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Senior Sas Consultant Resume

Omaha, NE


  • 20+ years creating reporting and analytics for banking, consulting and healthcare companies.
  • 8+ years of experience with advanced SAS programming.
  • Experience working with SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Management Console, SAS OLAP Cubes.
  • Experience working with SQL Server, Teradata and ORACLE.


SAS, SQL Server, Teradata, ORACLE, Tableau, Python, Crystal Reports, Business Objects, VBA, Microsoft Office Products, Visio, SharePoint, In$ight, Intex, CAS, Bloomberg, Bloomberg API.


Confidential, Omaha, NE

Senior SAS Consultant


  • Assist with completing Federal contract to provide Single Family mortgage servicing data and analytics in support of Confidential ’s mission to protect financially vulnerable neighborhoods.

Confidential, Des Moines, IA

Senior SAS Programmer


  • Operationalize data by creating waterfall reporting that includes SAS macros and conditional logic.
  • Run, maintain and update SAS ETL processes that operate on 30 separate data sources.
  • Create reporting to assist with resolving insurance policy system conversion issues.
  • Redesign Annual Statement process to make it more efficient and secure.
  • Provide analytics to address management concerns.

Confidential, Concord, CA

Data and Analytics, Analytic Consultant


  • Designed and maintained reporting of increasingly complex bank phone channel. Wrote programs to automate monthly operational reporting for 26 lines of business.
  • Incorporated macros and conditional logic. Analyzed both structured and unstructured data including natural language understanding (nlu) data across 400 million+ annual call interactions.
  • Analyzed data from multiple database environments including SQL Server, Teradata and ORACLE using PROC SQL.
  • Created robust analytics regarding challenges to the channel resulting in higher levels of operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Received Service Excellence Nomination.
  • Analyzed the impact of mobile, and to a lesser extent online, on both phone channel volumes and success.
  • Developed analytics to show the disruption to the phone channel over time. Highlighted the impact of the migration to accessing bank products and services via a mobile device on the phone channel.
  • Namely, the phone channel is no longer the preferred contact method for bank customers.
  • Consequently, the phone channel volumes continue to decline and the volumes that do exist are more likely to involve more difficult residual challenges resulting in lower levels of success.
  • Created ongoing detailed reporting that met living will regulatory requirements of the phone channel. Regulatory reporting included an analysis of the use by bank customers of functionality within our automated phone system.
  • Volumes were broken down by functional area, geographic state and business line.
  • Researched customer and production issues.
  • Analyzed and monitored quarterly CCIVR initiatives aimed at improving the WFVC customer experience.
  • Provided WFVC internal customers with support and responsiveness.
  • Automated ongoing CCIVR reports, Daily and Monthly Monitors and Operating Review.

Confidential, Plano, TX

AVP, Consumer Product Strategic Analyst


  • Wrote data driven SAS programs including conditional logic to determine the selection of loans for sale.
  • During this period, Confidential was losing a tremendous amount of money on the servicing of delinquent mortgages many of which it had acquired as part of it’s purchase of Countrywide.
  • The goal of the group was to sell the servicing of these delinquent loans.
  • I was responsible for aggregating the data to see how successful we were in this effort.
  • Wrote SAS programs to capture whether the loan sales were successful along several metrics.
  • The data was summarized and presented to management in the form of scorecards.
  • Part of the challenge was compiling the data from a large group of analysts. wrote sas programs to track success of sales effort. Imported excel templates into sas to create aggregate reporting using proc report.
  • To facilitate this, I partnered with the service release team to better control how data was entered into master reconciliation templates.
  • I was able to improve the operational efficiency and increase the number of executive scorecards produced to 9 from 76 in three months.
  • I was given increased responsibilities which included managing a team of two database analysts, producing portfolio summaries and handling ad hoc requests from senior management.
  • I also managed the sale of Confidential loan servicing. As the Confidential is a governmental agency, our work with them was under close scrutiny from senior management.
  • I oversaw SAS programming efforts to bundle pools of mortgage servicing based on geographies, length of delinquencies and other changing characteristics as determined by the Confidential .
  • We assisted with servicing auctions and selecting purchasers that were capable of meeting Confidential requirements for servicing these loans going forward.
  • As part of this effort, we worked with Base SAS using tools such as PROC SQL, FREQ, MEANS\SUMMARY, TABULATE, GRAPH and REPORT.

