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Software Quality Assurance Engineer Resume Profile

Atlanta, GeorgiA


  • Software QA Doctrine
  • Software CM Doctrine
  • Software Process Engineering
  • Requirements Management
  • Software Project Estimation
  • Establishing Reuse Libraries
  • Change Management
  • Distribution Management
  • JIRA and BIRT
  • Environment Change Control
  • Database Version Control
  • Change Control Boards
  • Process Improvement
  • CMM/CMMI/Six Sigma
  • Training, SDLCs
  • Measurement Metrics
  • Serena Dimensions
  • TCO, TTM, and COQ

Detailed Experience

Software Quality Assurance Engineer


Selected Achievements:

  • I model and implemented the audit process using JIRA saving 3.5 million est. annually
  • I scaled audit process to support 9,000 artifacts for compliance audit each year
  • I automated self-policing filters, friendly reminders, action items, aging reports and more
  • I created and maintained a host of dashboards and filters for audit and end users
  • I created End of Release Metrics using Excel
  • I created a large number of asynchronous reports

Implemented Open Source Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools BIRT

  • I designed implemented numerous reports for Mid-Level and Senior Management
  • I designed and implemented numerous BIRT Reports using Eclipse-Kelper-R Javascript SQL
  • This reporting capability providing savings of 80k est. annually

Best Practices

  • I supported Best Practices
  • I assisted several Six Sigma efforts
  • I was a process improvement consultant for the Software CM and Design Best Practice

MS Excel VBA

  • I redesigned and created the Finance Group's Actual to Estimate Workbook 6.1K lines of code
  • Provided compliance audit and JIRA training/mentoring

Software CM Lead


Selected Achievements:

In the first 90 days:

  • I conducted a very compressed and scaled down CASE tool selection
  • I implemented a complete SCM process compliant to CMMI v1.1 SCM Process Area with supporting Software CM Plan SCMP
  • I installed, configured, developed and training, and deployed Serena Dimensions CM
  • I also installed, defined, modeled, and implemented DOORS for requirements management
  • I implemented risk, issue, and jeopardy management within Dimensions
  • I provided day-to-day support for the change process, repository management, create baselines, execute formal and developmental builds, manage issues, and administrate Dimensions CM
  • I conducted source lines of code SLOC measurements

Detailed Experience

Software Quality Assurance Engineer


Selected Achievements:

  • I conduct internal process compliance audits for Operations Service Development
  • I was awarded Six Sigma Green Belt
  • I was responsible for defect reduction and controlling costs during 2006 for DSL Broadband development
  • I setup, documented, configured, implemented, and training DOORS
  • I developed VBA code, contributed to the design, conducted training, co-authored documentation, and deploy an adaptation of the Function Point Analysis methodology called Function Point Equivalence
  • Provided support to the organization during transition to the new AT T IT development process
  • I create the Staffing Management and Allocation Resource Tool SMART for the PMO office

Software CM Manager


Selected Achievements:

  • I assisted in the design, development, documentation, and improvement to the Bank of America's Software CM process/practice mapping it to CMM/Six Sigma paradigm within the DMAIC/Design for Six Sigma DFSS
  • I served as a Process Champion for SCM within the division

Requirements / Software Configuration Manager


Selected Achievements:

  • I successfully developed the doctrine, process, procedures, enhancements, installation, deployment and training for DOORS tool.

Chief Architect


I provided consulting, marketing support, and assisted proposal team efforts for a 150 million dollar defense network contract.

Lead Instructor


I successfully taught Effective Software CM in a public venue in Las Vegas

Senior SCM/SQA Consultant


I provided SQA, SCM, Process Improvement, Software Reuse, and Process Engineering training to the management, marketing department, and staff

Detailed Experience


Senior Serena Dimensions CM Consultant


I successfully completed full lifecycle process implementation of Serena's Dimensions CM. This included the determination, documentation, and implementation of DynCorp's Software Development Lifecycle Model SDLC . Each object within the process model has a defined full life cycle and associated rules for promotion, workflow, reviews, and approvals. There is also a significant relationship management system built into Dimensions.

Senior CM Engineer


I successfully identified, documented, and implemented a SCM process for web and Enterprise Resource Planning ERP development. Inclusive of my responsibilities were support for requirements, risk, and project management disciplines, doctrine, and methodology. Conducted an analysis of the current environment and process, identified all issues and gaps, potential tools, and supporting processes.

Software Quality Engineer


I provided technical, administrative, scheduling, engineering, infrastructure and process development for the Software Quality Assurance Department Manager. I provided ongoing support for the division's Software Engineering Institute Software Capability Maturity Model CMM level four process improvement efforts.

Selected Achievements:

  • Certified Software Quality Assurance Engineer from the American Society of Quality ASQ

Lead Instructor


Successfully taught Software CM courses in a public venue

Principled Engineer


I provided onsite technical management consulting to local companies engaged in software development, software maintenance, or continuous process improvement. I conducted audits of SEI CMM process documentation, implementation, and full life cycle software support.

F-22 Raptor SCM Team Leader


Selected Achievements:

  • Provided direct assistance to division in achieving SEI CMM Level 3 from Level 1
  • Managed SCM on the first three F-22 Air Vehicles through First-Flight at Dobbin's AFB
  • Provided SCM support at Edwards AFB in California during Fight Testing

Skill Set



  • JIRA Query Language JQL
  • Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications VBA
  • Various levels of programming in the following languages




Ada 83/95

Structure Basic





Microsoft Office

Microsoft Project

Open Source BIRT

Team Viewer

Corel Perfect Office

Micrografx Designer

Adobe Acrobat

Scan Soft

PDF Professional

Roxio CD Creator







DB Browser


  • Operating Systems

Windows 3.11 through Windows 8

CentOS 6.5, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Fedora Linux


SDEX-20, 7 43

VAX/VMS 4.0 to 6.2

Sun Solaris




  • SNN 688 Class Nuclear Submarine Combat Systems Mk-117 CCS Mk-1
  • Main frame 32 to 128bit , mini 32/64 bit , micro 8 16 bit , ruggedized, and embedded systems
  • Peripheral equipment i.e., printers, scanners, pointing devices, storage media, PDAs, tablets, etc.

Standards and Frameworks

  • Agile
  • SEI SW-CMM V1.1 CMMI Continuous/Staged, PSP
  • Sarbanes-Oxley SOX Act of 2002
  • ISO9001: 1995, ISO 9000-3
  • ISO/IEC 12207:2008 formally IEEE/EIA 12207
  • IEEE Software Engineering Standards 40 total
  • Software Process Improvement and Capability dEtermination SPICE
  • Information Technology Infrastructure Library ITIL v3 Sections 6.1.4, 6.1.6, and 6.1.7
  • Military Standards 2167A, 2168, 498, 1521, numerous others

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