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Programmer Analyst Resume

Lorman, MS


  • IT SUPPORT SPECIALIST Ambitious and dedicated IT - professional with programming skills, software and hardware configuration knowledge, and system integration experiences with technical documentation writing.
  • Accomplished software configurations with user friendly results and well versed in many technological aspects from education background and hands-on experience.
  • Goal-oriented problem-solver with efficient communication skills; self-motivated to work independently or eager to work in a team environment in dynamic environments.


OS/Platforms: MS Windows OS, Windows Server; Linux, Fedora, Cent OS, Ubuntu; iOS, OSX

Applications/Tools: Ellucian Internet Native Banner; Banner Database Management System; Banner Self-Service; Banner Database Server 11g/12c, Blackboard Transaction System; Blackboard Learning Management System; Blackboard Room MealPlan System; Evisions Argos/Intellicheck/MAPS Config; Ellucian Client Support; Secure Shell Client; Barracuda Cloud Services; EVault DR Services; TeamViewer 11; VPN Services; MS Office Suite; MS Outlook; MS Visual Studio; Custom Built Apps; MYSQL/MS Access Database; s VPN Client; Oracle VM VirtualBox; TextPad; Avast Antivirus; CCleaner software; Defraggler software

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle SQL, VB.Net, C++/C#, Korn/Bash Shell Scripting & Command Prompt Line Secure Shell, Ruby, Python, Java 7, Java-script, PHP Text-file

Hardware: Network Infrastructure, Scanner/Printer Network Installation, Desktop Workstations, Notebooks, Tablet PC, Android/iPhone/Blackberry Devices


Programmer Analyst

Confidential, Lorman, MS


  • My tasks consist of managing automated programs to seek improvements in order for them to complete tasks more efficiently. Also I am responsible for serving our customers with technical support and blueprint improvements in their workflow. Working in a team setting to complete bigger objectives and provide my expertise/insight whenever it is needed.
  • These tasks pertain to: managing automated processes assisting customers with their technical needs assisting team members with their assigned projects custom building applications continue educational development for improved customer server

System Administrator/Application Support

Confidential ; Confidential, MS


  • My tasks are to assist the staff members of the clinic with their technological needs to further improve the service of the clinic. I was assigned many projects that need to be completed and documented which ranged from upgrading computer software to configuring telephone service. My application manage skills came into play for when configuring a Microsoft product for the staff to use as a universal access to the computer system as we were using MS Windows 8.1. I also centralize the printer so that anyone that connects to the office network can print anything to that printer. I have configured some of the internet browser so that it can better adjust to our billing software provider. I been assign to secure the network by enforcing some security measures behind network such as non-broadcast SSID and WPA password.
  • These task pertain to managing computer operations instructing staff members of new document procedures protecting important organization’s data through secure protocol measures centralized the printer services managing office software: Athena-Net configure phone line service managing the doctor’s personal records authenticating insurance provider enrollment contacting tech support when software issues arrives documenting recent changes or upgrades to clinic operations or computer systems

Sales Associate/Inventory Manager Coordinator

Confidential, Lawrenceville, NJ


  • My specific task was help to promote the new establish store by appealing the general public needs.
  • Those duties were to help inform customers with our products, cashiering, assembly associate of specific products, and inventory stocking.
  • With stocking inventory, I was in charge of planning and prioritizing task according to the store’s needs and our schedule time frame of customer display.

Software/Hardware Manager (Student Assistant) Application Support

Confidential, Lorman, MS


  • My specific task was assessing the computer hardware and software applications for possible upgrades in the organization local laboratory. I was assigned to visit local laboratories of the University and assess the computers’ conditions. After doing several troubleshooting tactics, I would document my findings to my supervisor and make suggestions that would get the laboratory up and running. Some these suggestions would be replace software and hardware, installing or updating OS, and running test on computers that seem to be ideal for operation. I was also assigned to be tech-support to local students for installing software into their computers that was necessary for their classroom lecture. This duty also expand to laptop troubleshooting, when their PC was running to slow or had malicious software that was hampering it’s ideal performance.
  • Also, my duties pertained to:
  • Installing/Upgrading MS Office Suite
  • Installing/Repairing/Removing MS Windows OS and Unix Red Hat
  • Installing/Configuring Windows SQL Server
  • Installing/Configuring Ubuntu MYSQL
  • Installing/Configuring VMware Workstations/Oracle VM VirtualBox for Virtualizations
  • Installing IIS, Apache on Unix OS
  • Troubleshooting fellow students Laptops for up to date configuration of software

Software Photo Manipulation Editor (Research Assistant)

Confidential, Lorman, MS


  • Working under my supervisor, I was in a team based setting where we were assigned to manipulate photos of various objects and people using such programs as Adobe Photoshop and Paint.Net. These tasks would help our supervisor reach his ideal research progress point assigned by the Department of Defense.

Volunteer Science Olympiad Judge

Confidential, MS


  • Being personally recommended to assisting with the GAME ON programming session at the Regional Science Olympiad held at Copiah-Lincoln Community College, judging on teams that were required to design and build an original computer game incorporating a chosen theme using the program Scratch.

Computer Consultant

Confidential, MS


  • Assessing client’s environment based on their technology needs and making suggestions to find the best possible way of addressing them at the most efficient way with low turn over time.

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