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Sas Analyst Resume

Riverwood S, IL


  • Over 10+ years of strong experience as a Programmer/Analyst in SAS Programming and SAS DI ETL, SAS Financial ManagementData Analysis, Reporting, Data Warehousing/migration and Data Management applications.
  • Well versed with all phases of Software Development Lifecycle.
  • Successfully handled responsibilities for extracting internal/external data, data cleaning, Manipulation, validation, developing statistical models, analysis and report generation.
  • Strong experience in SAS ETL and design as extracting data from raw data files, excel spreadsheets and external RDBMS tables.
  • Used AQUA data Studio, TOAD DB2 for instant query runs for Oracle and DB2 databases.
  • Used SVN software to version control of programs and templates.
  • Developed a visual report writer in VB, VBA as an MS Excel add - in module
  • Significantly reduced the time by publishing SAS Financial Management reports.
  • Expertise in preparing clinical/statistical report for regulatory submission, generating Summary Reports. Tables for safety and efficacy analyses.
  • Experience working with business partners, team members and Information Services staff to ensure smooth development and installation of assigned projects.
  • Extensive programming experience with Proc SQL, Proc Report, Proc Tabulate, Proc Transpose, Proc Plot, Proc Chart, Proc Datasets, Proc Format, Proc Print, SAS/STAT Procedures.
  • Expertise in creation of user defined macros.
  • Expertise in SAS Financial Management (FM), SAS Activity Based Management (ABM).
  • Knowledge of software engineering, ERP (SAP-ABAP), web technologies, object oriented programming, database management systems.
  • Expert in using PROC SQL, DATA, MERGE, SORT to generate adhoc and customized reports.
  • Worked with the marketing team and analyzed marketing data using SPSS, SAS tools to generate reports, tables, listings and graphs.
  • Expertise in using DB2, Oracle, Teradata and Sybase database systems management and migration.
  • Experience working on different operating systems (UNIX, Windows, Mainframe(OS390) )
  • Using SAS FM create formulas for an existing member.
  • Used OLAP Cube Studio to create reports from SAS Financial Management.


SAS Tools: Base SAS 8.2, SAS 9.1.3, SAS 9.2 EBI,SAS Graph, SAS STAT, SAS ODS, SAS MACROS, SAS/SQL, SAS/GRAPH, SAS/FSP, SAS/AF, SAS/SHARE, SAS/CONNECT, SAS/EIS, SAS/SHARE*NET, SAS Financial Management (FM), SAS Activity Business Management (ABM), SAS JMP, SAS/IntrNet, MDDB Server common products, SAS Integration Technologies, SAS Business Intelligence, SAS OLAP Cube Studio, SAS Management Console, SAS DI Studio, SAS WEB Report Studio, SAS Information Map Studio, Enterprise Miner, SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC, SAS/ACCESS Interface to OLE DB, SAS Enterprise Guide (EG) 4.0, SAS/ETL, WS FTP, WRQ Reflexion, AQUA Data Studio 8.0, TOAD DB2, Tortois SVN, ULTRA EditSAS Procedures Tabulate Report, Print, Printto, Contents, Means, Freq, Univariate, Summary, SQL, Datasets, Copy, Chart, Sort, Transpose, Registry and Format.

Database: Oracle, MS Access, Teradata, SQL Server, SQL Server Integrations Services (SSIS) FoxPro, DB2.

Languages: C, C++,.net, C#, VB.NET, VB, VBA, SQL, PL/SQL, COBOL, PL1, JAVA, J2EE, SAP R/3 ABAP, Fortran, HTML, XML, PERL, JCL

Others: MS Office 2003, MS Excel, MS Word, MS Power Point (PP), Lotus Notes, Crystal Reports, HTML, XML, Java Script, VB Script, PERL Script, Python Script, VB, VBA, AS/400.

