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Data Analytic Support Resume

Holyoke, MA


  • Diverse background in data analytic, data mining, predictive modeling, IT and reporting.
  • Experience with data integration, database/warehouse, ETL, management, reporting and automation.
  • Experience with analytic production support, migration and SDLC and analytical tool.
  • Experience with data mining, statistical predictive model and machine learning algorithm and development.
  • Proficiency in SQL, SAS, C++, Java, R and Unix/Linux scripts.



Other Statistical Tools: Python, R, Matlab, SPSS

Languages: C/C++, Java, Perl, Unix Shell script, Java script, VBA, HTML, XML

Databases: Oracle, Netezza, MS SQL Server, Data Warehouse, PL/SQL, OLAP, Mysql, MS Access

BI & Reporting Tools: Tableau, OBIEE, SQL Management Studio, SAS


Confidential, Holyoke, MA

Data Analytic Support


  • Designed, implemented and maintained market monitoring and automation mitigation software application.
  • Provided data, analytics and other technical support, including data preparation for various analytic data marts, extracted data from multiple sources, preformed data explore, manipulate data and validated data.
  • Lead and implementation ACDB Oracle DB application project, defined data model and ETL.
  • Translated business requirements into a technical design with detailed technical specifications.
  • Assisted with various tasks from identifying the patterns and outliers to imputing missing data.
  • Collaborated with other IT teams to develop and support production data processes.
  • Developed SAS Macros, tools and reports to identify the customer behavior for clients in SAS/SQL.
  • Developed automated programs for reporting using SAS Macros and VBScript.
  • Performed data analysis and presented the findings for decision making.
  • Performed SDLC for applications and systems.
  • SAS administration work: Installed, updated, renewed and maintained SAS software on Red Hat Linux.

Confidential, Wakefield, MA

Sr. SAS Programmer


  • Built predictive, look-alike, forecast, customer lifetime value, uplift models for acquisition, retention, cross sell and customer segmentation using decision-tree, CART/CHAID, multiple linear regression, logistic regression, and cluster analysis.
  • Implemented share-of-wallet models using Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) simulation.
  • Defined and created analytic datasets and variables, performed data overlay and data manipulation from historical data, demographic and the other data sources.
  • Implemented SAS Macros of recoding variables in model development stages.
  • Designed and developed data warehouses with multiple heterogeneous source systems, created ER diagram, and built OLAP cubes.
  • Developed marketing campaign database, implementation of data migration from Oracle to Netezza, including collecting, analyzing and controlling for quality of data.
  • Responsible for deploying, implementing and executing automatic statistical model scoring system using SQL, SAS and UNIX scripts for production use.
  • Designed and developed SQL scripts and stored procedures for analytic report.
  • Created dynamic graph and report using SAS/Graph.
  • Converted complex business logic and built analytical data mart over Oracle and Netezza.
  • Wrote Perl, UNIX scripts, incorporated with other programs, to streamline the process for database maintaining, updating, and modeling scoring.
  • Implemented and updated SAS Macros for analytics projects, including metadata, EDA, data aggregation, data integration and reporting.
  • Evaluated new analytical software/tools, upgraded existing analytic/modeling tool kits to improve the functionalities and efficiencies.
  • Provided SAS, database and other programming support for internal group and external clients.

Confidential, Boston, MA



  • Performed data extraction, transformation and load (ETL), built dimensional and fact tables using PL/SQL and storage procedures.
  • Developed and implemented a real time online ad targeting system. This online recommendation system used customer’s behavior data and a collaborative filtering algorithm to predict the click-through response rate.
  • Ran ad hoc queries on online pay-per-click database, built OLAP cube and business analysis alert report to support decision making process.

Confidential, Omaha, NE



  • Designed agent-based model to solve the supply and demand optimization problem, built simulation product using agent-based modeling and simulation method, implemented in Java, Visual Café, Swarm, GUI and SQL.

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