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Software Quality Assurance Resume Profile


  • Solution-oriented IT executive with more than 14 years of hands-on technical leadership experience with notable success in managing a broad range of corporate quality assurance initiatives including off-shore projects in direct support of diverse and complex business objectives.
  • Experience includes Retail, Financial, POS, and Telecommunication Mobile test and Healthcare industries.

Software Quality Assurance

  • Built and mentored highly effective SQA and testing teams committed to meeting targets based on business objectives
  • Established a corporate quality management system that promoted customer satisfaction and positively impacted the financial performance
  • Integrated process improvement activities across a wider range of disciplines and through a common model
  • Implemented a traceability system for requirements to increase test coverage using DOOR's, JIRA and Quality Center
  • Developed effective QA processes and methodologies based on best practices
  • Developed testing strategies for functional, integration, regression, and performance testing using HP Mercury tools. Analyzed other 3rd party automation tools QA Partner, Rational prior to selecting HP
  • Software Engineering and Global Sourcing
  • Participated in RFPs reviews from multiple off-shore IT vendors and assessed their capabilities of providing solutions
  • Developed MSA Master Service Agreement and Business Success Criteria to meet SQA objectives
  • Managed engineering organizations that supported quality engineering and development
  • Managed off-shore relationships, developed SOWs Statements of Work , communication/escalation plans and defined Scope of Work. Set clear expectations for the selected vendor
  • Prepared project, staffing, budgets, and cross-training plans.
  • Identified the risk factors and determined appropriate countermeasures to reduce, mitigate or eliminate the risks


  • Concepts: Planning, Problem Analysis, Risk Assessment, Business Impact Analysis, Recommendations, HIPPA, EDI 5010,
  • Tools: MS Project, MS Test, HP Quality Center, Win Runner, Load Runner, QTP, Rational Clear Quest, Terminal 3270,
  • Edifecs EDI Spec Builder, BizTalk, Pro32.
  • Methodology: Agile, Water fall, Spiral, RAD prototyping , Incremental.



Lead Quality Assurance

Confidential is a network management system specifically designed for managing devices on Verizon's nationwide backbone network. Confidential is a web-based application that provides a unified interface across the Open System Interconnection OSI layers for network elements such as routers, switches, and multiplexers. Highly scalable, VNM has the ability for seamless integration with other Network Operational Support Systems such as the Broadband Assignment, Activation, TIRKS and Confidential

  • SIT/UAT Sr. QA Working with provisioning system layer-1, layer-2, layer-3 with hands on experience of TL1, CLI, pds and wire-link protocol
  • Tested E2E following J2EE Patterns: Front Controller, Business Delegate, Service Locator, Data Access Object, Business Object Transfer Object.
  • Worked with Dev and Business partner to review SSO requirements for cut thru between various other interface teams.
  • Tested web service operations invoked using SOAP over HTTP protocol.
  • Took part in the Dev and SME's Meetings to resolve the issues raised by the Post UAT test Team.
  • Tested, Provisioned and Reconfigured circuit orders in a timely manner to ensure customer due dates were met.
  • Prioritized and managed workload in order to meet critical deadlines resulting in customer satisfaction.
  • Tested orders from local exchange carriers, verified and tracked access orders to establish service for customers.
  • Technical knowledge of system databases and services of VZ application such as TIRKS, Requestnet, IPM, BAAIS National, IOM and FORTE.
  • Tested Mobile devices with VZ own devices and compatibility with different operating system and Apps.
  • Worked on various CCR's that required expediting orders for wholesale and retail customers.
  • Provide feedback on interpreting customer equipment needs, requirements and engineering design documents.
  • Generated customized reports and graphs using ALM quality center to report testing progress.


Sr. Lead Quality Assurance

Worked on Confidential core application which developed in Pega system and I am responsible for county deployment after complete test life cycle ends. The Pega include Claims Workflow Framework is to create a common input and processing location for routing claims to external systems for processing both automated and manual. The Claims Workflow Framework will use information provided by the requestor to determine the appropriate system for processing and handle all connections and interactions with each system.

