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Sas Resume


Analyst/Programmer with emphasis in data analysis, modeling and programming

M.S. in Statistics.

Professional Exams:

  • SAS Certified Advanced Programmer for SAS 9(Score: 100%)
  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist:
  • SQL Server 2008, Database Development (Score: 100%)

  • Society of Actuaries Probability Exam
  • Computer Skills

  • Proficient: SAS (Base, Macro, Graph, STAT and ODS), SQL, MS office, Windows
  • Intermediate: VBA, R, Minitab, JMP, C++, FORTRAN, UNIX
  • Basic: MATLAB, HTML, SPSS, Linux
  • Working Experience
    Statistical Analyst (Intern), Confidential,DE Jun.2009-May.2010

  • Contributing member of a small high-energy statistics group providing statistical design and analysis support for crop protection product through methods such as linear/logistic regression, multivariate analysis, and experimental design
  • Used SAS, Excel (including VBA), JMP and Minitab to provide accurate and statistically appropriate graphs, tables and model results for diverse types of analyses and developed/optimized relative project protocols
  • Wrote and validated SAS macro code for data summary and report from large complex datasets
  • Participated in meetings and consultations with statisticians and non-statisticians for project background communication, analysis direction and results interpretation
  • Research Assistant, University of Delaware Jan.2009-Sep.2009

  • Assisted in planning and conducting the economic experiments
  • Programmed the supporting software independently
  • Relative Projects Experience
    Diverse types of SAS projects

  • Demonstrated programming skills through wrote and validated many SAS macro codes
  • SAS procedure used: reg, glm, anova, mixed, logistic, genmod, factor, princomp, cluster, tree, discrim, arima, sql, sort, corr, import, export, format, contents, datasets, surveyselect, iml, compare, ttest, univariate, tabulate, report, freq, means, gplot, gchart, boxplot and etc
  • Screen validation , Confidential, (using JMP, Minitab and Excel)

  • Assessed reproducibility and reliability of discovery bioassays through quality control
  • Optimized relative protocol
  • Global insect susceptibility monitoring project (using Excel VBA and Minitab)

  • Leadership role overseeing data entry of bioassay data
  • Checked the result through logistic regression and statistical graphs
  • Developed VBA software (using Excel VBA)

  • Created Macros for generating pivot table and report to the Word file
  • Found and fixed algorithm error in the software
  • Blue Nile Diamond Price Modeling (using SAS and JMP)

  • Stratified sampling method was used to collect the data sample of diamond price
  • Coded the key price determinants (Carat, Clarity, Color, Cut) into dummy variables
  • Build both log-linear and nonlinear model to predict the diamond price
  • Confidential,Direct Marketing Catalog Data Analysis (using SAS)

  • Using stepwise method to select key variables and build multiple regression linear model
  • Proposed proper marketing strategies for the company
  • Analysis of , Confidential,China (using SAS)

  • Cluster Analysis was used to classify the educational strength of China’s provinces
  • Ranked China’s provinces’ educational strength based on factor analysis
  • Suggestions are made to enhance the overall educational strength of China
  • U.S. Public Utility Data (using R)

  • Found the relationship between variables by principal component analysis and Biplot
  • Chose a proper number of principal components to explain through scree plot, total variance explained and eigen values
  • Data Simulation (using SAS and R)

    • Compared the precision of two estimators based on simulated data sets

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