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Hadoop/sas Admin Resume

Alpharetta, GA


  • SAS professional with 11 years of experience in architecture, administration, programming, migration and analytics.
  • Demonstrated successes in clustered SAS Grid system deployment, installation, configuration and server/data migration; in proficient writing of scalable, supportable, and well - documented code; in supporting complex migration activities (datacenter, LUN) across platforms/business groups; Adequate knowledge of the Clinical Development Lifecycle including Phase I- IV study trials; in fine-tuning, optimizing capacity and trouble-shooting server issues; in generating reports, tables, listings, and graphs; in data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) from and to various relational databases. Sharp analytical skills pertaining understanding a business domain coupled with excellent teamwork and communication skills.
  • Excellent problem solving skills for delivering useful and compact solutions. Always ready to meet challenges and contribute innovative ideas.


Software: SAS Grid Platform Suite, Base SAS 9.4/9.2, SAS/EG 5.1, SAS/BI, SAS/ETS, SAS/ETL, SAS/OLAP, SAS/MACRO, SAS/STAT, SAS/GRAPH, SAS/ACCESS, SAS/ODS, SAS/Connect, SAS/SHARE, SAS Enterprise Guide, Apache Tomcat,CognosImpromptu,8.1,8.2,8.4, 10.1,10.2.1,2.2,Cognos BI suite, Cognos GO Dashboard, TMI, BEA Web logic server, Web Report Studio, OLAP Cube Studio, Information Map Studio, Tableau, Tibco, Spotfire

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, HTML, SAS, Unix, JCL, Python,R

Databases: Oracle, BigData /Hadoop, Teradata, DB2, SQL Server, MS Access

Tools: MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, ArcGis, ESRI, MS FrontPage, MS XML Editor

Operating systems: Windows 8/7/NT/XP, Windows 2003/2008 R2 UNIX, MVS TSO, RHEL (Redhat Enterprise Linux) 2.6


Confidential, Alpharetta, GA

Hadoop/SAS Admin


  • Developed and implemented SAS best practices in a complex SAS (9.4) environment which interfaces with a number of diverse data sources such as Oracle and Hadoop.
  • Performed capacity planning, defined strategies for large-scale migrations across different business groups.
  • Designed, implemented and participated in disaster recovery scenarios.
  • Installed, configured SAS 9.4 (TS1M4) on three different server tiers (metadata, compute & mid-tier) and for PC SAS clients also, in a new data center which involved metadata migration (import/export packages) as well as physical (LUN) data migration.
  • Performed two different set of data center migrations: one involving large scale data transfer(180TB), snapshot of SAS binaries (SAS 9.4 TS1M2) as part of replication and another involving installation, configuration and design of the new SAS platform with minimal downtime and disruption.
  • Developed complete end to end Bigdata processing in Hadoop echo system.
  • Optimized hive scripts to use HDFS efficient by using various compression mechanisms.
  • Deployed Base SAS, SAS Forecast Studio, Macros, SQL procedures for debugging and providing alternative solutions to business partners and fine tuning along with SAS Enterprise Miner predictive modeling.
  • Supported Big Data connectivity and SAS, Hadoop Interface via SAS/ACCESS Interface to Hadoop.
  • Participated in configuration and upgrade of SAS Linux server platform.
  • Performed administrative tasks using SAS Management Console (SMC), Metadata server, web service set up (SAS web-tier).
  • Experience in analyzing data using Hive QL and custom MapReduce programs in Java.
  • Applied hot-fixes/patches and new licenses to SAS environments post installation.
  • Supported and troubleshot issues around SAS access connectivity to various databases such as Oracle, Hadoop.
  • Established security controls for PHI/PII data in compliance with Corporate and legal guidelines.
  • Performed installation and configuration of Cognos BI products on multi server environment.
  • Experience in migration of Cognos 8 to Cognos 10.
  • Established Quest Authentication Services (LDAP/PAM w/ AD) in Linux Redhat for new SAS analysts.
  • Interacted with the SAS user community to ensure system is being utilized to its potential, provided desktop support and conducted user specific assessments and recommended remedies (training, new tools etc).