  • Managed onsite and offshore testing and QA resources and plan System, Integration, Regression, Performance, End-to-End and UAT
  • Managed testing activities for hardware and software by developing effective testing strategies, test plans and QA guidelines for SOA
  • Build QA team by hiring QA Analysts, Testers, and Automation Engineers to support both manual and automated testing
  • Developing testing strategies and test plans for infrastructure upgrade testing and application testing for Dev, Test, Staging, and Prod env.
  • Define and implementing test methodologies for manual and test automation
  • Expert in with Microsoft Office Suite Excel, MS Project, Word, PowerPoint, Visio
  • Expert in working with HP's testing suite of tools including Quick Test Pro and Quality Center.
  • Expert in consolidation with business requirement, functional and technical specification review
  • Excellent experience in PowerMHS iSeries AS400 along with Pega system 5.4 and 6.2
  • Expert in creating batch scheduling or abend resolution
  • Expert in Change and Configuration Management process

Business Analyst

Confidential is managed by the Federal government it provides Medicare Part A and Part B coverage. The Centers for Confidential is responsible to maintain ongoing transactions activity and shared system maintainer including QSSI provide test site s as single testing coordinator. QSSI provide technical support services to fully test Fiscal Intermediary FI claims processing FISS , Multi Carrier system claims processing MCS , ViPS Medicare System VMS , and the Common Working File CWF UAT support.

  • Developed metrics for all projects to analyze overall release health and continuous improvements in software quality
  • Developed effective resource plans for consistent test coverage to support new projects, regression and production support testing
  • Worked closely with customers and developed business process test scenarios to reduce defects
  • Verify GMP and CGMPs compliance for CMS Medicare compliance.
  • Prepare MCS Test cases as per SOP's for Quality Assurance / Regulatory Compliance and provide input as if required
  • Verify Medicare audit reports for GCP products and documentations.
  • Participated in internal and external audits trails for Medicare GCP compliance.
  • Managed two off-shore vendors' activities for both QA and Development initiatives and defined business success criteria
  • Developed automation plans and strategies to increase efficiency and reduce manual efforts for smoke/acceptance testing and
  • Managed a large QA organization of over 23 engineers including 4 Leads located on-site and off-shore
  • Review CMS Change Requests and system developer specifications to obtain an understanding of system modifications related to 4010 and 5010 changes.
  • Responsible for creating UAT test plans, test scenarios, and test cases for UAT and Beta testing for MCS Multi-Carrier System STC based on 4010 and 5010 changes.
  • Business Systems Analyst supporting the Commercial, Medicare and Shared system maintainer line of business.
  • Create business requirements document, scope document, concept diagrams, use cases, gap analyses, storyboards and mockups.
  • Elicit and write business requirements using interviews, document analysis, site visits, business process analysis and JRP/JAD meetings.
  • Design Prototype / Screens in coordination with client and dev.
  • Tested CR's related to multiple clinical trials in various therapeutic areas per FDA regulations and company SOPs.
  • Validated change request for statistical analysis in the area of epidemiology, genetics and clinical audit trials.
  • Participated in SCAMPI appraisal audit for CMMI Level 3 and level 5
  • Tested CMS CR's for various Mutations gene and validates CMS manuals for case study.
  • Validate and audited test cases, test results for pre-study, site initiation, and interim monitoring and close-out visits documents.
  • Maintain Clinical Research documents and communications for study progress and issues/concerns to the project team in a timely manner.
  • Executed system test using virtual terminal 3270 and CICS to verify 837 and 835 transaction set
  • Recommend changes to draft Change Requests received from CMS.
  • Validated CMS and MCS specific Edits and Audits in quarterly releases for EDI/5010.
  • Updated/manipulated various claims using edifec and pro32
  • Executed CEM related change request and validated test results as per business requirements.
  • Used QTP in regression testing phase for our quarterly releases.
  • Created UAT Test Plan, Execution of Test Cases and managing Test Results Deliverable documents for Non 4010 and 5010.
  • Managed Defect Tracking, Reporting, Retesting and Resolution.
  • Configure SharePoint and added groups, users, creating profile and assign security levels.
  • Performing Integration Testing, System Testing, Regression Testing and Defect resolution.
  • Conducted validation for HIPAA and ASC X 12 Transactions for Electronic Data Interchange EDI for 837P, 837D, 997, 835, 277, 270 and 271.
  • Participated in defect and Test Plan Meeting with key stake holders
  • Provided weekly Test Execution Status report to Project Management
  • Conducted performance management for the test team on quarterly basis.
  • Helped QA team to align clear and achievable goals and lunch and learn sessions.
  • Provide UAT support to the client for the CMS quarterly releases Agile process
  • Participated and Implement Center of excellence testing approach such as, design and implement affordable and flexible testing infrastructures, Develop comprehensive test plans, Manage the testing process, Execute systems integration, performance, and scalability testing Implement processes to move toward best practices in testing