Operating System: Windows 2000/NT/XP, UNIX, Linux, Mac OS, Z/OS, MVS (Mainframe), MVS/TSO, ISPF



SAS Analyst, Riverwood’s, IL


  • Involved in System Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and Project methodologies SAS ETL Project.
  • Created Forecast models for personal loans and credit risk related reports for Personal loan MIS and personal loan collections and recovering.
  • Automated Forecast models on Forecast server so manual don’t need to interact for jobs.
  • Collected data from different stake holders and databases for different forecast models using SAS Data Integration studio and OLAP Cube Studio.
  • Created Basic, Advanced and Data sources filters for SAS Visual Analytics Explorer.
  • Created Detail data reports and data files using SAS Visual Analytics.
  • Credit risk analysis using proc summary, proc freq, proc reg, proc mean, proc ANOVA, proc SQL, proc univariate, proc forecast, Proc ARIMA, proc time-series and discriminate analysis.
  • Created daily HTML reports using ODS SAS, Business Objects Crystal Server.
  • Wrote batch scripts for FTP using FTP and PSFTP (Secured FTP) to download the data and CSV files from UNIX to Windows.
  • Created modeling Loss Given Default(LGD) and Ordinary least Squares(OLS) for Discover personal loan customers using Proc Reg, Proc Score, proc nlmixed, Proc Arima procedures.
  • Developed predictive models in risk analysis using SAS Enterprise Miner.
  • Programmed Linear and non linear regression models for Personal loans.
  • Created reports for credit card financial transaction oriented and the high level financial management systems.
  • Improved accuracy and relevance of credit card clients planning process reports and budgets reports for make high level decisions.
  • Supported all the activities to create Forecast modelling and predictive models using SAS Forecast studio and SAS Enterprise Miner. Improved financial performance by reducing losses, improving capital management and building a risk aware
  • Reduced time and lowered associated costs of credit card risk related business environment.
  • Wrote Korn Shell, Perl and Python scripts to submit the series of Jobs on UNIX and for transfer the data, reports and SAS programs from one location to another location.
  • Automated Risk division reporting process using SPSS, SAS, C++ and MS Excel for data loads from Teradata,DB2 and Oracle
  • Reduced production effort from three man weeks to two-man days.
  • Compiled Risk department with sales production and market penetration data for executive management. Data included employee activity, client coverage and territory alignment analysis.

Environment: Base SAS V9.4, Enterprise Guide (EG) 5.1, SAS Macros, SAS/STAT, SAS Integrated technologies, SAS Metadata Server, SAS/GRAPH, SAS/FSP, SAS/ETS, SAS/AF, SAS/SHARE, SAS/CONNECT, SAS/EIS, SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC, Teradata, SPSS, JAVA, J2EE, WEBLOGIC SERVER, SQL Server(SSIS), PL/SQL, UNIX, Korn shell, PERL Script, Python Script, Visio, MS WORD, MS Excel, MS Power Point (PP), MS Visual Studio, XML, SQL, STORED PROCEDURES.


