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Wi-fi Technical Lead Resume Profile

Charlottesville, VA

Professional Statement

Years of extensive hands-on experience in engineering/business requirements, QA testing, LAN/WAN networking, and submarine sonar hardware repair, overhaul and maintenance. Various positions have required establishing engineering and business requirements for hardware and software projects. Extensive test plan/test case development and testing on proprietary and standards based software and hardware. Exceptional leadership and communications skills combined with solid technical and analytical skills supported developmental teams.

Technical Profile

  • Create, rewrite, and to define metrics for various engineering and business requirements in support of hardware and software development, testing and deployment
  • QA testing of hardware and software: exploratory, ad hoc, acceptance, installation, recovery, performance, compatibility, exception, and regression testing.
  • Solid experience with analogue and digital electronic testing and support with test equipment ranging from digital volt meters, multi channel oscilloscopes and frequency analysis with spectrum analyzers.
  • Extensive experience testing various sonar, wireless, and LAN/WAN hardware and software in a multitude of environments.
  • Designing and implementing and troubleshooting large scale wireless, LAN, and WAN networks gives a deep knowledge of communication protocols for forensic data gathering

Professional Experience


Wi-Fi Technical lead

My responsibilities:

  • Current tasking requires me to find and develop tools, refine testing techniques, and document processes for Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth coexistence devices. Tasked to create several different testing and training strategies for various Wi-Fi equipment that can associate and connect to Wi-Fi access points, Wi-Fi Direct and hotspot/tethering devices. This is done for commercial, home and automotive devices that support data and multimedia uses. Write clear and concise technical documentation to encompass our Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth coexistence testing capabilities and strategies for sales, QA and Business Development teams. Create a comprehensive Wi-Fi training course for in house for engineers and technicians from novice to expert levels. Review WLAN services offerings to ensure up-to-date technologies and testing are supported.
  • Continuous review of WLAN services offering
  • QA Engineer and QA Technician training
  • Test solution provider
  • Sales and BD support
  • Technical input for WLAN testing and Bluetooth coexistence issues
  • Technical resource for Sales, BD, PMs, and QA engineers
  • Detailed root cause analysis RCA
  • High level consultancy
  • We first test Wi-Fi and Bluetooth unique functions individually. This simplifies the troubleshooting and isolates Wi-Fi or Bluetooth issues prior to coexistence testing.
  • WAN performance and interoperability testing using Linux based NetEM and TC is used to evaluate the impact of injecting the environment variables latency, jitter, and packet loss.
  • DUT to AP throughput testing is performed with various packet types, sizes, and loads with tools including IXIA Chariot and Iperf.
  • Video and audio for Wi-Fi devices are tested and evaluated for robustness by a locally created ITU based MOS system. Testing is performed with popular player softwares.
  • Testing scenarios that cover Wi-Fi hardware, developed and designed by our customers and their vendors, requires many different indoor and outdoor testing environments. A/B/G/N/AC radio requirements, various countries' regulatory domains, DFS, international channels, mobile mesh technology and antenna geometry all require unique setup and testing.
  • Security and certificate based testing infrastructure includes various Microsoft and open source based PKI configurations. Our infrastructure allows for thorough testing of HTTPS, 802.1X and other certificate based security. Standards based encryption of wireless data requires the testing of all permutations of encryption engines and DH key sizes, 802.11, WEP 64/128, WPA, WPA2, TKIP/AES and 802.1X support.
  • Each wireless hardware device is tested for every supported element of an access point, Wi-Fi Direct Connect and Mobile Hot Spot/Tethering functions. This may require testing of DNS, DHCP, Unicast and Multicast for IPv4 and IPv6, Radius server and client, local and remote authentication and the new OSI layer 3 Wi-Fi TCP encoding.
  • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth coexistence testing, for coexistence devices, tests transitional robustness of each element during various user scenarios. Testing Bluetooth interoperability with various Wi-Fi configurations involves a plethora of Bluetooth devices of various technologies and complexity.