Confidential used the standard format for Claims Data reporting from Providers and Trading Partners. The WellCare EDI standard and data clarifications derived from specific business rules that apply to individual subcontractors and extracted and sent by WellCare BizTalk serer.

  • Validated system and complex test cases through c-engine to BizTalk server to report generation.
  • Manage onsite and offshore testing and QA resources and plan System, Integration, Regression, Performance, End-to-End and UAT
  • Manage testing activities for hardware and software by developing effective testing strategies, test plans and QA guidelines for SOA
  • Build QA team by hiring QA Analysts, Testers, and Automation Engineers to support both manual and automated testing
  • Validated ASC X12 compliant transactions for 837 Claims, and 835 Remittances.
  • Provide resolutions to issues related to 837, 834, 270,271,276, 277 and 997.
  • Part of team to define translation formats using visual mapper.
  • Performed Backend Testing for codified control policies with trading partners.
  • Validated CPT, ICD-9 and HCPC codes with current version.
  • Database backend validation for EDI transactions.
  • Provide weekly test execution status report to project management.

Project 1: Manager - HP/EDS Child Support Enforcement and FCCMS.

The Confidential Project provides an automated statewide Child Support Enforcement System CSES , along with a Family Court Confidential and a State Disbursement Unit SDU . The major objectives of this project is to improve services to the families of South Carolina, reduce the need for other state program expenditures through improved child support collections, and to make available additional child support funds by eliminating the current Federal penalties.

  • Developed automation plans to minimize manual testing efforts
  • Developed resource allocation plans based on development schedule and QA skill set to ensure project release dates were met
  • Designed and implemented test metrics and suggested process improvements based on the actual results
  • Developed test strategies and test plans for multiple releases
  • Implemented iterative development and testing approach based on extreme programming
  • Managed a team of 28 QA engineers on-site and off-shore who developed the strategies for all phases of testing
  • Perform coding, quality analysis, Unit testing, End-to-End system testing and UAT testing
  • Monitoring the timely and accurate completion of all testing, provide feed, escalate issues, including running a batch jobs.
  • Draft scope documentation that includes objectives, requirements, approaches, deliverables and time estimates.
  • Analyze business processes for improvements and make recommendations to managerial staff.
  • Execute set of test cases to collect a date from defaulter through bank and folks behind the payment.
  • Established dedicated test environment with SCDOR in order to collect data and verify transaction history.
  • Create reports that capture key business metrics and determine benchmarks and best practices.
  • Breakdown high level requirement into consolidated requirement in DOOR's.
  • Developed automation strategy using HP tools primarily Quality Center, QTP, Win Runner, and Load Runner .
  • Designed and implemented test metrics and suggested process improvements based on the actual results
  • Participated in creation of comprehensive test plan for CSES and FCCMS project
  • Integrated quality center with DOOR's requirement traceability interface 3rd party tool to flow test data.
  • Integrated quality center with SPIRIT to flow defect statuses for development team review/fix.

