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Hr & Recruitment Manager Resume



A technical podium and15 yrsof professional experience in handling various HR functions: recruitment & staffing, compensation & benefits, performance reviews, training, development, succession planning, immigration and localization, HR policies and procedures and other HR operations.
Strong working knowledge of various PC tools & software packages. A good team player with good written and verbal communication skills. Good understanding of HSE and risk management related matters.
Good management and mentoring skills and possess a positive attitude and good people management skills.
Having worked with various HRMS and MIS systems & ERP packages: SAP – HR, Oracle – HRMS.
An excellent adoptability to an ever changing organization culture and a good learning attitude.


Company: Confidential (currently working for SHELL / PDO for past few months as a Skillpool Specialist)
Location: Oman
Position title: HR & Recruitment Manager

Company: Confidential
Location: Abu Dhabi, the UAE
Position title: HR & Staffing Specialist (regional role)

Company: Confidential
Location: Bangalore, India
Position title: HR & Training Manager

Company: Confidential
Location: Mumbai, India
Position title: Executive – Recruitment & training

Over-all ORACLE HRMS Functional experience (details):

CLIENT: Confidential
ROLE: Oracle Apps HRMS Functional Consultant
EMPLOYER:Free lance
ENVIRONMENT: Oracle Applications 12.1.1, HP/UNIX
SCOPE: Oracle HRMS ,SSHR and Talent Management Implementation

  • Analysis, estimation and design customization
  • Creating setup documents (BR100,BR110)
  • Reviewing design documents (MD050, MD070)
  • Creating user manuals for core, SSHR and talent management (performance management)
  • Writing test scripts (TE40) for core and SSHR
  • Doing setups for core, SSHR and talent management (performance management)
  • Personalization for core and SSHR
  • Writing fast formulas for objective line scoring and overall performance rating
  • Configuration of AME for appraisal approval process
  • Setting up CRP and UAT instances
  • Migration of data across instances using data loader
  • Migration of Personalization (Core and SSHR) across instances
  • Writing Data loader scripts
  • Conducting teleconferences with the client for daily status updates
  • Collaborating with Oracle COE and Support group to discuss various issues faced in the project and prioritize various service request/enhancement raised for the Performance management module

CLIENT: Confidential, Bombay, India
ROLE: Oracle Apps HRMS Functional Consultant
LOCATION: Bangalore, India
ENVIRONMENT: Oracle Applications 11.5.9, HP/UNIX
SCOPE: Implementation of HRMS, SSHR and Training Modules

  • The project involved implementing Oracle HRMS, Finance, Oracle Portal and customizations.
  • Responsible as module lead for delivery of services. Interacting with client and business users to resolve
  • business issues and making new development strategies.
  • Effort Estimation & development coordination, business scenario documentation and development of test
  • cases, solution and configuration documentation
  • Resolved issues related to Core HR, Self-Service, Workflows, and Training.
  • Implemented Job, Positions, and Position Hierarchy for the client as part of their work structures.
  • Documented all the work done for future reference. Created various reference manuals for functional tes-
  • ters and users.
  • Consolidated multiple Absence & Attendance applications into a single system. The solution involved
  • complex absence conditions based on Central Government of India Guidelines.
  • Documented a functional security plan for SEBI for data usage guidelines.

CLIENT: Confidential, Pittsburg, USA
ROLE: Oracle Apps HRMS Functional Consultant
LOCATION: Bangalore, India
ENVIRONMENT: Oracle Applications 11i
SCOPE: Implementation of HRMS, SSHR and iRecruitment Modules

  • Requirement study and analysis, Business Specifications, Preparing high level and detail Functional designs for Data conversions and Customized Objects.
  • Resolution of the issues arising during the course of the implementation and providing the design and how-to.
  • Facilitating the CRP.
  • Identification of the Gaps and issues during the CRP and time bound resolutions of all the issues and sign-off CRP.
  • Training Users and developers in the development of the application specific to DTAC.

CLIENT: Confidential
ROLE: Oracle Apps HRMS – Payroll Functional Consultant
EMPLOYER:CDS International Ltd (a group of India Glycols Ltd)
LOCATION: Bangalore, India
ENVIRONMENT: Oracle Applications 11i
SCOPE: Implementation of Payroll, SSHR & Workflow

  • Requirements gathering,
  • Design of Payroll compensation structure
  • R&D for various features of Oracle HR & Payroll
  • Setup activities, setup of SSHR & workflow
  • Review & testing,
  • Defining payment methods, element classifications
  • Defining balances, balance dimensions
  • Defining payroll, consolidation sets, element sets, assignment sets
  • Defining recurring, non-recurring, standard, non-standard elements
  • Defining eligibility rules
  • Writing complex fast formulas
  • Setting up formula results
  • Element skip formulas, element input validation formulas
  • Person number generation formulas
  • Defining leave elements, absence types
  • Editing accrual fast formulas, carry over formulas
  • Defining and editing fast formulas for assignment sets
  • Calling fast formulas from PL/SQL
  • Setting up various payroll processes
  • Setting up BEE
  • Conducting parallel runs
  • Development of comparison program
  • Training end users

Over-all HR (domain) experience (details):

Plan, execute and achieve monthly & yearly recruitment goals. Design and develop Employment Agency Agreements. Identify new recruitment agencies and develop other sources of recruitment. Recruited candidates from 33 different countries. Instrumental in recruiting from the MEA region. Prepare projections for staffing timelines and budget forecasts. Introduced and implemented candidate interviewing methods and processes. Planned and managed re-deployment of employees.