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

Senior Database Analyst


  • I analyzed Confidential for this boutique database management firm. The firm had been contracted by attorneys pursuing legal action against Confidential underwriters.
  • My role was chiefly to analyze whether the mortgages underlying the securities were consistent in credit quality and other characteristics with the description in the prospectus.
  • Later this work included analyzing CDO securities.
  • By and large I found the collateral underlying securities to be consistent with the descriptions in the prospectus though this became more difficult to determine as we began to analyze the more layered CDO securities.
  • The loan level analysis for mortgage backed securities involved looking at a few thousand mortgages backing the typical security. With CDOs, the security is not backed by mortgages but by mortgage - backed securities.
  • Each Confidential is in turn backed by a few thousand mortgages.
  • Going through the mortgages at a loan level I isolated any problematic collateral.
  • I also developed time series analyses to track the performance of vintages over time.
  • This last exercise led to the discovery that there was most likely a degree of fraud in the underwriting of late cycle vintages of as 2007 and 2008. Securities backed by mortgages with the same risk characteristics; namely, FICO and LTV were performing very differently over time.
  • This enabled the client to significantly expand the scope of securities it could work to remediate with underwriters and originators.
  • I managed three Confidential during this time.

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

Risk Management, Credit Research Associate


  • I wrote credit research on securities in portfolio and for new securities that we were looking to purchase.
  • Research consisted of an understanding of the originator of the underlying mortgage collateral, the credit quality of the collateral as determined by Confidential and other risk characteristics, the structure of the securities including the order of payments to bondholders, the levels of credit support, and the abilities of the servicer.
  • This high - level analysis was then coupled with a time series analysis of earlier vintages of the same shelf.
  • As part of ongoing surveillance, I would closely monitor the delinquency pipelines of the mortgage portfolios backing the securities.
  • Based on current delinquency pipelines, I would model the future losses I expected for a given bond.
  • I constructed and maintained Confidential s securities surveillance system for their $35 bn structured products portfolio.
  • I wrote SQL and Excel VBA code to automate the monthly surveillance reporting. The program I wrote brought in data from Bloomberg, Intex and three other proprietary data sources.
  • The program calculated portfolio statistics, identified poorly performing securities, and created summary risk management reports for monthly board-level presentations. I also created a credit ratings surveillance system to provide ongoing monitoring of the ratings of the portfolio s 700+ securities.
  • The credit ratings application utilized Excel, Bloomberg API, and Access functionality.
  • Both the credit ratings application and surveillance systems saw heavy use during the waves of downgrades and spikes in delinquencies during the financial crisis.
  • I worked closely with Confidential regulators.

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

Capital Markets, Manager


  • Our strategic pricing efforts were important for two reasons. First, by varying our pricing for various Confidential buckets we were better able to manage the credit risk underlying our origination pools. Second, pricing enabled us to create consistent mortgage pools to back our securities.
  • Investors expected a consistent level of credit risk and compensating yield from Ameriquest securities.
  • I developed pricing models so that we were comfortable that we were pricing correctly for a given level of risk.
  • This pricing work later led to building valuation models. In particular, we were interested in valuing our whole loan pools relative to bids we were receiving from investors and other best execution strategies.
  • As Ameriquest s production numbers grew there was a growing realization that we were originating Alt - A as well as subprime mortgages.
  • Ameriquest did not have an Alt-A shelf so I was asked to sell these mortgage pools whole loan.
  • I would forward loan level files and answer any questions. I would run auctions on a set date.
  • I would award the pools usually to the highest bidder.
  • Part of my work at this time also involved meeting with investment banks to set up an Confidential shelf.
  • I also worked closely with treasury to properly hedge our whole loan pools.
  • I managed two Confidential during this time.

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