Sr. Lead QA Saber

Confidential had performed System conversion and modification of NC State's Legacy Health Services Information System HSIS which resided on Mainframes to a Web Based Application called AVATAR. The project is called Health Information System HIS . This HIS System is a complete Product to provide all the needs to Local Health Departments/Clinics/Labs. The HIS System went through extensive Software Customization, Development and Testing for integration with various Interfaces such as North Carolina Identity Management NCID , Common Name Database Services CNDS , Eligibility Information System EIS , Women, Infants, and Children System WIC , North Carolina Medicaid Management Information System MMIS , North Carolina Immunization Registry NCIR , Batch County BCI , Clearing House, Comprehensive Exceptional Children Accountability System CECAS North Carolina Electronic Disease Surveillance System NCEDSS . I have worked with Customization Team, Report Team, and MMIS Interface Team. Quality Center was the main tool used by me for the testing process. As part of the testing team, my responsibilities were as follows:

  • Developing Test Plan and manage the testing process from test execution to bug management and statistical reporting.
  • Created Test Plan, Test Cases and Test Results Deliverable documents.
  • Executed Test Cases for Customization, Report, and Interfaces.
  • Managed Defect Tracking, Reporting, Retesting and Resolution using Quality Center.
  • Supported Team member as Subject Matter Expert SME for testing team for Technical Specification, Customization and Billing.
  • Performed Integration Testing, System Testing, Regression Testing.
  • Performed validation for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act HIPAA and Accredited Standards Committee ASC X 12 Transactions for Electronic Data Interchange EDI for 837P, 837D, 997, 835, 277, 270 and 271.
  • Participated in Customization/Defects /Report and Billing Meeting within HP Teams and with Client.
  • Participated in disaster recovery meeting and provide inputs for the plan as per test team items affected.
  • Provided weekly Test Execution Status report to Project Management and contributed in maintaining Requirement Traceability Metrics.

Sr. Lead Quality Assurance

Worked on order processing internal application in SAP S D, AS400, Race, and Rumba, Order max and web methods systems at OfficeMax. Sales orders are created in AS400, Race and Order ax systems through different sources such as POS, web, phone, and mail. These orders are then sent to SAP, delivery and invoicing happens in SAP S D.

  • Verify Sales Order details like item category, pricing, output and schedule lines for the Order in SAP.
  • Validate Pricing and Output determination procedures for SAP Orders.
  • Verify Output and Pricing condition records for SAP Sales Orders.
  • Execute test case for internal software change requests.
  • Execute and verify Billing transaction VF04/06 within SAP.
  • Utilized TDMS software to organize test data and results for the ISA test sets and related software.
  • Involved in testing the credit transactions which includes Amex, Master Card, Visa, and Discover, bill me later Sears/TGI MasterCard, Third Party corporate Credit Cards Etc. Validated Cashier Mode, Layaway and tested off the shelf software Collect on Delivery.
  • Analyzing the Backend BD2 table and mapping it with invoice structure.
  • Execute point of sale POS functional test cases and posting in SAP.
  • Reviewing Changes done in DB2 tables by team member.
  • Hand on expertise in COBOL, DB2, CICS for mainframe applications
  • Validate emergency break fix or change control request with initial test results.
  • Provide software related training for bug reporting in Silk and Quality center 8.0
  • Created and implemented new disaster recovery plan for main QA lab of OMX
  • Generate store procedure in quality center for each load test results on one central location.


Sr. Validation Engineer

Confidential transport system provides simple wavelength provisioning for reduced costs and cost-effective transport of high-bandwidth services with Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing DWDM . 7100 OTS Increased optical performance and Managed by a single management platform. This product hold 32 and 44 channel dense wave system with optical pass-through with Single-bay and dual-bay hub OADM optical add/drop multiplexer configurations.

  • Developed High level test cases for new features using Test Director.
  • Update regression test cases from the system engineering requirements.
  • Assign severity level with business team for high level testing for new requirements.
  • Assigned priority levels test cases and creates test sets in test director for execution.
  • Involved in preparing the status reports every week which includes revision history, test case status, metrics, QA issues and defects
  • Involved with developers, team members and product managers to produce improved quality
  • Executed test cases and reported defects to development team to fix defect in related P-load/versions
  • Verified and tested Telnet command via TL-1, craft station, and EMS user interfaces
  • Test and debug GUI interface of TITAN 7100 EMS.
  • Perform load, stress testing of TITAN 7100

Sr. Quality Assurance Engineer

Write test case that were to verify the migration of a very large scale migration of a CMS application to a Unix/Oracle environment and in SAP. The test cases were writing for both ETL verification process and for report validation. The test cases were executed and validated using Toad and excel. Results were documented and submitted for approval.