Sr. Software Engineer (Project Lead), Chicago, IL


  • Created Analytics reports and customized Graphs objects using Visual Analytics Graph Builder.
  • Created requirements to importing data from data sources SAS LASR server for SAS Visual Analytics.
  • Created Global and General Preferences for Visual data Builder of SAS Visual Analytics 7.1.
  • Created LASR STAR schema for SAS Visual Analytics 7.1
  • Data Transfer transformation to move data directly from one machine to another for SAS DI 4.2
  • Managed the input and output connections for the objects in a SAS Data Integration Studio 4.2 .
  • Managed the Status of Jobs and Transformations in a SAS Data Integration Studio 4.2
  • Deployed a jobs for scheduling and jobs as a SAS stored process that can be accessed by a Web service client for which ETL jobs are created by SAS Data Integrations studio 4.2.
  • Divide a complex process flow into a set of smaller flows that are joined together and executed in a particular sequence using SAS LSF tool on SAS GRID environment.
  • Supported Data Mining Queries (DMQs) for all business analysts for Peer and Galaxy databases.
  • Developed and automated Data Mining Queries (DMQs) templates static datasets templates.
  • Supported and developed Data Mining Queries (DMQs) templates Static, Auto Threshold, DMQ final reports, Run Algos templates.
  • Developed ARIMA and ARIMAx models using SAS/STAT procedures like REG, Score, ARIMA, ANOVA and so on.
  • Providing assistance, guidance, and administrative support to SAS business users with in and various business groups.
  • Developed and supported in Forecast models using Forecast studio on Forecast server.
  • Supported as a SAS admin users creations, permissions and SAS module installation and configurations.
  • Submitted SAS ETL programs against Mainframe environment for COBOL created data files.
  • As SAS Admin job, I maintained SAS module of users matrix template and created SAS automated template.
  • Administrators can efficiently set up system resources, manage user and group accounts, and administer security.
  • Created no of predictive models using SAS Enterprise Miner.
  • Developed administrator set up system resources, manage user and group accounts, and administer security
  • Areas of assistance include PC SAS, UNIX-based SAS, SAS EG and SAS EBI 9.1, 9.2, 9.3,9.4
  • Providing Assistance or guidance to installation and configuration of SAS platforms and tools, application of SAS tools, SAS coding, testing, and troubleshooting.
  • Supporting Peer analysis, Medicare and Retirement ( M & R), E & I, C & S, Medica and AARP users like RETRO, R&V(Referral and Validation), GCA(Government CA) Environments and So on.
  • Created UNIX Korn Shell, PERL and Python scripts to schedule and automate the jobs.
  • Supported 1000s of SAS data requests from TDSM share point for Peer analysis, Galaxy, Pharmacy and Gopher users.
  • Supported 1000’s of HPSM SAS admin and developments issues as SAS Admin.
  • Working effectively in a team environment with customers, peers, management, and project resources.
  • Supported Clinical data requests using SAS and Business Objects.
  • Created MS VISIO templates for applications of data flow and logics.
  • Supported Cognos NQ support for Healthnet Client.
  • Supported and developed for SAS admin user related programs and automated template as SAS admin and programing support.
  • Set up servers and libraries for remote data (multi-tier environments) for ETL jobs of SAS DI 4.2
  • Management of SAS licensing (PC SAS and server-based SAS).
  • Support and development for SAS scheduled production and self-service job development, deployment, operations, support, and maintenance.
  • Testing and validation of SAS tools and applications in desktop and server environments. Support for UNIX-based SAS servers related to user access, server performance, server resource management, and troubleshooting.
  • Development and management of key metrics related to SAS support.
  • Identify, select, and design efficient and cost effective solutions through research and evaluation of alternatives. Conduct research and feasibility studies for significant new systems or expansion of current systems. Develop project cost and benefit estimates, including identification, documentation and evaluation of alternatives.
  • Effectively navigate through frequent changes in priorities, project requirements, work processes, timelines, standards, etc.
  • Monitor the mainframe environment on OS/390 using TSO,ISPF.
  • Python Django forms were generated for online users to record their data.
  • Worked with various teams to support Python written ETL framework
  • Was responsible for have the modules of UHG docs run with design team for the expected project structure along with their development and enhancements.
  • Configured and supported Oracle, Teradata, DB2, NETEZZA, SQL Server Integration Services(SSIS) and MS Access databases with SAS EBI servers like Forecast server,SAS Grid server and SAS tools.
  • Complete multiple concurrent assignments accurately and on-time. .
  • Supporting PC SAS, SAS EBI (Web Report studio, Information Map studio, Enterprise Miner, DI Studio, OLAP Cube Studio, Forecast Studio) and UNIX servers related tickets using HP Service Manager Incident management, Problem Management, Configuration Management and Change Management.
  • SAS and SQL - writing SAS programs statements, ETL and UNIX.
  • SAS product configuration.
  • Production process scheduling using TWS, Tivoli (IBM) and Autosys and monitoring in UNIX environment.
  • SAS application development (i.e., building, deploying, and maintaining SAS applications for data extraction and reporting), across multiple operational platforms (e.g., PC, UNIX server, mainframe). Base SAS coding experience, SAS EBI and Enterprise Guide experience.
  • Experience/Working in SAS administration, infrastructure support, large-scale business process support and SAS user support.
  • Submitted jobs under mainframe environment using JCL scripts and TSO commands.
  • Experience/working in platform changes and version upgrades. Proven ability to specify hardware and software resources necessary to meet defined analytic and business intelligence requirements.
  • Using SQL in a relational database environment (DB2, Oracle, SQL Server(SSIS), Teradata, and MS Access) to access from SAS Data Integration Studio 4.2.
  • Strong knowledge of Windows-based and UNIX operating systems and associated desktop and server environments including SAS EBI, GRID, SAS EDI servers.
  • General understanding of healthcare business unit functions and applications.
  • Experience with Data Warehouses and/or Data Marts

