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Programmer/qa/support Analyst Resume

Orlando, FL

Technical Skills: Hardware: AS/400 ISERIES, IBM MAINFRAME and PCs Operating System: OS/400, OS/390-MVS, VMS, WINDOWS XP. Midrange: RPG/400, RPGIII, RPG4, CL/400, SQL/400, COBOL/400, AS/400 query. Mainframe: COBOL2, ASSEMBLER, RPG, EZTRIEVE PLUS. PC: HTML, Java & VB Script, MS VISUAL STUDIO 6.0., SUN'S and IBM's Visual Age Java, J2EE.


Databases: VSAM, IMS, DB2, Physical file, Logical file, SQL 7.0, MS-ACCESS.

Professional Experience:

Confidential. Orlando, FL. Jun '10 to Feb '11 Programmer/Support Analyst Central Florida based provider of entertainment and travel packages utilizing industry website portals. After acquiring a part of TRAVELOCITY'S entertainment business in Las Vegas. Sophisticated Ticket vendor and reservation system designed for the concierge desks at the lobbies of the Las Vegas strips hotel casinos and surrounding ticket stands. Running on an IBM ISERIES AS400 in-house developed and custom designed type of business specific. Made various cosmetic changes to interactive screens along with file maintenance to control redundant data and centralizing master files. To meet new owner requirements modify various COBOL/400 programs to process interactive screen paging for efficient and quicker paging process.

Confidential. Newark, NJ. Sept '08 to Dec '09 Programmer/QA/Support Analyst Savings bank mutual life insurance business with a large selection of insurance products to suit today's family needs. The requirement is to complete this requirement in a timely manner to add the new products to their on-line and batch applications. Populate physical files with new products, modify program with internal product tables and On-line edits to validate new product codes. Providing required code changes then testing and re-testing to satisfy various test cases for Quality Assurance acceptance. Connectivity through company's intranet view the new products and to enroll for a policy.

Confidential, Paramus, NJ. Apr '06 to Mar '08 Programmer/QA/Support Analyst A World leader in the parcel delivery services big on providing customers with support and PC software for mass shipping. Proprietary software installed on a PC at the customer's location, when enrolled to use the service. A Multi-platform environment designed to constantly receive shipping orders via HTTP server from customers, modified this clients COBOL2 source code to produce output flat files to feed VB and VBA written application. The validation process of a 15-position shipper code is a critical procedure for this client business growth with countless DB2 and VSAM files. AS400 monitors the requests then performs a validation process prior directing the captured information. Resulting in a populating data file to uploads feeds to the Mainframe for shipping process. Modified then tested client's connectivity with reads to COBOL with MQ process to direct shipments proper location and pricing.

Confidential, Montvale, NJ.Feb '05 to Apr '06 Programmer Analyst Part of IBM GLOBAL performed various test processes to the logistics warehousing and supplies systems operations. The client, a leader in the food chain business requirement to restructure and re-route closed warehouses in the US and Canada. Using test scripts manually tested this client's mainframe CICS and BATCH COBOL2 IMS, VSAM programs with called ASSEMBLER sub-programs that control the merchandise to the warehouse destination prior to scheduling store delivery.

Confidential. LIC, NY. Apr '03 to Jan '05 Programmer Analyst Consultant providing support to this retail business legacy system while in house IT staff moves migrates to an MS ERP system, NAVISION. Resolved existing run-time issues by tuning various AS400 RPGIII programs. For efficient file processing replaced regular files to physical, logical file processing replaced random calls to dynamic. From client documented specifications added new requirements to existing AS400's COBOL/400 and RPG/400 code to stay on top of ongoing business needs. Customized reports and update programs for in-house AR system also modified on-line Order systems with screen changes. File structured layout was customer with billing, job cost, invoice and other informational segmented relationship. Other tasks included writing HTML intranet pages with VB script for this client's intranet. As a part of migrating legacy data, added output delimited files to CL, then in-ported to the ERP systems SQL and ACCESS databases. Client's requirement for a knowledge base for help and tutorial was needed to assist users in their daily use of this system. Grouped all this ERP soft copies by department converted the documents to HTML pages on tot the server then wrote an HTML with VB script a menu page by department to link the selected information. Taking on the role of a desktop administrator wrote an intranet page displaying in-house and remote users PC information by department and user name. Used to aid the technical service department what users are to get replacements or capable to upgraded.

