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Sas/intrnet Web Developer Resume



General Description : I am primarily a SAS software developer with expertise with SDD (software development and design) and Oracle-based technologies.


Confidential,MN. 2011

Role: SAS/IntrNet Web Developer. Implemented study databases using a combination of SDMS Builder (an in-house SAS-based development tool), SAS/IntrNET, Ajax, and JavaScript.

  • Nephrectomy/Cystectomy Registries. These were formerly large databases with a SAS/AF front-end which resided on a TSO mainframe. They were completely rebuilt as web-based applications.
  • Prostatectomy Registry. Completed a study already partially implemented in SDMS Builder. Added JavaScript code to ease data entry and reporting.
  • Monster (Ovarian Cancer) Registry. This was an update from a version developed in an older version of SDMS Builder. Added extra functionality which included master-detail features and an interface to the RLIMS system.
  • Supplemental tools app. This is a web-based application that combines SAS/IntrNet with a set of Perl scripts that were developed to simplify SAS/IntrNet programming. These tools include :
  • Security code generator. Generates code to implement security for a SAS-generated web page.
  • Fake data app. Attaches JavaScript functionality to a web page to allow automated testing of its fields.
  • Variable validator. Cross-validates the web pages that show data fields with the SAS code that submits data to the database.

Confidential,LLC, Las Vegas, NV. 2010-

  • Developed, tested, and am in the process of doing a product launch for Safecrosser, an application designed for travelers who need to handle sensitive data. A free version of it is available at
  • TCP/IP client-server Test Application. This project was Lazarus application to demonstrate the capabilities of the Synapse Networking package for TCP, UDP, and the transmission of raw data packets.
  • Creole Forth. This is an open-source programming language in the form of a Delphi/Lazarus component. The source code for it is available at

Confidential,Wallingford, CT

Role : External Data Coordinator, External Data Operations (EDO) 2002 – 2009

  • Created supplemental VBA macros for loading, scheduling and tracking which queried the Oracle database, interacted with applications on the server, and moved files to a Unix server using sftp (Secure FTP).
  • Devised Load Tracking Application an Excel VBA application with macros to record, track, and verify OC database loads from start to finish.
  • Developed a DLS File Management System (Code maintenance), a web-based replacement for eFIM using Perl.
  • Implemented Websas, a system for running SAS reports on the Web combining Java, JSP, Perl, and SAS.
  • Devised eFIM, a file management and reporting utility
  • Provided technical troubleshooting for specialized reporting on data transfer
  • Administered and updated EDO Web-based Knowledge Desktop.
  • Developed a split process for use with the eLoader system using Perl scripts
  • Developed data conversions using the eLoader system modifying transfer data files into a format that can be loaded into Oracle Clinical.
  • Authored work practices and SOPs for EDO.
  • Created user acceptance testing and validation for releases of the eLoader system.
  • Loaded data and processed requests for mass changes of data in Oracle Clinical.
  • Reconciled discrepancies in record counts between original files and the OC views.

Role: Data Manager, Lab Loader Group in Biostatistics/Data Management 1997 – 2001

  • Created Intranet web site to interface with Oracle Tables (Oracle 8I and Clintrial).
  • Presented on this language at SVFIG (Silicon Valley Forth Interest Group) in Nov 2003.
  • Developed randomization system to generate randomization schedules.
  • Created "front-end" to automate loading lab data and generate logging information.

Role: Statistician, Biostatistics/Data Management 1990-1996

  • Developed Clintrial Assistant, a system that allowed a user to browse and print Clintrial reports without directly using the complicated Clintrial interface.
  • Wrote a randomization packaging program, a SAS application that used a SAS/FSP interface to generate packaging materials for drug randomization schedules. A paper for this program was written and published in SUGI (SAS User\'s Group International).
  • Wrote SAS programs to analyze clinical studies and final study reports (CNS Therapeutic area mostly, with some CV).
  • Generated randomization schedules and maintained randomization system.

Role: Statistical Consultant, CNS Clinical/Bristol-Myers Squibb 1989 – 1990

  • Wrote SAS programs for analyses of a series of Buspirone studies.


  • Analyzed data on the respiratory symptoms of London firemen and wrote a paper on the results.

COMPUTER SKILLS____________________________

  • Programming Languages – SAS : Base SAS, SAS Macros, SAS/Stat, SAS/Graph, SAS/IntrNet, SAS Enterprise Guide.
  • Programming Languages/Other: JavaScript, VBA, Perl, Delphi, Java, C++/C, Forth, PL/SQL, Assembly, Unix Shell, Awk, WinBatch.
  • Web development technologies : HTML, CSS, JSP, XML, SAS/IntrNet, Ajax.
  • Web servers : Tomcat, Apache, Resin, SAS/IntrNet Broker
  • Development environments : Eclipse, Dreamweaver, Delphi IDE, SDMS Builder
  • OS Platforms : Windows 7/XP, Sun Solaris Unix, Linux VAX/VMS, VM/CMS, DOS.
  • Databases : Oracle 7, 8, 8i, 9i, Paradox, Oracle Clinical, Clintrial, Access..
  • Database Loading Utilities : eLoader, Clintrial SQL Loader, SAS-based Lab Loader.


  • SAS Advanced Programmer for SAS 9
  • SAS Base Programmer for SAS 9
  • Sun Certified Java Programmer (Java 2).
  • OCP Oracle JDeveloper 3
  • OCP in Oracle Forms Developer, Release 2 and 6i.


  • M. S., Medical Statistics.

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