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Data Analysis Resume


Professional Summary

  • 2+ years of experience with Data Analysis, Statistical Modeling, SQL and SAS Programming
  • Experience in Base SAS, SAS/SQL, SAS/MACRO, SAS/GRAPH, SAS/ACCESS, SAS/ODS, in Windows environment.
  • Proficient in ANOVA, Factorial Design, RFM Codes, Customer Segmentation, predictive modeling techniques like Neural Networks, Decision Trees, Regression
  • Experience in writing complex ad-hoc SQL queries
  • Thorough Knowledge and experience of Microsoft Office tools like MS Access, MS SQL Server, MS word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel.
  • Worked with transaction datasets of 200K+ records
  • Strong numerical and analytical skills backed with a good understanding of statistical techniques and analytical site forecasting methods
  • Fine analytical, inter-personal & communication skills with experience in interacting with clients, multiple user groups and managing development teams. Ability to work in a fast paced environment and under deadlines


SAS Certified BASE SAS Programmer for v9.0
SAS Institute, Cary, NC

SAS Certified Predictive Modeler v6
SAS Institute, Cary, NC

Computer Skills

  • Languages: C, HTML, MATLAB, VHDL,BASE SAS V9.0, Adv. SAS V9.0
  • Database tools: SQL Server 2000/ 2005, MS-Access
  • Operating Systems: Windows 9X/ NT/ Vista/ XP professional, MS DOS
  • Microsoft tools: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Application Softwares: Adobe Photoshop, SAP R/3- GUI ERP Software, SAS Enterprise Guide V4.2, SAS Enterprise Miner V5.1
  • SAS: SAS/ BASE, SAS/ SQL, SAS/ MACROS, SAS/ ODS, SAS/GRAPH, PROC Means/ Univariate/ Import/ Export/ Logistic/ SQL/ Transpose


Master of Science inElectrical Engineering
Bachelor of Science inElectronics and Communications

Course Work

  • Database Marketing/ Data Mining (Multiple Regression, Logistic Regression, ANOVA, various other statistical models - Used SAS/ BASE, SAS EG, SAS EM)
  • Advanced SAS Programming (Advanced DATA step programming, SAS SQL code, SAS Macro facility - Used PROC SQL/ Means/ Transpose, SAS/Macros)

Work Experience


"Recognized as one of the top three teams for effective propensity modeling by The Principal Financial Group" - Presented the project to Business Leaders of PFG

Built a predictive model which identifies the characteristics that differentiate between clients that own both Life insurance and Annuity and those who own only Life Insurance and also to profile and understand Life insurance customers and then identify prospects from those customers who will likely buy Income annuity products that the company offers. Detailed data analysis has been performed on the data using descriptive statistics, contingency tables and appropriate data cleaning techniques like imputation, transformations etc have been used in SAS EM, EG, Base SAS. Used Neural Network, Decision Tree, and Regression models to learn the patterns in the data and find the prospective customers who are likely to buy annuities by scoring the future data.

Course: Database Marketing, Oklahoma State University

The catalogue company mails between 6-12 catalogues per year to its house file (more than 2 million records) of which 2371 randomly selected people who responded positively to the campaign were used to build a regression model which predicts the amount of orders placed by a customer, and use that model to score the rest of the house file. Used Base SAS to clean and analyze the data and SAS Enterprise guide was used to build the model and score the future data to target the appropriate customers in the house file.

Course: Database Marketing, Oklahoma State University

The main objective of the project was to predict the potential customers who are most likely to buy and include them in the mailing campaign for this year. RFM and Logistic Regression Models were constructed on the cleansed data and the best model was determined based on highest profits generated. Decile Analysis was then applied to determine the top percent customer base in terms of generating high profits.


  • Worked for Indian Student Association, Oklahoma State University as Vice President for the year 2009 - 2010

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