  • Responsibilities included designing, implementing and executing test cases.
  • Tested configuration for ATP check / Credit Control SAP R/3
  • Validated configuration of special business transaction: Third party order processing, Consignment, Sub-contracting, Drop Ship orders SAP.
  • Validated Change requests and priority tickets for Order processing in SAP R/3
  • Validated Configuration for Basic Workflow Setting SAP R/3
  • Develop Service Level Agreement scenario test cases
  • Execute SQL queries related to test cases.
  • Involve in Preparing the Status Reports Every Week which includes Revision History , test case status, metrics, QA Issues and Defects
  • Execute complex and nested queries using SQL / TOAD.
  • Used PVCS tracker for PVCS version control manager to get and save source code files.
  • Used Cogno's reporting tool for reports generation.
  • Environment: UNIX, Windows XP, Oracle 9i, SQL Server, DB2, CICS, Telnet, Rational Clear Quest, SQL, and TOAD.


Worked on Point of Sale application POS system , with IBM cash register including 10 options to choose. Like purchase, return exchange, payments, COD, Lay away, Package pickup and SKU / PLU Information etc. Each transaction has different steps, i.e. division number, SKU, PLU item, price, delivery date, pickup date etc. This application is for register associates to perform transactions in the Sears stores nationwide. The validation process is an End to End testing cycle, middleware primary server, front end register codes back end Main Frame Testing, using Lotus notes to track / report bugs.

  • Involved in preparing the Test Strategy Document, Test Cases and Test Cases Execution for all modules in Ver: 46
  • Execute credit and debits cards enable function test cases
  • Involved in Functional and Regression testing the California Pod with different build 46.002/46.8 NPOS , 46.003/46.9 NPOS , 46.004/46.10 NPOS , 46.005/46.11 NPOS
  • Work with business team for initial and high level testing
  • Involved in preparing the status reports every week which includes revision history, test case status, metrics, QA issues and defects
  • Involved in testing the credit transactions which includes Sears Card, Sears Master Card, Sears/TGI MasterCard, Third Party Credit Cards like Discover/Novus, AMEX Cards Etc. and validate Cashier Mode, Layaway and Collect On Delivery testing
  • Executed Financial transaction within dedicated test environment for Discover Card
  • Download codes for register, setup server, backup servers and run reports


Responsible for Software Integration/Regression testing on the Tellabs 5500 DCS. The TITAN 5500 is a Digital Cross-Connect System used in the routing and grooming telephone and data traffic from one network to another.

  • Developed general test cases for new features using Test Director
  • Developed test plans from complex software design specifications
  • Successfully communicated and worked with developers and product managers to produce improved quality
  • Used TDMS to test signal wave length and from electrical to fiber
  • Executed test cases and reported defects to development team to fix defect in related P-load/versions
  • Test RF frequency from central office to TITAN 5500 NE and TITAN 7100 NE
  • Performed regression testing on Alarm Suspension and Retrieval of Active Redundant Modules
  • Configured Auto Shelf Placement and Import Placement for DS1, DDS1, DS3, EC1, OC3 and OC12


  • Analyzed test plans and executes test cases
  • Reported all problems to the development team
  • Assign priorities to the problems found during testing
  • Configured and supported network printers using TCP/IP
  • Designed and developed the user interface and application architecture using Visual Basic 4.0
  • Developed application using Visual Basic that kept track of all activities related to customer support division
  • Worked on Inventory Control Management project using Visual C 6.0
  • Documented the installation process for all desktops and laptops
  • Wrote Y2K compliant document for hardware and software
  • Performed unit and integration testing
  • Defined a release management process for development and testing teams
  • Troubleshot and debugged the application
  • Provided extensive customer support

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