Owner/Lead Technicial Analysist

I had been tasked to create, rewrite, and to define metrics for various engineering and business requirements in support of the development, testing and deployment of Progress Energy's Next Generation Demand Response residential switch. I also developed the requirements for building an in house testing facility from development to deployment, and a deployment test facility for sample testing devices for verification of vendor compliance. The purpose of the switch is to allow remote control of various in home appliances by Progress Energy during extreme grid events to smooth dramatic spikes. The new Smart Grid switches will be a bidirectional 900 MHz. wireless mesh devices offering a better understanding of consumer energy needs with 21st century appliances. These devices will offer future expansion allowing Progress Energy customers granular scheduling control for advantageous energy pricing time slots. The business requirements define the switch functions and business needs of the device to support local, state, and federal laws and guidelines for such devices. The wireless, electronic, electrical, and physical engineering requirements will be used by vendors to design and construct devices for Progress Energy. The requirements will also be used to define a testing strategy with explicit expectations from in house testing and validation/verification of 3rd party testing and compliance.

  • I either led or Participated in the following activities in the performance of my job:
  • DLC Switch and RDR Deployment Workshops DLC Switch Technical Evaluation Team meeting
  • Various business Process and vendor selection meetings.
  • RDR Switch Comprehensive Test plan and Detailed Test Plan development.
  • Review CaliberRM for RDR/DLC requirements.
  • Published Switch requirements from CaliberRM to HPQC for test case development.
  • Outline to major elements for scheduling of Unit and Integration Testing.
  • Participated in Configuration Management Plan Review
  • Continued identifying required test devices and equipment for in house lab testing.


Sr. QA Engineer

  • Over the last 4 years I was tasked with Quality Assurance of Fortress Technologies software and hardware products. This includes development and execution of test plans and test cases, finding and developing tools, refining testing techniques and documenting processes. Tasking required me to execute the test plans and identify defects, gather clear information and communicating it on defects found, including forensics to resolve the defects. This required managing schedules and priorities, and working with other departments including Engineering, Site Engineering, Professional Services, Program Management, and Customer Service.
  • Develop and maintain various testing environments to mirror user environments. Testing infrastructure includes various Microsoft servers and open source based PKI configurations. Authentication testing with proprietary hardware/software often requires unique configurations like vendor specific attributes, two factor authentication, and smart card/CAC card certificate based support using ActiveClient V 6.1.
  • Testing Wi-Fi radios with hardware that incorporated as many as 4 separate radios included many different indoor and outdoor testing environments. A/B/G/N radio requirements, various countries' regulatory frequency domains, mobile mesh technology, antenna geometry and 4.9 GHz. public safety band all require unique setup and testing.
  • Testing was required for the Fortress implementation of standards based and proprietary encryption of wired and wireless data. This process required testing all permutations of encryption engines and DH key sizes, 802.11, WPA2 EAP-TLS, SSH, SSL and TLS as well as SuiteB ECC support.
  • Each wired and wireless hardware device tested was designed to be a full network switch appliance supporting all standards based switch functions. This required testing network functionality for: VLANs, QOS, NTP, DNS, DHCP, Multicast for IPv4 and IPv6, Radius server and client, local and remote authentication, SNMP, Ethernet port configurations, and logging.
  • Instrumental in Testing of Fortress Secure client software for Windows Mobile OS. Testing was done on hand held hardware of various manufacturers e.g. Psion, Symbol, Librestream camera systems and Intermec devices. Various smart card readers were tested including Apriva Bluetooth readers on Intermec hand held devices.
  • FIPS Federal Information Processing Standard for the Fortress implementation of a cryptography boundary for our proprietary MSP protocol for encryption. Ensure FIPS integrity for system files as well as data communication and encryption processing for all permutations of encryption engine and DH key sizes including SuiteB ECC .