Confidential, West Chester, PA

SAS/Hadoop Admin


  • Installed, configured and architected the SAS Grid servers and migrated legacy data from a non-clustered SAS 9.4 environment.
  • Coordinated the comprehensive deployment of SAS 9.4 Grid on compute, metadata, mid-tier and LSF servers in consultation with SAS Institute PS (Professional Services).
  • Performed data migration from legacy SAS 9.4 to the Grid environment both from a physical data and metadata perspective.
  • Migrated folders and files from Enterprise Miner in form of importing and exporting packages via SAS Management Console.
  • Updated user profiles on the Grid servers through LDAP authentication and also migrated user profiles to the new Grid nodes on compute tier.
  • Extensively used SAS Management Console (SMC) for security management, metadata user/group/role management, metadata utilities for backup/restore, defines environments for Forecast Studio, Enterprise Miner in SMC based on different business groups in line with the application server contexts. (SASApp, EMApp etc).
  • Migrated EM projects, imported and exported data in form of packages using SAS Management Console during cutover from legacy to Grid environment.
  • Worked on technology integration like SAS/ACCESS Interface to Hadoop, Teradata etc and Agnos Knowledge seeker on a separate Linux machine.
  • Provided updated folder paths for the new workspace folders in line with the group level directories and file-systems.
  • Processed data into HDFS by developing solutions, analyzed the data using MapReduce and produced summary results from Hadoop downstream systems.
  • Updated and modified hosts on Linux servers on Grid nodes by updating the Teradata platform and other applications.
  • Developed a MapReduce program to make a structured data.
  • Coordinated with SAS on escalated tasks pertaining to access and performance issues.
  • Configured Enterprise Miner, Forecast Studio, Time-series Studio and Model Manager clients as part of Web Services on mid-tier.
  • Resolved production issues including login, connectivity, functionality and usage issues pertaining to SAS Grid Clients.
  • Performed multiple restart operations of SAS services to implement configuration changes, hot-fixes, enhancements at the system level as well as for maintenance.
  • Configured RTM GUI through the LSF Grid Master server to pull user/group based stats in terms of capacity utilization, availability and host level information.
  • Experience in applying Cognos security in report studio level.
  • Developed dashboard reports using Cognos workspace advanced.

Confidential, San Diego, CA

Global SAS Lead / Architect / Admin


  • Install, configure and deploy SAS 9.4 on user machines for Windows 8 environment.
  • Identify areas of improving the server infrastructure of SAS environment from a server.
  • Identifying opportunities for business transformation and change management.
  • Understanding and following the client’s standard software development methodology.
  • Developed visualizations and data modules in Cognos analytics

Confidential, Baltimore, MD

SAS Analyst

Responsibilities and Accomplishments:

  • Primary responsibilities focused on new full life cycle software development and maintenance of SAS oriented application with heavy use of SAS BASE, SAS STAT, SAS Graph, SAS Web Report Studio, OLAP Cube, and SAS Enterprise Guide.
  • Performing Quality Review to Functional and Business Requirements on code, and output data.
  • Processing the developed code on SAS BI platform using the BI suite of tools: Information.
  • Create the Documentation on Process Flow.
  • Develop Stored Procedures and Functions to Interact with SAS BI platform.
  • Maintain security by auditing group access and group membership.
  • Documenting Best Practices approach for users after thorough testing and review of new approaches.

Confidential, New York, NY

SAS Administrator/Server Manager

Responsibilities and Accomplishments:

  • Collaborated with SAS, IBM support and Data Management on issue resolution.
  • Managed, optimized, and freed up more than 12 TB disk space by recommending optimum storage options, setting quota limits, monitoring usage, and cleaning up application drives.
  • Installed, configured, and validated three SAS 9.2 licenses on Windows 2003 servers for MSG. Successfully implemented two server upgrades and LUN migrations.
  • Identified a cost avoidance of ~ $ 500,000 by managing licenses and usage.
  • Redesigned the server architecture to optimize the components required in the infrastructure for a total savings of $2 million.
  • Actively maintained a catalog of issue tickets, incidents, resolution and the corresponding root causes concerning all three SAS servers.
  • Managed three groups in Pfizer: management Science, CIM (Commercial Info Management) and PW (Pfizer Works) and architected the consolidation of all three on one SAS platform that included three servers.
  • Communicated with users on critical issues, patches, and maintenance.
  • Successfully oversaw efforts leading up to and execution of disaster recovery exercises for three years.

Confidential, Elkridge, MD

SAS BI Architect

Responsibilities and Accomplishments:

  • Designed and developed new programs and dashboards using the SAS BI suite on UNIX platform.
  • Designed and implemented OLAP cubes using SAS OLAP Cube Studio
  • Interfaced maps and cubes in the SAS Web Report Studio and designed a drill-up, drill-down, roll-up and drill-through mechanisms of the data and built a hierarchy in the cubes with Carrier, Region, State and TIN Count parameters related to the PQRI (Physician Quality Reporting Initiative) Claims.
  • Developed data cubes to interface with ArcGis map services to enable Geospatial maps.
  • Provided prototype for CMS to adequately optimize the utilities and advantages of SAS BI to realize the Claim and Eligibility using PQRI.

Confidential, Columbia, MO

SAS Administrator

Responsibilities and Accomplishments:

  • Installed and configured SAS / related modules (Enterprise guide, PC SAS, Enterprise Miner, Risk Dimension and other modules), on all platforms.
  • Acted as ‘second tier’ technical support to resolve any SAS related issues. This involved software and hardware diagnostics, troubleshooting, problem solving and resolution.
  • Provided product know-how / training to users on new features & functionality of various SAS products.

Confidential, Wilmington, DE

SAS Administrator

Responsibilities and Accomplishments:

  • Installed and configured SAS / related modules, created new user accounts, monitored system quota usage and optimizing resources for user querying.
  • Extensively ran SQL SAS against DB2 mainframes as part of the conversion from FOCUS to SAS and executed SAS jobs by batch processing pulling millions of records from the mainframe.

Confidential, Bridgeport CT

SAS Administrator/Analyst

Responsibilities and Accomplishments:

  • Performed data analysis, statistical analysis, generated reports, listings and graphs using SAS tools and various business and mathematical techniques.
  • Consulted with customer and systems personnel to determine type of information to be processed.
  • Performed Data Mining to translate goals such as profit and margin share targets.

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