Environment: SAS EBI (Enterprise Business Intelligence) 9.1.3, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4, SAS GRID server and Nodes management, Enterprise Guide (EG 4.1, 4.3), SAS OLAP Cube Studio, SAS Management Console, SAS Web Report Studio, Enterprise Miner, SAS JMP, Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition, UNIX (AIX 5L), Korn Shell, Perl Script, Python Script, OS390, Mainframe, JCL, TSO, ISPF, SAS\Access, SAS/SQL, SAS/AF, SAS/ETL, SAS/ETS, SAS/FSP, SAS/IntraNet, SAS Data Integration Studio 4.2, 3.4, SAS/Graph, SQL, Oracle, HTML, XML, Teradata, DB2, NETEZZA, SQL Server and MS Access databases, SQL Server, MS Excel, MS Excel Macros, SQL, SAS\STATS


Sr. IT Data Analytics Analyst


  • Support in daily job scheduling, jobs monitoring using SAS® Management Console, the Flow Manager in the Platform LSF Process Manager under UNIX Server environment.
  • Migrating from SAS 9.1 Bi Version to SAS 9.2 Enterprise BI version.
  • Created and creating SAS ODS reports using SAS EG, SAS SQL, and OLAP Cubes.
  • Converted WEB Focus queries into SAS Queries and reports.
  • Created Information Maps using Information Map Studio.
  • Validating reports and there figures with other department and Excel reports.
  • Providing support to internal customers like Client Care, Sales, Analytics of future business, SAP BW data support for ETL and analytics on data.
  • For improving the business I did worked Statistical analytics modeling.
  • Used Enterprise Miner to develop Time series Analysis for future targets of marketing business.
  • Created and creating OLAP Cubes using dimensions and fact tables, Details tables.
  • Data migration from various operating systems (Mainframe, UNIX, Windows 2003) to PC SAS.
  • Automations of Daily jobs, weekly(WoW) jobs, quarterly(QoQ) jobs and yearly(YoY) jobs and improving the time performance of jobs to getting output.
  • Specified Global Options in SAS Data Integration Studio 4.2
  • Metadata Import and Export for SAS Data Integration Studio 4.2
  • Using SAS Metadata Bridge to import Common Warehouse Meta model (CWM) into SAS Data
  • Integration Studio 4.2.
  • Data Conversions and data migration SAS 8.2 mainframe versions to Windows Pc SAS 9.1.3.
  • Historical, regular, and Adhoc reports development from old versions to new environment with SAS BI, and Cognos BI.
  • Created roles, users. Groups, authorization and permissions as SAS admin.
  • Used DI Studio for ETL jobs for databases SQL Server, ESSBase, SAP BW, Oracle and Teradata and other CSV and text files.
  • Working on migration SAS 8.2, SAS 9.1.3 to SAS 9.2 version to all existed, new reports and queries.
  • Data warehousing ETL jobs and Data Marts from SAP BW, Oracle, Essbase, Teradata, DB2 and OLAP cubes development with Star Schema methodology with Fact tables and dimension tables using Data Integration Studio(DI) 4.2 and OLAP Cube Studio.

Environment: SAS 9.2 Enterprise Business intelligence(EBI), SAS 9.1.3 BI suite, Enterprise Guide, Enterprise Miner, Data integration Studio(DI) 4.2, OLAP Cube studio 9.1, Cognos BI, Information Map studio, Management Console, SAS\Access, SAS/SQL, SAS/AF, SAS/ETL, SAS/IntraNet, WEB Focus, Oracle, Korn Shell, Perl, Python, SQL Server, Teradata, SAP BW, DB2, Windows, UNIX, Mainframe, AS/400, WEB Focus. MS Excel, MS Excel Macros, SQL.