Consciously monitor market employment circumstances. Gather statistical C&B related data from competitors & other similar capacity organization to study and keep a track of the market conditions. Conducted timely compensation surveys and advised the management as well as the business unit heads on adjustments to be made in company’s existing salary structure. Formulate &/or amend policies related to C&B. Ensure that, the govt. compliance requirements are met. Prepare HR budget (forecast) for the year in coordination with the business unit heads.
Consistently monitor the payroll system.

Design and develop training procedure and related forms & formats. Design, developed & facilitate induction training program, presentation & a booklet/material/manual. Design competency mapping framework for the engineering staff to identify skill gaps. Prepare graphical representations for competency measurement process & results.
Design customizable balanced scorecard for staff. Collated RCA (root cause analysis) processes with balanced scorecard & competency mapping procedures. Identify and maintain records for staff’s training requirements.
Assist the discipline focal points to identify in-house trainers. Advise the management and arrange external training programs accordingly to the staff training requirements. Plan and assist the management to design annual staff training budget. Developed graduate training / development program (GDP) and guidelines and run it successfully to meet up with the organization’s business sustainability strategies and local talent development plans. Consistently measure effectiveness of training (delivered) through a 360 degree feedback system. Arrange &/or facilitate periodic refresher training courses. Provide & maximize training opportunities & assistance to the local staff to boost competency levels among them.

Initiate and advise the discipline focal points on setting up generic and specific KPIs as well as SMART objectives for various levels of staff. Develop various formats and reports to measure and maintain KPIs in coordination with the management staff. Develop job descriptions (JD)s / position descriptions (PD)s. Develop a periodical procedure and formats to record new employees’ (post-employment) competencies in order to measure (& improve) the effectiveness of the hiring procedure. Initiate the performance review procedure and timely follow ups with the discipline focal points to maintain an effectiveness of the procedure. Provide guidelines, presentations and advise to the reviewing managers as well as employees. Discuss any critical performance reviews and provide guidelines to the reviewing manager. Link performance review procedure to the rewards and assist the management in setting up the salary & rewards/incentives budget.

Identify key persons / talent in the organization and develop training & further career plans for them in order to retain top talent on-board. Identify key positions in the organization and assist the management to design succession plans for those positions. This is in order to establish business sustainability and effective maintenance of expertise / skills. Identify job positions to develop mentorship programs, based on the input received from the performance review procedure. Provide guidelines to mentors and mentees on timely basis to maintain the effectiveness of the program.

Advise the management on any local immigration policies & labor law related matters and seek help from the legal advisors if required. Promote and provide full support to the government’s localization (Omanization/Emiratization in Oman and UAE respectively) programs & policies. Design localization plans & targets and ensure that, they are consistently met the company’s expectations. Identify and touch base with various (local) educational institutions and conduct recruitment activities.
Design and developed a specific selection procedure for local hires. Design and developed a specialized training program for local employees and engaged an external training agency for the training purpose. Organize local job fairs and demonstrate & present the company’s capabilities, objectives & goals. Advise and assist the management on local staff retention plans.

Initiate and coordinate employee exit interviews and de-mobilization procedure. Handle employee grievances and provide a support in order to maintain a good level of employee retention. Maintain a data and advise the management on employee attrition threats and solutions.

Guide and provide mentorship to the HR team on various HR/recruitment related matters & policies and bring continuous improvements in day-to-day tasks and procedures towards achieving team goals. Integrate with other support functions like Administration, Finance, Project Services etc. to ensure that employees are benefited with a professional support and services on-time. Conversant with various working standards and HR related procedures of corporate like (Shell) PDO, Oman Refinery Company, Occidental, BP etc.

Good understanding of project HR requirements for various project domains like engineering, maintenance & construction contracts (EMC), PMC contracts, front end engineering & design contracts (FEED), manpower services & support contracts etc.

Provide support to the business development function on various bids and tenders on HR/staffing related matters.
Initiated procedures, designed and maintained various reports related to the employees’ data. Advise and plan evacuation procedures in coordination with the management team members. Designed and provided the management with various HR related reports, graphical presentations on monthly, quarterly and yearly basis; in order for the HR function to be more strategic and to partner in to the organization’s over-all growth.

Develop a response & recovery plan for the location to support business sustainability in crises situation. Develop HR business plan by utilizing SWOT technique. Conduct (& participate) in (HR) risk assessment & RCA (root cause analysis) surveys. Initiate and facilitate departmental periodic audits. Actively participate in intra-company as well as (quality) assessment audits.

Focal point and an active member of the ORACLE E-Business Suite (includes HRMS) migration team. Ensure seamless implementation of the system. Oversee implementation conjunction with the corporate migration team and an external vendor. Coordinate with various teams for understanding the global business system requirements. Coordinate with the ICT teams for clarity on the current IT infrastructure & for establishing an infrastructure with enhanced capability to support a group-wide implementation of systems. Provide training and directions to the implementation teams.


PG Diploma in Computer Applications completed from India
Diploma in Electrical Engineering, completed from India in
B.Tech. - Mechanical Engineering, completing from India in
MBA-HR completing from India
Preparing for a CIPD (UK) certification (NVQ 5)


Confidential trained and certified HRMS Consultant_completed
Confidential certified Java 2 Consultant_completed
SAP R3 user level training, completed from Star Fin Project Services in India

  • Six Sigma green belt

Organization: Confidential.
Duration: 4 days.

  • (International) Safety Training Program (as per OSHA / NEBOSH standards)

Organization: Confidential.
Duration: 12 modules/1 week.

  • Enterprise management system & project management trainig

Organization: Confidential.
Duration: 1 day.


DOB: 08 March 1974
Marital status: married, 1 child
Nationality: Indian

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