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Icd - 10 Analyst Resume

Tampa, Florida


  • Healthcare professional with over 7 years’ experience in the Healthcare Information Technology industry
  • Extensive Cerner experience in requirements gathering, workflow analysis/design, assisting with build efforts, training, testing and application optimization
  • Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills to deal with technical personnel, upper management, and customers on all levels
  • Possesses excellent communication skills both verbally and written and is able to work proficiently with all levels of employees and management within an organization


Confidential, Tampa, Florida 

ICD - 10 Analyst

  • Created Testing Scripts for end users from inpatient and outpatient practices using Cerner products
  • Tested scenarios using Powerforms that encompass Nursing, Respiratory,
  • Nutrition, Physical Therapy and HIMS coders disciplines
  • Tested Demographic flow during the patient registration process
  • Tested Batch Charge Entry and CPT4 using encounter specific information including financials
  • Developed test scripts for Blue Cross/Blue Shield rules
  • Made sure Meaningful Use is being implemented during testing scenarios
Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

Clinical Application Analyst II

  • Create DCW to help with design build and enhancements
  • Understand and implement Meaningful Use report scripts
  • Design and Build clinical documentation for clinicians and physicians to promote ease of use functionality
  • CPOE training material developer
  • ED Golive Coordinator
  • Lead Tester for IC9/ICD10 conversion
  • Collaborate with operations, clinicians, physician Leadership, as well as IT in order to support current infrastructure and go live activities
  • Participate with different Phases of EMR conversions on all levels.
  • Lead trainer, unit testing, and new employee hire Liaison
  • Performed integration testing during package install for all non-prod and production domains
  • Responsible for creating DCW for workflow design for integration approval
  • Responsible for understanding nursing and clinicians workflow
  • Responsible for understanding the assessment of hospital current state, and understand future state in order to complete a gap analysis.
  • Respond to customer issues and change requests with a high degree of success
  • Actively participates in knowledge-sharing and cross-training
  • Supported PowerChart, CPOE, PowerNote, and SurgiNet
  • Lead unit teaching on .18 Cerner packages enhancements install
  • Completed Cerner build process by way of creating the Data Collection Worksheets
  • Ran reports for auditing patient care
  • Understand phase II meaningful use reporting
  • Adopts all standards processes and documentation responsibilities relative to issue management, change management testing, training, and documentation
Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

Cerner Trainer and Golive Support

  • Revamp workflows to build on Registration/Scheduling training needs
  • Develop training material for classroom instruction
  • Participate in Ambulatory employee meetings with project manager, site coordinator, and IT personnel to rehearse and prepare training environment need
  • Participate in IT build, implementation, training and support activities for new clinics/providers added to existing practices
  • Train registration and scheduling department on Cerner’s Appbar tools
  • Prepare training environment to mock patient’s registration and scheduling
  • Participate in mock Golive tasks
  • Test the build tools to make sure each classroom participate have proper access
  • Train the trainer
Confidential, Rockville, MD

Adventist Medical Center Trainer

  • Trained Radiology, and Laboratory departments on how Radnet is being optimized in a hospital environment
  • Trained physicians on CPOE and House Wide Discharge
  • Supported clinical staff on Cerner Millennium application which include FirstNet, SurgiNet, PowerChart, and PowerNote, Registration and Scheduling
  • Interacts with system vendor support personnel and other IT departments to resolve customer issues and requests
  • Participates in system deployment testing, and training activities
  • Participated in pre and post conversion training
  • Provided ongoing support for post-conversion
  • Set up security for end users access to E-learning and Cerner application
  • Support Cerner Millennium Go Live on all applications
  • Developed curricula content and practice scenarios
  • Windows skills assessment and training
Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

Cerner Trainer and Golive Support

  • Train physicians on CPOE
  • Train and Support clinical staff on Cerner Millennium application which include FirstNet, SurgiNet, PowerChart and PowerNote, Radnet and Registration/Scheduling
  • Content Review and Design
  • Participating in the client and enterprise learning teams
  • Project Lead/Trainer Registration/Scheduling
  • Assisted in preparing conversion super users for just in time training/retraining
  • Assisted in providing skill development tools, such as order set PDF’s that can be filled out electronically and printed
  • Set up security for end users access to E-learning and Cerner application
  • Support Cerner Millennium Go Live on all applications
Confidential, Dallas, TX 