Sr. Network Analyst

  • Managed IT Operations required to handle LAN/WAN design, installation, troubleshooting, and upgrades for both remote and local sites office supplier superstore including Staples Data Center and Corporate Headquarters operating 1,527 retail stores throughout the United States and Canada.
  • Supported LAN design, installation, troubleshooting, and upgrades for both remote and local sites. Responsible for the engineering development of the Staples WAN consisting of design, installation, troubleshooting, and upgrades for retail stores, distribution centers, call centers, and remote company offices..
  • Engineered the development and technological WAN upgrade of 1500 Staples retail store locations Upgraded a frame relay hub and spoke topology to a MPLS fully meshed layer 3 topology, integrating a complex combination of Nortel and Cisco hardware for head and remote end.
  • Provided network support for the IBM AS/400 group with responsibilities to develop, test, and deploy a migration of SNA traffic from Token Ring hardware to Ethernet hardware for IBM AS/400 systems Integrated DLSw between Cisco and Nortel routers.
  • Supported the critical development of the IBM AS/400 HA environment with a significant amount of time dedicated to IBM clustering with Vision and Mimic. Supported LAN fiber array for IBM Shark SAN array.
  • Integrated VM Ware hardware into the data center network architecture for server consolidation and server redundancy.
  • Network interfaced with the Internet/Extranet, Microsoft, UNIX, and Linux groups to troubleshoot TCP/IP problems and develop guidelines for Network configuration. Resolved problems with A-Symmetric routing, HTTP chattiness, backup failures, excessive bandwidth consumption, and excessive CPU usage.
  • Performed load balancing with Cisco Local Directors, Arrow Points, and Nortel Alteons for every facet of the company.
  • Installed redundant stratum one-time servers for accurate network time.


Networking Consultant,

  • Designed and installed intricate LAN and WAN network systems in a variety of work environments, including professional offices, small businesses, government, and large corporations.
  • Gathered data to identify customer needs to identify, interpret, and evaluate system and network requirements and then planned, coordinated, and implement network security measures
  • Maintained network hardware and software, analyzed problems reported by users and by automated network monitoring systems. This information was the basis for recommendations to enhancements in the implementation of future servers and networks
  • Monitored the network to ensure optimal and functional availability to system users.


Network Analyst

  • Supported LAN design, installation, troubleshooting, and upgrades for both remote and local sites. Responsible for the engineering development of the Staples WAN consisting of design, installation, troubleshooting, and upgrades for retail stores, distribution centers, call centers, and remote company offices.
  • Administered network engineering support for approximately 1500 retail locations migrated from satellite link to frame relay.
  • Instrumental in troubleshooting and analysis of data link failures with Nortel Networks resulting in code patches.
  • Instrumental in troubleshooting and analysis of polling issues between retail WAN and AS/400 infrastructure resulting in redesign of polling process.


Information System Analyst

  • Analyzed networking problems and effectuated repairs from individual workstations through server hardware.
  • Engineered, installed and administered the initial Raytheon AUTEC site on Andros Island, Bahamas.
  • Installed and configured servers, tested HR requirements for personnel auditing and support. Integrated Raytheon support staff into U.S. Navy lab facility's authentication system.
  • Worked hands-on with networking design and implementation of various topologies for Cisco, Digital Equipment Corp., Microsoft, and Novell Networks with various hardware systems, operating systems, and LAN/WAN configurations.


Sr. Field Engineer

  • Served as team leader in the repair, overhaul and maintenance of the U.S. Navy's AN/BQQ-5 submarine sonar systems for attack submarines worldwide. This required U.S. Navy acceptance testing for completion of each project.
  • During the winter of 1987 was an instrumental team member of Raytheon survey team doing harbor reconnaissance and data gathering for the Army Corps of Engineers from Machiasport Maine to Bar Harbor Maine
  • Integral part of the test team for SADS sonar system developed by Raytheon and tested all of the U.S. Navy and DoD requirements for the active transmission electronics of the system. This included all of the waveform, power output and transmission aperture arrays.
  • Supported the completion of the AN/BSY-1 program for IBM's Maintainability Engineering group in Manassas, VA. Completion required validation with the Navy of all MPC, RACS unit level troubleshooting procedures
  • Engineered various designs for both Engineering Change Proposals ECPs and Ordinance Alterations ORDALTs for NUSC/NUWC New London.
  • These designs were validated, tested and integrated into various Navy Systems.
  • Supported the engineering designs, review and distribution of ECPs and Ordalts from manufacturers and other government/ agencies.
  • Designed, constructed, tested and deployed PC hardware for Paperless ECPs . This project was intended to reduce the vast amount of paper copies mailed throughout the U.S. For ECP review and approval.

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