN by embarcadero
  • Monitored Server usage, error messages, and job scheduling on daily basis using Crontab
  • Prepared statistical reports and technical documentation of all Sybase servers
  • Automated Database and Transaction Log dumps for all the Online Databases
  • Wrote several UNIX shell scripts. Successfully recovered databases on Adaptive System Anywhere
  • Utilized ASA 6.0 to create databases and tables on windows OS to import data into these tables from BCP out files from ASE database tables

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