Impact Golive Support

  • Support clinical staff on Cerner Millennium PowerChart Golive
  • Extended PowerChart training to nursing staff post go live
  • Analyze and troubleshoot application issues
  • Content Review and Development
  • Pre Golive Readiness
  • Analyze and identify Emar prescription data set in Cerner Millennium PowerChart, FirstNet and PowerNote
  • Train nursing staff on the usage of Inet/Iview, Scanning, Patient Access List and Medication Administration, and SurgiNet
Confidential, Laporte, IN

Cerner Software Trainer/ Analyst

  • Performed classroom training to inpatient nurses and physicians on clinical application process
  • and procedures
  • Performed Mock Runs
  • Instructed physicians on how PowerNote replaced physician ED assessment forms
  • Prepare ED staff for Golive by performing classroom training and mock runs.
  • Responsible for redesigning clinical workflows
  • Modify training manual using Adobe Captivate
  • Familiarize ambulatory and inpatient nurses on how to use PowerChart, SurgiNet, Iview/Inet, Patient Access List and Clinical Documentation
  • Train eMar and Inet/I&O functionality in documenting ordered medication
Confidential, Altoona, PA

Agility Medical Software Trainer

  • Trained physicians, clinical, and medical staff on how to use software used for scheduling, tracking, and reporting patient medical activities
  • Developed workflow via Microsoft Visio to assist in creating training material and directing classroom instruction
  • Created training material using Captivate software
  • Train staff on how to schedule appointment, register new patients, and check-in
  • Trained medical staff on elements of medical activity and template build to bundle activities for charges to visit and medical result codes
  • Train staff on how to apply charges to medical activities
Confidential, Newark, DE

Agility Medical Software Trainer


  • Train physicians on CPOE implementation
  • Support Go Live
  • Analyze and troubleshoot application issues
  • Analyze and identify Emar prescription data set in Cerner Millennium PowerChart
Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Cerner Analyst/Trainer

  • Performed classroom training to emergency room physicians on triage and clinical application process and procedures using PowerForm, PowerNote, PowerChart, FirstNet, and SurgiNet modules
  • Modify training manual for Inpatient, Emergency Department and Ancillary
  • Utilize clinical policy and procedures to promote best practices
  • Develop application training material and quick reference guides
  • Performed classroom training to ambulatory and inpatient nurses on how to use Patient Access List and Clinical Documentation
  • Train eMar functionality in documenting ordered medication
  • Train physicians’ and clinical staff on how to recognize and update electronic medical records reporting
  • Performed Golive assessment
  • Post golive support
  • Trained health information health management team on how to (Profile) analyze and flag medical records that needs co-signing and or recognition for bill processing purposes
  • Conduct pre and post implementation follow up visits to measure the efficacy and efficiency of implementation process
  • Create physician process workflows
  • Responsible for training new employees
  • Support analyst for go live issues
  • Assigned to train Cerner Millennium’s FirstNet, Powerchart, CPOE, CareMobile, PowerForm, Iview/Inet
Confidential, Alpharetta, GA

PACS Training Specialist

  • Provide access to server by creating user account
  • Troubleshoot DICOM images transfer confirmation
  • Monitor Patient Demographic validity to match exam with images
  • Provide Technician training on how to verify images after completion
  • Demonstrate how HL7 interface communication between health information system, Radiology information system and picture archive communication systems
  • Troubleshoot and update Exceptions
  • Retrieve images from modality for radiologist interpretations
  • Ensure timely and accurate distribution of images
  • Make changes in the Interface to reflect correct patient demographic and accession numbers
  • Implement technical and training requirements through center assessment checklists
  • Monitor registration system activity in regards to patient verified information in PACS
  • Manually transfer jailed images by way of correcting patient demographic information
  • Archive and automate diagnostic images
  • Responsible for training radiologist on how to use AMICAS PACS
Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Corporate Instructor