Sr SAS BI Consultant, North Haven, CT


  • Support the annual Anthem Confidential production process for assigned measures/processes (jobs).
  • Ensure that source code are updated & complete, accurate and timely based on ERISA Form 5500 Schedule A and Schedule C reports requirements, updates, audit requirements and data sources.
  • Identify barriers such as data quality issues and incomplete data, and investigate, document and implement actions to meet goals.
  • Uploading the data from databases to Data warehousing of Oracle, SQL Server and MS Access...
  • Taking the data from databases to Data warehousing of DB2, Oracle, SQL Server and MS Access.
  • Used SAS Business Intelligence tools Data Integration Studio(DI), Information Map Studio, Web Report Studio, Enterprise Guide and Management console to develop ERISA Form 5500 Schedule A and Schedule C reports
  • Participate/coordinate in workgroup meetings across functional areas to identify improvement opportunities that will lead to better results or improved efficiencies.
  • Perform as the subject matter expert for assigned measures and processes, defining expectations with systems partners and supporting systems development, including specification and code walk-through and acceptance testing.
  • Participate in the annual audit process by supporting the business team with documentation, analysis findings, and perform as systems expert to ensure a successful audit.
  • Operating systems environment s are in UNIX, Mainframe and Windows.
  • Lead/support data-centric initiatives both within the department and in support of other matrix partners.
  • Provided support of user requests for assistance or ADHOC reporting using Cognos, as required

Environment: SAS BI (Business Intelligence) 9.1.3, SAS 9.2, Enterprise Guide (EG 4.1), SAS OLAP Cube Studio, SAS Management Console, SAS Web Report Studio, Enterprise Miner, SAS JMP, Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition, UNIX (AIX 5L), Korn Shell, OS390, SAS\Access, SAS/SQL, SAS/AF, SAS/ETL, SAS/ETS, SAS/FSP SAS/Intranet, SAS DI Studio, SAS/Graph, SQL, JAVA, PL/SQL, HTML, XML, Teradata, Mainframe, AS400, SQL Server, MS Excel, MS Excel Macros, SQL, SAS\STATS

Confidential, Pittsburg, PA

SAS Consultant


  • Designed on Object Oriented principles and Developed the product using Java/J2EE technologies on SDLC and Agile Methodology
  • Developed Logical Data Model (LDM), Physical Data Model in Oracle Database design for SAS ABM modeling.
  • Key advisor to operational units
  • Provided forecasting and planning model assistance to management and used the Planning and Budgeting (P&B) solution, to align strategic objectives with performance measures
  • Managed, automated and standardized the process of consolidating financial information
  • Worked on SAS Management Console, SAS Data Integration (DI) Studio, SAS Forecast Studio, SAS OLAP Cube Studio and Enterprise Guide (EG), Cognos.
  • Worked on SAS Financial Management interfacing with SAS Financial Management Studio, Excel (SAS Financial Management Add-in for Microsoft Office) and SAS Information Delivery Portal
  • Configured the SAS Information Delivery Portal by adding and editing portlets and adding alerts. Added links to reports, Web pages and folders.
  • In Data Warehouse Environment:
  • Extract and Transform from source data into Staging Area
  • Data Quality and Data Validation
  • Transform into dimensional model
  • From SAS Detail Data Store (DDS) I created Conformed Data Mart (CDM) and Product Data Mart (PDM).
  • From Conformed Data Mart (CDM) I created SAS FM Data Mart.
  • Moved Data into the Solutions Data Mart
  • Using SAS FM I worked on Dimensions, Cycles, Rates, Models and Forms.
  • Used Forms for reading/writing of budgeting or financial reporting data into the SAS Financial Management database.
  • Cycles used to unique combination of dimensional data and time granularity.
  • Used dimension types Organization (INTORG, TRADER), Account, Time, Analysis, Currency, Source, Rate Type, in SAS FM
  • Created Combined Weekly/Quarterly Report from Weekly Data Model and Quarterly Data Model.
  • Created cell data access (CDA) reports through SAS Financial Management
  • Creating imported from the SAS Detail Data Store (DDS) to the Solutions Data Mart (SDM) as fact records.
  • Generated OLAP Reports in SAS Financial Management and SAS Activity Based Management.
  • Created periods and scenarios.
  • Created dimensions, modules and accounts.
  • Defined drivers that measure the consumption of expenses and activities.
  • Calculated costs and display the results.
  • Defined and link external unit costs to accounts.
  • OLAP Cube studio used create multistage Cubes in SAS FM and SAS ABM models
  • Loaded users, user groups and user-member associations.
  • Loaded reference tables and reference table jobs.

