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With more than 17 years in the Information Technology industry, Confidential Chalakapalli has a wide range of experience in Confidential - G, Financial, Utilities, Tax & Revenue and Child Welfare industries with technical skills on designing, developing, documenting, coding, modifying, testing, deploying and implementing business technology solutions. Mr. Confidential Chalakapalli is currently working as a Sr.Consultant in CGI .


  • Java/J2EE, EJB, JSP, Oracle DB, PL SQL
  • SOA, Oracle ESB, SOAP UI, XML, Web Services Spring, Hibernate, ETL Informatica, Confidential WID, TIBCO ESB
  • Grails/Groovy
  • Confidential DB2
  • Application knowledge
  • CDQP
  • Industry knowledge
  • Child Welfare
  • Tax & Revenue
  • Confidential - G
  • Utilities
  • Banking


The Confidential for Government ( Confidential -G) software is the collection case management application used to support recovery activities at the Obligation Recovery Center (ORC). Confidential -G is an on-line system that supports the collection of delinquent and default debts by automating common, time consuming activities and maintaining complete, up-to-date case collection information on its d Confidential base.

Mr. Confidential has worked on various states’ Confidential -G Projects.


As a Sr.Developer, Mr. Confidential Chalakapalli produced the Technical Designs for Various changes in Miscellaneous functionality including, Change Debt Status, Debt Detail, List of Financial information, Main Case Information. These Technical Designs were used by the Development team and they developed the application changes.

Confidential, Colorado Stat

As a Sr.Developer, Mr. Confidential Chalakapalli developed the functionality for additional requirements on Case Access functionality and Miscellaneous Extensions.

Confidential, South Dakota State

  • In 2015, the State authorized the creation of an Obligation Recovery Center to recover debts owed to the State as authorized by SDCL Chapter 1-55. The State determined that they would hire a vendor to establish and manage the Obligation Recovery Center (ORC) and perform recovery activites at the State’s direction on the State’s behalf.
  • Agencies will refer their outstanding receivables to the ORC for recovery purposes. The ORC will work to collect each debt referred during the account receivable cycle.
  • As a Sr.Developer, Mr. Confidential Chalakapalli developed the functionality for processing the Case Information Input files from the different Agencies of the State and loading the d Confidential in to the CIS (Case Information System), the Confidential -G Application will process this D Confidential in CIS and loads into the Confidential -G System.
  • Mr. Confidential also developed a Standard Referral Format in an Excel file using which the State Agency employees can create the Case Information Input files as per the standards.

Confidential, CARY, NC

  • Confidential is currently using ION's Rolfe & Nolan (R&N) as a real-time back-office cleared trade hosting system for listed derivatives. Whether the client is using Confidential for clearing or uses a third party broker (execution only business), all the accounts must be setup within RANsys. As the process of creating Accounts is a Manual process and involves Labor Intensive, Cost ineffective, Very Error Prone, Time Taking, D Confidential quality & Accuracy and some other issues, A new system Market Clearing D Confidential HUB is created to make more automated process.
  • As a Sr.Developer, Mr. Confidential Chalakapalli started working on ETL Informatica to create D Confidential Work Flow Mappings for the D Confidential Migration from RANsys to the new System and then sending the d Confidential files to GMI. He is also responsible for D Confidential base Objects creation and Maintaining in ORACLE, D Confidential Management, D Confidential Integraion and also worked on TIBCO ESB for generating Webservices to the generated files back to RANsys for Approval and receiving the response back from RANsys to HUB system. Mr. Confidential Chalakapalli is also worked on some internal and External D Confidential Services which will be invoked by various vendors using JAVA, Spring, Maven.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

  • Working on both PNG and TIMS
  • The overall PNG Operations Assets and System Integrity Solutions program (“OASIS” or “Program”) includes planning and implementation services that are designed to result in automated work management, electronic capture of Pipeline Asset d Confidential, determination of the system of record for Pipeline Asset d Confidential, as well as continuing to effectively comply with pipeline integrity and compliance requirements (“Project”). Current Phase of work involved with generating OutBound Messages in XMLFormat, and processing InBound XML Messages using the ARM System.
  • As a Sr.D Confidential Analyst, Mr. Confidential Chalakapalli involved in D Confidential Analysis, D Confidential Management, D Confidential Integration, Migrating D Confidential from one source to another.


Department of Revenue

  • The North Carolina Department of Revenue (DOR) contracted with CGI to implement integrated Tax Information Management System (TIMS). The goal of the engagement is to assist DOR create a modernize tax administration organization that leverages technology to improve customer service, accelerate taxpayer compliance, generate additional revenues for state government operation, and meet new challenges.
  • As a Sr. Programmer Analyst Mr. Confidential has started working in the Revenue Accounting Module with Review and Analysis of the Functional Design with the Functional Team, later moved onto Registration Module and developed different packages like Search, Views and History. Mr. Confidential is responsible for implementing the Address Validation and standardization using CDQP and Name Standardization by implementing the Custom Services in CDQP. Mr. Confidential is also responsible for implementing the D Confidential Exchange Package for WebServices implementation, Generating WSDL Files, moving the Online D Confidential to other d Confidential base for the Reporting and other purposes. Also loading d Confidential based on Flat File, XML files and also generating the Flat Files. XML Files based on the d Confidential . Responsible for requirement analysis, Technical design, development and smooth execution of the development process with in the project schedules.

Technical Environment: SOA, Java, WebSphere Application Server, XML, ESB, Oracle, Oracle ETM, PL/SQL, WID 6.2, WID, SOAP UI

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