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Saas Ops & Delivery Engineer Resume

Durham North, CarolinA


Focused, team - oriented SaaS Ops & Delivery Engineer with over 18 years of experience in Information Technology, performing duties including provisioning of servers, automation, file system growth, management, customer relations, helpdesk, computer repair, phone support, website and ad creation, remote support, and DEV Ops. Possess a broad understanding of hardware and software with emphasis in problem identification and resolution, with successful implementation of custom solutions to boost productivity and revenue for the companies served.


  • AWS Azure Oracle Ansible Jenkins Terraform Jira bash VMware LAMP Apache/Tomcat Rally Linux/Unix/Solaris Dos Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/Server 2000, 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016 Active Directory Symantec Ghost Filezilla client/server MySql MS Office UIM MAC Quickbooks Acronis True Image
  • Adobe Acrobat LogMeIn and LogMeIn Central PC Anywhere VNC PDF Creator SysInternals Confidential
  • Open Audit Inventory Tracking Software VMware vSphere Nuance PHF Converter Pro 8 pfSense Open Source Router Photoshop Peachtree


Confidential, Durham, North Carolina

SaaS Ops & Delivery Engineer


  • Working with Ansible, I have written many playbooks, one of which was designed to update SSH keys on hundreds of servers at once. Using Ansible I have used ad hoc commands to manage and maintain infrastructure. I have also worked with Ansible and Terraform to deploy VMs within VMware.
  • Troubleshot issues via user-submitted tickets. I worked with the development teams to make sure they can continue their work on the software on which they were working. This work entailed working in and maintaining Jenkins, GitHub, and Ansible, making sure that the correct versions of Perl, Python, Java, and other code and libraries were available.
  • Provided support for infrastructure and day-to-day operations.
  • Maintained several different infrastructures for multiple software offerings.
  • Managed AWS retirements, DNS, security groups, and IAM users.
  • Used Redhat Satellite Server, I managed RHEL patching on a rotating lifecycle for development, test/qa, and production.
  • Built and migrated Linux and Solaris servers in several different software offerings.
  • Decommissioned old servers Linux and Solaris.
  • Used options in VMware and Logical Volume Management, to add storage to running servers by request.
  • LDAP and AD management using scripts and manual adds. I managed the OpenLDAP servers in our environment and have organized and added sudoers groups and organizational units to allow ease of adding server access via sudoers groups.
  • Wrote BASH scripts to automate repeated tasks. When my team and I started working with Ansible, we converted several of these scripts or processes to run in Ansible.
  • Worked with other teams which included our operations team and project management teams to run a project that migrated Redhat 5 servers in our environments to rhel 6 and rhel 7. Once we migrated them, I implemented a process where we swapped out the old servers with little to no downtime.

Confidential, Canton, Massachusetts

Desktop Support Specialist


  • Provided company-wide software and hardware support across several states.
  • Installed and configured Ubuntu servers for internal and production use.
  • Managed company backups onsite and offsite.
  • Implemented ticketing system for enhanced tracking of issues and projects.
  • Implemented an inventory tracking system for hardware and software.
  • Organized and built internal PCs and Servers.
  • Managed company phone deployment and support.
  • Installed and managed VMware systems.
  • Provided support through VNC and LogMeIn to field technicians.
  • Provided support for phone system internal and remote sites.

Confidential, Smithfield, Rhode Island

Information Systems Helpdesk Technician


  • Provided company-wide remote IT support for over 7,000 stores across the US.
  • Provided phone support for hardware, software, and peripherals.
  • Provided support through VNC to stores for Confidential Blade Servers.

Confidential, DeKalb, Illinois

Information Technology/Information Systems Manager


  • Managed all computing needs across 13 radio stations in three states, in person and remotely using LogMeIn.
  • Built, upgraded, and repaired computers in each of the stations as needed.
  • Designed and built company websites for each station.
  • Provided on-call services for emergencies for radio stations and corporate staff.
  • Trained radio station and corporate staff to use various software and hardware.
  • Provided company-wide phone and remote support.
  • Installed, upgraded, and maintained Peachtree accounting software.
  • Designed and implemented advertising flyers and pages using Photoshop.
  • Maintained backup images of workstations with Acronis True Image.
  • Maintained and improved network infrastructures in each radio station.
  • Improved basic FTP usage by implementing Filezilla FTP Client in each radio station.
  • Information Technology/Information Systems Manager (Contractor)
  • Continued to provide the above services remotely as contracted labor due to cross-country relocation.

Confidential, DeKalb, Illinois



  • Provided contract computer support for local businesses.
  • Designed and maintained websites for client companies.
  • Provided remote computer support for technological emergencies using LogMeIn.
  • Ran and maintained CentOS 6 Linux web server for website development and testing.

Confidential, DeKalb, Illinois

Information Technology/Information Systems Administrator


  • Managed company-wide upgrade process for hardware and software at an industrial automation design company.
  • Maintained Windows 2000 Active Directory and Terminal Server with group policy.
  • Implemented SonicWALL VPN Device and setup clients for tunnel.
  • Created custom systems/solutions for portable CAD applications.
  • Administered Confidential Repository system.
  • Built, configured and supported client systems used to control industrial machines.
  • Developed new productivity processes for engineering staff.
  • Engaged in administrative assistant duties.

Confidential, Sycamore, Illinois

Repair Technician


  • Oversaw management of work load in computer repair department for two years at Internet Service Provider and computer consulting firm.
  • Provided extensive phone support for clients regarding Internet, hardware and software.
  • Completed custom system builds for clients using Symantec Ghost to build and deploy system images with OEM tools.
  • Worked directly with customers to help them resolve issues that were unresolvable by phone or email.
  • Diagnosed and repaired hardware and software issues in desktop and server environments.

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