Environment: SAS BI (Business Intelligence), SAS Financial Management (FM), SAS Activity Based Management (ABM), Enterprise Guide (EG 4.0), SAS OLAP Cube Studio, SAS Management Console, Enterprise Miner, SAS Forecast Server, Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition, UNIX (AIX 5L), Korn Shell, OS390, AS400, Main frame, SAS\Access, SAS/SQL, SAS/AF, SAS/ETL, SAS/ETS, SAS/FSP SAS/Intranet, SAS DI Studio, SAS/Graph, SQL, JAVA, PL/SQL, HTML, XML, Oracle 10G, SQL Server, MS Excel, MS Excel Macros, VB, VBA, SQL, SAS\STATS

Confidential, Phoenix, AZ

SAS Consultant


  • Converted SAS 8.2, Mainframe Application to SAS Business Intelligence Project using SAS Web Report Studio, SAS/AF, SAS/FSP, SAS OLAP Cube Studio, SPSS and JAVA.
  • Involved in Implementation and coding of front end screens using Java, JSP.
  • Conversion is used for making Online of Confidential TAX data submission is making available Confidential Customers and Business people.
  • Produced multiple PL/SQL ETL, Enterprise Data Integration packages from Data Warehouses on Solaris platforms.
  • Opened Database connectivity using ODBC, JDBC and DSN networks.
  • Designed Parts and Tools Data Warehouse Dimensional Model utilizing OWB 10g.
  • Created OWB Repository with OWB Repository Assistant, Source Metadata definition, Staging Area metadata definition and Target definition.
  • Designed ETL objects mappings, using mapping operators, transforming data with OWB using transformation operators.
  • Developed business intelligence applications and SAS predictive model using SAS DI Studio and Enterprise Miner
  • Involved in complete System Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and Project methodologies
  • Complete production support in database design and modeling.
  • Used Business objects, Designer to create adhoc reporting.
  • Using SAS/Intranet, Created Content and migration of content to Intranet environment
  • Data is converted using SAS ETL process from last 22 years historical data mart it has millions records in databases, DB2, VSAM.
  • Supported the running of Mainframe batch jobs and interfacing with various users and/or project team members during code development and testing.
  • Supported end users.
  • Used SAS stat models for tax data analysis like cluster analysis and regression model building etc.
  • Provided support of user requests for assistance or ADHOC reporting as required using VB.
  • Assisted and maintained Data warehousing using SAS and finished within time frame
  • Created OLAP Cubes using SAS OLAP Cube Studio.
  • Converted data from mainframe VSAM files to flat files using SAS, JCL on mainframe environment
  • Working environment is OS/390, MVS/TSO, ISPF, JCL, COBOL, PL1, VSAM, DB2, FoxPro, UDB, SAS, Windows and MS Office MS Excel
  • Wrote test scripts for the Application.
  • Used Microsoft Visual Studios to write SQL queries to access the SQL Server and MS Access.
  • VSAM and SQL Server files are converted to Flat files and later converted Oracle Tables

Environment: SAS BI (Business Intelligence), Enterprise Guide (EG 4.0), E-Miner SAS OLAP Cube Studio, Text Miner, SAS Management Console, Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition, UNIX (AIX 5L), Korn Shell, OS390, IBM Mainframe, MVS/TSO, AS400, ISPF, JCL, PL1, SAS\Access, SAS/SQL, SAS/AF, SAS/ETL, SAS/ETS, SAS/FSP SAS/Intranet, SAS DI Studio, SAS Forecast Server, SAS/Graph, Business Objects, Disigner,SQL, PL/SQL, Crystal Reports, Cognos, Oracle 10G, HTML, XML, SQL Server, Microsoft Visual Studio,.net, JAVA, C#, VB, MS Access, MS Excel, MS Excel Macros, VB, VBA, SQL, SAS\STATS