Confidential. Montvale, NJ. Mar '01 to Dec '02 Programmer Analyst Part of IBM GLOBAL consultants managed and supported these popular retail food chains outsourced mainframe legacy systems. Product Information Control system (PICS), An IMS database system using COBOL2, BATCH and COMMAND LEVEL CICS to maintain product information for all warehouse/stores regionally. High visible project for the warehouse distribution system organized and lead various implementation design meetings with VP, Directors, managers, analysts and other departments. Retrofit components to existing complex business system applications. These meetings kept all informed with project status, out standing issues with resolutions and update overviews. Wrote and updated programs using COBOL2, EZTRIEVE and ASSEMBLER to produce product movement information. Filter out the slow and no moving product items by UPC. High visible SQL Server application APOLLO server populated by mainframe extracts. Running SQL SERVER 7.5; produced various reports using MS ACCESS and VBA to provide statistical information on the product to the store level…ODBC32 connection to server used VISUAL BASIC 6.0 to automate this function by designing various line item inquiry screens. Adding drill down and reporting features to provide as much product information on each line item by its Universal Product Code (UPC).

Confidential. Jersey City, NJ. Sep '00 to Mar '01 Programmer Analyst Part of a team of consultants involved in the analysis, implementation and support of several stock brokerage applications. A legacy BATCH/COMMAND LEVEL CICS system on the OS/390 written in COBOL2 with ASSEMBLER sub-programs, mostly utilized for processing their special complex applications. The primary requirement was to accommodate these applications for company's growth due recent mergers and acquisitions. Focus on providing the G/L with new and added journal entry code from the various sub-systems. Responsible for a Purchase and Sales system modified, tested and moved to production using CHANGEMANAGER staging package. Additional compiler and processing options had to be included for functionality when connecting these systems to the Web via browser. IBM Visual AGE for JAVA as the LE, along with XML, imbedding DB/2 STORED PROCEDURE.

Confidential. Parsippany, NJ. Sep '98 to Mar '00 Programmer Analyst Part of a team of consultants supporting DUN & BRAD STREET M&D'S (GEAC) G/L, A/P, A/R, H/R, F/A and P/O a mainframe financials package with its own environment under COMMAND LEVEL CICS. Working 6 months in house, supporting and customizing this financials packaged programs COBOL2, BATCH and COMMAND LEVEL CICS with ASSEMBLER source code using Micro Focus workbench for Y2K compliance. Tested the converted code required, travels to the client sites where these modified programs were reinstalled. Recompiled, tested then moved to the production libraries. Planned four months contract assignment to OHIO for Pittsburgh Plate and Glass Industries (PPG). A major glass company provided on site support, as a lead and only consultant at this client from written and oral specifications modified and tested new requirements to many of this client M&D sub systems financial programs written in COBOL2 BATCH and COMMAND LEVEL CICS with ASSEMBLER. Customized COMMAND LEVEL CICS SCREENS via BMS, COPYBOOKS and COBOL source codes to a dedicated test region helped in response time for target date. Along with INTERTEST and ABENDAID to trouble shoot ABENDS due to mass code changes. Provided additional support assisted in Y2K customizing of ASSEMBLER sub programs (DATECALCS) called by this clients in house written COBOL programs and EZTRIEVE PLUS programs. Given small window to accomplish this major maintenance assignment provided an intensive QA, testing all jobs affected by these new modifications. These tasks had to be completed by a target date to meet this company other systems deadlines. Encountering many abnormal situations with having to analyze and report each to our management for documentation. Returning from this assignment wrote and developed various pc report update programs for various outsource clients in COBOL2 using Micro Focus Workbench, Visual Basic 6.0, HTML, Sun Java and JAVASCRIPT. Implemented links to various client intranet web pages.

