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Sr. Specialist Application Developer Resume Profile

Fishkill, NY


  • Experienced COBOL/DB2/CICS Applications Developer and dependable team player, offering expertise in programming, design/documentation and QA Testing.
  • Recognized for excellent performance in translating business requirements into technology solutions with a commitment to quality and usability. Demonstrated ability to take on administrative tasks.
  • Lead developer on large-scale, complex projects from design and development to testing and full launch.
  • Proven ability to work both full time and contract positions.

Key Expertise

  • PApplication Development
  • PUser Training
  • PSystems Analysis
  • PSystems Testing
  • PProduct Quality Assurance
  • PSix Sigma White Belt
  • PCustomer Support
  • PVersatile Team Player


Current Experience : COBOL DB2 SQL CICS JCL Xpediter Changeman Fileaid Syncsort

Enterprise System Platform ESP MS Word Excel Visio Connect:Direct NDM

Previous Experience: SAS Oracle QMF Perl Javascript HTML





  • Responsible for the Mainframe design and documentation.
  • Coded new/modified existing COBOL DB2 programs, JCL, Catalogued Procs, control cards and GDG's to allow concurrent processing of divisions in various stages of conversion.
  • Coded DB2 SQL statements utilizing inner joins, outer joins, Inserts and Updates as necessary.
  • Designed and executed unit, regression and performance testing using Xpediter.
  • Modified existing programs in a structured manner to facilitate extraction of the code when the conversion completed.
  • Monitored 5 weekend conversions and provided updates to senior leadership on its progress.
  • Lead developer on project shutdown. Retired conversion components, extracted conversion code from daily master table update process and completed regression testing.

Profile Delivery System Project


  • Coded new CICS program that executed a DB2 query to find the username and domain for a customer id when linked to by other programs
  • Enhanced password change edits.


  • Created COBOL/DB2 programs, JCL and Procs to unload 7 year-old adjustment memos from DB2 tables to a file, then read the file and Inserted records with legal holds into archive tables. Utilized Sendmail to notify Support Team of errors. Tested using Xpediter.


  • Developed elements of a new COBOL/DB2/VSAM Remittance Processing System: a Batch Wire Editor which scanned for occurrences of valid ID strings listed in a reference table writing invalid wires to a DB2 table for later QMF reports.
  • Facilitated data entry by eliminating hard code that limited input to one CICS screen and implemented scrolling to 99 editable lines.
  • Created a more dynamic CICS environment by eliminating hard coded maps and designing file driven menus with paging to allow for growth.

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