Confidential, Elk Grove Village, IL

SAS Consultnat


  • Using SAS Financial Management interfacing with SAS Financial Management Studio, I handled acquisition, authorization, dashboard, partner summary and various Graphs and summary reports for credit card risk related reports in production using SAS.
  • Used OLAP Cube Studio to create reports from SAS Financial Management and Stat procedures, regression model(logistic and linear) building, (Summary, CHAID, CART, Mean, Freq,), cluster analysis, Excel, VB, VBA, C++, Mainframe, UNIX (Korn and C) shell scripts.
  • Created data marts, predictive model, OLAP Cubes and reports for Business intelligence reporting in SAS using SAS ETL Studio, SAS DI Studio and Enterprise Miner, Cognos and SAS Financial Management Studio.
  • Designed, built and tested a series of SAS programs and C++ for the transfer and validation of reports.
  • Developed Credit risk PPNR and OLS modelling for Retails customers of citigroup using Proc Reg, Proc Arimax, Proc Score and proc nlmixed.
  • Member/reviewer of the CCAR and DFAST models development.
  • From SAS jobs, developed CSV files and reported offshore progress to management with the use of Excel Templates, Excel macros, Pivot tables and functions, as well as creating daily, monthly, quarterly, Yearly reports activity onsite through the creation of a SQLServer, Teradata and MS Access databases.
  • Served as liaison between sales, compensation and accounting organizations to ensure consistency in metrics and reporting standards.
  • Developed a visual report writer in VB, VBA as an MS Excel add-in module.
  • Developed an MS Access add-in module in VB, VBA to optimize Oracle SQL development from within MS Access.
  • Developed a module to initiate and run standard database processes in SQL Server, Oracle

Environment: SAS Business Intelligence, SAS Financial Management (FM), SAS OLAP Cube studio, SAS Management Console, Enterprise Guide (EG 4.0), Enterprise Miner, Text Miner, C++, Sun Solaris, Windows 2000, UNIX, Korn Shell OS390, IBM Mainframe, JCL, AS400/DB2 PL1, SAS DI Studio, SAS\Access, SAS/SQL, SPSS, SQL, PL/SQL, VB, Business Objects 6.5, Oracle, JAVA, MS Access, MS Excel, MS Excel Macros, MS Visual Studio, HTML, XML, VB, VBA, SQL, SAS/FSP, SAS\STATS, SAS/Intranet, SAS/AF, SAS/Graph

Confidential, Appleton WI

SAS Consultant


  • Extracted data from DB2, Teradata and SYBASE data mart using SAS SQL procedures and created SAS data sets
  • Worked for Demand Planning research analysis with SAS Financial Management (FM).
  • Used SAS OLAP Cube report Studio to create OLAP Cubes from SAS Financial Management (FM).
  • Extensively used Base SAS for data scrubbing and cleaning.
  • Involved in complete System Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and Data Warehouse environment.
  • Tracked, stored and audited every financial control and processes of TFL financial data.
  • Assessed ongoing performance by monitoring departments activities and financial performance
  • Reviewed dimension members and hierarchies in SAS Financial Management application
  • In Budgeting and Planning I did Driver-based, top-down and bottom-up budgeting.
  • On-demand consolidation for enhanced what-if scenario modeling of TFL
  • Used to develop regression and survival model for financial planning decisions.
  • Worked for Dimension work space, Model work space, Rate work space, Form work space, cycle work space in SAS FM.
  • Analyzed and developed logical resolutions for technical issues from a technical and business perspective.
  • Created partitioned datasets and generation datasets on mainframe
  • Handled data extraction from various data sources like db2 and Sybase
  • Used SAS/STAT Procedures such as Proc Freq, Proc Means, Proc Summary, Proc Univariate for Analysis
  • Automated excel reports using VB, VBA by using SAS, SQL Server and MS Access databases.
  • Used Proc Import and Export procedures for importing data from different file formats and exporting data to different formats.
  • Worked on different operating systems (UNIX, Windows) and on different operating systems working on Mainframes (OS390)
  • Participated in designing, coding, testing, debugging and documenting Business Objects and VB.
  • Wrote JCL, PL1 programs to communicate with the MVS (TSO, ISPF) operating system.
  • Worked with SAS on IBM UNIX AIX 5L and Korn shell platform.
  • Wrote Shell Scripts for automation of the SAS jobs.
  • Extensively used SAS/ETL, Web Report Studio, and Enterprise Miner.
  • Responsible for converting the business rules to SAS defense scripts
  • Coded using SAS/SQL, PL/SQL to extract data from Teradata and Oracle tables
  • Created SAS datasets in local SAS directory from raw data files