Confidential. Jersey City, NJ. Aug '97 to Sep '98 Programmer Analyst 1/98 to 9/98. Part of all a team of consultant specialists working at a client site in Springfield Massachusetts, Mass Mutual Life Insurance CO. provided eight months on site support while their in house staff programmers addressed their Y2K conversion project. Lead programmer assisted this client in areas from assessing and converting code for Y2K to supporting and maintaining their MVS mainframe applications daily requirements. Major blue chip insurance company was assigned to support a policy activity system. COBOL2 BATCH DB2 reporting with COMMAND LEVEL CICS entry/update screens, a weekly system. As per client specifications modified COBOL2 BATCH programs with VSAM files to. Meet with users to gather requirements for adding policy codes with special type handling to policy system. Allow COMMAND LEVEL CICS system to recognize these codes and perform special calculations on group codes. Assignment redirected to LEWCO Securities in Jersey City trouble shoot and modifying customized ASSEMBLER program code made by an outside contractor. Responsible in reassessing of all customized ASSEMBLER and COBOL programs using VSAM KSDS files.

8/96 to 1/98. Part of a team of consultant specialists at an application development facility involved in production support, maintenance and developing of various out source billing systems CRIS belonging to a major NY telecommunications giant, NYNEX. Responsibility ranged from monitoring crucial daily production billing processes to designing and implementing to an existing complex system. In this mainframe MVS environment using COBOL2 with DB2 JOINS and VSAM files to create a test batch environment to keep in synchronization with production in the event of any emergency situation and to satisfy any additional requests from the user. Populated database fields COBOL2 IMS programs to populate databases fields under staging controls of ENDEVOR. Client requirements for enhancements made to residential billing system. A COBOL2, BATCH and DB2 update report process with many bill periods to handle New York's complex phone exchanges. Manipulate data for condition testing using FILEAID. Assist in the debugging when abnormal conditions used ABENDAID and NDM for data file processing to move data from and to different operation centers.

Confidential. Parsippany, NJ. Apr '79 to Feb '96 Programmer Analyst Involved in various projects; In the financial applications area, involved in the designing and programming many applications from Salesmen commissions to order entry billing, from invoicing to maintaining and update this company's many IMS DB and DC for COMMAND LEVEL CICS message process. From PSBGEN for required PCB to replace sequential calls with path calls for efficient IMS DB processing to address the production window. Supporting requirements from CFO and accounting department by providing information from the customer master IMS DB. Customer root with billing, job cost, invoice and other information segmented as dependent children. Written request specification for inquire/update using COMMAND LEVEL CICS, COBOL2 and ASSEMBLER qualified and unqualified SSA to process selected segments for reporting. Other responsibilities held, production support lead troubleshooter. Debug and resolve production application DUMPS then forward problem resolution for a permanent fix to project manager. PC group involved with developing and re-writing financial applications to aid corporate accounting budget targets. Migrating department to windows platform Wrote a time accounting system, using VB with MS ACCESS to build various profile tables on company servers in attempts to re-structure and document department project planning. Modular designed for processing efficiency and flexibility in future requirements. Involved in a right-sizing project to take all mainframe financial applications and mirror these systems on the AS400. Intensive three-year project involved the customizing of vendor package, JD Edwards. An AS400 pre-package suite of financial applications written in RPG400, sub-files and CL. Wrote front and back-end in RPG/400 using PDM to map mainframe subsystem files for JDE financials package to send feeds back to the mainframe. As part of a team in-house staff programmers and JD Edwards consultants, coded (customized), tested, QA, parallel this software vendor programs. With objective to customize to work exactly the same way it did on the mainframe. Involved in moving mf COBOL source to AS400 and modified to conform to COBOL/400 standards. Responsible for all phases from moving the source to the AS400, compile, created CL's, files, test, QA, move to production and support.


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