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Software Developer Resume



To obtain a responsible, challenging, and awarding position in a Software development organization with an established track record where my skills, abilities and technical abilities can be utilized

Education Qualification:

  • M.C.A

Computer Skills:

  • Programming languages : C,C++,C#.NET,Objective-C.
  • Web Technologies : ASP.Net,HTML.
  • IDE : XCode
  • Platforms : Windows XP,MAC OS.
  • Database : Sqlserver-2008,SQLite.

Curriculum Project:

PROJECT TITLE : Confidential

Sales & Inventory Management System is a complete business solution manager for an industry which stores the sales and stock information manually. This project is divided into various modules which record information regarding the sales & Inventory, category, Product, customer, warehouse, Carrier, supplier order, Invoice, Inventory Order etc. Admin is the key Module.This Module is useful for the Administrator to define the Master Entities like products, categories, customers, ware house, carriers, suppliers and users etc. and Transaction entities like sales requests, exports, and order confirmations etc. required for the Bussiness.Here Sales manager is the Admin for Sales & Inventory Management System. Customer Module is used to track the sales order details. Ware house module defines the shipment details like delivery, dispatch, slip generation, inventory update etc.supplier module is used to track the supply of goods and generate reports for the pending inventory orders.

Project On iPhone:

Project Title :Confidential
Platform & Skills : Objective C 2.0, XCODE 3.2.5
Team Size : Two Members
Role : Developer

iStories is an iPhone application. In this application it contains number of Stories. Stories are different categories likechildren, comic and etc. This application gives special features like when user want to read story application will automatically play story in voice in background and story text will be highlighted when it pronounced. I used Interface Builder for designing UI Elements and done coding usingObjective C 2.0 . And the operating system is Leopard version (10.6.5) and we used XCODE3.2.5 IDE for developing the Application.

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