Environment: SAS 9.1.3, SAS Business Intelligence, SAS Financial Management (FM), Enterprise Guide (EG) 3.0, MVS (OS 390), UNIX (AIX 5L), Korn Shell, Mainframe, COBOL, AS400, PERL, PL1, SAS\Access, Window NT, MVS (TSO, ISPF, PLATINUM), SAS OLAP CUBE Studio, SAS/ETL, E-Miner, SAS Intranet, SAS Web Report Studio, SAS DI Studio, SAS/AF, VB, Oracle, VSAM, Lotus, Lotus Notes, DB2, SQL Server, Business Objects, MS Access, JAVA, Teradata, SQL, PL/SQL, JCL, HTML, XML, SAS\STATS, SAS/FSP and PeopleSoft.

Confidential, Atlanta

SAS Consultant


  • Responsible for the SAS 9.1.3 installation and implementation.
  • Assisted in the SAS 9.1.3 Business Intelligence Configuration
  • Generated Tables and Listings.
  • Wrote Complex SQL queries to pull data from a third normalized SQL Sever Database
  • Prepared new Datasets and modified existing datasets using Set, Merge, Sort, Update, Formats and Functions.
  • Enhanced quality of the production department to 90% accuracy through a project with the Quality Initiatives team Using SAS/SQL for data gathering and analysis.
  • Coded in SPSS, SAS to automate the data gathering and analysis process reducing the manual handling of critical data to less than 30%.
  • Created OLAP Cubes using OLAP Cube Report Studio using Star Schema.
  • Mapped the relationship between tables using Logical Data Model (LDM) and Physical Data Model (PDM).
  • Mapped the relationship between main table, lookup tables and link tables of Database
  • Created PowerPoint presentation for users by using SAS ODS. (SAS Datasets/SAS /ODS/DDI/IOM/ Excel File/ PowerPoint).
  • Participated in designing, coding, testing, debugging and documenting SAS Programs.
  • Extensively used Base SAS, SAS OLE DB, SAS Macros and SAS ODS, SAS ETL, SQL, PL/SQL.
  • Used Proc Report Proc Tabulate and Proc Template for report generation.
  • Created SAS Stored Process.
  • Extensively used Teradata connections through SAS OLEDB
  • Statistical analysis included coding the data sets, calculating simple percentage distributions, graphs, comparison of rates by Agency’s t-test and chi-square test multiple tables, discriminant analysis, regression model and reports was developed using SAS/STAT
  • Effectively used various SAS procedures to improve performance.
  • Created RTF, PDF, HTML, LISTING, etc using Output Delivery System (ODS).

Environment: Base SAS V9, Enterprise Guide (EG) 3.0, SAS Macros, SAS/STAT, SAS Integrated technologies, SAS Metadata Server, SAS/GRAPH, SAS/FSP, SAS/AF, SAS/SHARE, SAS/CONNECT, SAS/EIS, SAS/SHARE*NET, SAS ETL, SAS/IntrNet, MDDB Server common products, SAS Integration Technologies, SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC, SAS/ACCESS Interface to OLE DB, SPSS, JAVA, J2EE, WEBLOGIC SERVER, SQL, PL/SQL, Windows 2000, SQL Server, Xponent, Plantrak, Crystal Reports, UNIX, Korn shell, Visio, MS WORD, MS Excel, MS Power Point (PP), HTML, XML, MS Visual Studio, XML, SQL, Visual Source Safe, STORED PROCEDURES.

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