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Senior Manufacturing Test Engineer Resume Profile

Redmond, WA


My desired role is as a primary contributor on an R D technical staff, utilizing my diverse and extensive Electronic, Electromechanical and Electrooptical test system design, test system hardware/software integration, test scripting, data acquisition, data analysis, failure analysis, test planning and documentation background.

Work History Synopsis:

  • 30 years of Electronic, Electromechanical and Electrooptical test system design engineering, including test system hardware/software integration, electromechanical and hydraulic actuation control systems, test scripting, data acquisition, data analysis, failure analysis, test planning and documentation.
  • 30 years Instrumentation and Control test engineering as Test Engineer on major DoE, DoD and commercial projects.
  • 25 years servocontrol system design, implementation and test experience, including hydraulic, electromechanical, servo, and PLC driven systems.
  • 8 years Development of RF and wireless telecommunications test systems 7 separate, rack-and-stack systems for 5 separate client companies .
  • 8 years Rocket Test Engineer involved with all phases of propulsion system development cycle for liquid, solid, hybrid, and air-breathing sub-, super-, and hyper-sonic systems.
  • 38 years FAA-certificated pilot
  • 20 years test engineering of laser optical systems including copper vapor, EDFA, dye, VCSEL, diode-pumped lasers
  • 25 years of computer programming experience including LabVIEW versions 0.9 beta thru 12 , HP/Agilent Vee, BASIC, C and FORTRAN 25 years LabVIEW, 3 years each HP VEE, Basic, and Fortran , SQL Database design
  • 14 years of Video and Image Processing System engineering and algorithm development.
  • 16 years Owner/Sole Proprietor of software consulting company: PermaGreen Co. now dba. HiQ Technical Services, Inc. . Sole responsibility for Corporate Marketing and Sales.
  • 4 years using various CAD and FEA packages Xenon, CATIA v4/5, Unigraphics, NASTRAN
  • Broad familiarity with National Instruments hardware, including PXI, USB-based DAQ modules, CompactRIO, VXI, and FPGA modules. First NI hardware interface driver written in 1986 MacBus .
  • Operating Systems used: Windows 3.11, 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, etc. , Macintosh OS 1-X, Solaris 1,2, Unix
  • Communication Protocols used: GPIB, USB, RS232, RS485, I2C, Fieldpoint, TCP-IP, UDP, ActiveX, VXI, MIL-STD-1553, Arinc 629, ad nauseum.
  • Many instrument drivers written for and instruments integrated into Automatic Test Systems since 1986.

Detailed Work History:


Job Title: Senior Manufacturing Test Engineer

Job Duties: -

  • Test engineering support for end-of-production line Microsoft Surface optical tester.
  • -Optical characterization of Microsoft Surface products including missing/dead pixel in Surface display and front/rear video cameras, MTF, vignetting.
  • -Surface tablet power depletion studies to maximize end-user battery life.
  • -Upload, download and manipulate firmware settings via I2C

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