  • Responsible for providing Speech Recognition, application software training to Radiologist used for dictation and editing diagnostic reports
  • Train system administrator on how to backup system
  • Analyze end user requirements for RIS and PACS integration security access
  • Assigned to provide voice reporting instructions and troubleshooting
  • Use application demonstrations and hands-on training for Go Live application implementation
  • Conducted Webinar training
  • Responsible for providing telephone support and training once off site
  • Onsite technical application support for immediate response
  • Dragon Speech Recognition Transcription Software
Confidential, Burlington, VT

System Software Trainer

  • This consisted of traveling onsite to hospital and clinics to train physicians and staff on the functionality of radiology information systems in classroom of 12 or more clients
  • Developed CBT course material for online Radiology Information Software
  • Responsible for setting up system requirements and providing security access for role base training
  • Created position specific workflows
  • Responsible for training a scheduling, exam tracking and reporting application and billing modules online for external clients by way on Webinar solutions
  • Provide end-user troubleshooting of application errors
  • Monitor images routing and validity when creating hanging protocols
  • Update training tools for the change management process and make suggestions during following up training for process change
  • Responsible for creating clinical workflows describing business process
  • Develops and maintain training material to support RIS/PACS components
  • Assigned as an IDX and Centricity RIS/PACS Application Instructor
Confidential, Kansas, MO

Client Instructor

  • Records which included understanding Power Chart, Power Notes and RadNet patient workflow
  • Collaborated with business process and procedures to collect, display, manage and instantly deliver vital patient information
  • Facilitated on how to increase clinical and operational performance; This consisted of visiting client sites in the US to deliver 4 days of classroom instruction on the foundation of Millennium Architecture
  • Identify Core Design and Build for database management
  • Deliver training to internal and external employees
  • Conducted and proctored online Cerner Millennium Fundamental training
  • Access training and development needs
  • Conduct needs assessment and skills assessment
  • Support ACE IT conversion for product Go lives PowerChart and CPOE
  • Cerner Millennium Fundamentals Electronic Medical Records
Confidential, Augusta, GA

Training Specialist

  • Assigned as a Client Service training specialist for MCG project. This consisted of IDX, Mckesson, patient registration and enterprise scheduling, HealthQuest patient care, call center, management application, and Cerner PowerChart, electronic patient ambulatory, registration, scheduling and clinical application; This consisted of coordinating activities and training used to educate the employees on fundamentals of patient stored medial information concepts and the logic surrounding managing customer accounts
  • Worked as a help desk administration to troubleshoot computer issues
  • Assigned help desk tickets to direct levels of assignment using Remedy tracking system
  • Develop manuals and training materials used to put in place policies and procedures to assure effective customer care
  • Lead testing and integration for all training and production domains
  • Train physicians, clinical staff, call center and billing on the various IDX and Cerner applications
  • Provide project management, design management and new employee orientation training
  • Write training course material, including an agenda handouts, and tests
  • Prepare training project reports focusing on the different phases of the project to promote a successful organizational integration
  • Develop and maintain technical and project documentation
  • Responsible for new employee orientation training
  • IDX Flowcast Scheduling Software
Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Information System Software Trainer

  • Assigned to the Atlanta Radiology Imaging Center (ARIC) Information systems training and developing team. Supervised (8) end users to assure proper data entry into IDX system
  • Managed Front Desk, Admission and Call Center employees
  • Implemented and utilized innovative and motivation training techniques
  • Ensure training projects progresses on schedule and within budget
  • Identified and scheduled training project deliverables, milestones, and required tasks
  • Supported end user accepted testing and training
  • Prepared and packaged training material
  • Performed hands-on tasks as necessary for strong customer relations
  • IDX LastWord Registration Application
Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

Case Manager

  • Assigned as a Case Manager/trainer for Welfare to Work Reform project; This consisted of teaching welfare recipients basic life skills needed to matriculate in the workforce
  • Taught Microsoft Office 2000
  • Provided basics English and Reading Comprehension skills
  • Taught Medical Terminology
  • Provided basic Math skills
  • Provided 85% success rate of nurse aide passing the certification boards
Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

Nurse Clerical Assistant/Nurse Assistant


  • Provided Total Patient Care in the Cardiac Pulmonary ICU
  • Responsible for transcribing physician medication orders in the Respiratory ICU
  • Admit, Transfer and Discharge Inpatient

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