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Sas Administrator Resume

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Charlotte, NC


  • 6+ years of experience in SAS Enterprise Business Server Administration with a strong background in UNIX Systems Administration with on-call production support.
  • Extensive experience in migrating SAS Enterprise Server from SAS 9.1.3 SP4 to SAS 9.2 M3 on UNIX environments.
  • Extensive hands on experience in SAS BI on SAS 9.1.2, SAS 9.1.3 and SAS 9.2 platforms, including SAS Connect, SAS/Intranet Server, SAS OLAP Server, SAS Metadata Server, SAS Object Spawner, SAS Information Delivery Portal, SAS Management Console, Enterprise Guide, OLAP Studio, Data Integration Studio, Web Report Studio, OLAP Viewer for Java, SAS Performance Forecast Server, SAS Connect Server, SAS Web Infrastructure Platform, SAS Enterprise Miner.
  • Highly experienced in working with Relational Database Management Systems like Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Teradata.
  • Good understanding of the SAS Webtier and SAS Server Tier Architecture with excellent troubleshooting skills
  • Extensive experience in installing, configuring and testing SAS/Access Interface to Oracle, MS-SQL Server & Teradata on SAS Enterprise Platform.
  • Excellent Installation & Configuration experience of SAS 9.2 on Enterprise UNIX environment.
  • Experienced in installing, configuring and supporting Web Application Servers like Tomcat, Apache, Web sphere, Web logic, Jboss.
  • Good knowledge on tuning the SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence Server Platform to optimize the Server Performance
  • Specialized in designing, implementing, and maintaining security using SAS Metadata and ACL's on AIX
  • Responsible for Monitoring, reporting, and controlling SAS Server usage
  • Involved in packaging SAS client side components that could be pushed to the end users computers instead of the manual installation process

SAS Software: SAS EBI 9.2, SAS BI 9.1.3, SAS 9.1.2, SAS Base 8
SAS Administration: SAS Connect, SAS OLAP Server, Metadata Server, Object Spawner, SAS Management Console, Enterprise Guide 3.1.4x,4.1.495/500,4.2 OLAP Studio, Data Integration Studio, Web Report Studio 3.1, 3.2, OLAP Viewer for Java, Enterprise Miner 5.2,6.1, SAS Access Interface to Oracle, DB2, Teradata, SQL Server
UNIX Administration: SOLARIS Enterprise Server Version, Solaris 2.8/5.9/5.10 HP-UX 9, 10, 11, IBM AIX 5.3, 6.1, Windows 2000, VERITAS Volume Manager 3x/4x, VERITAS File systems, Tidal, Autosys, Control+M, HP Open View 5.5, SSH, telnet, rlogin, rsh, Cygwin.
Hardware: Sun fire 3800/280R/480R/25000, SUN M-series, HP rx3600/6000, HP SuperDomes, IBM p-series


  • Bachelors in Engineering


Confidential, June 2011 - Present
Charlotte, NC
SAS Administrator


  • Successfully upgraded the SAS maintenance level from SAS 9.2 M2 to SAS 9.2 M3 on the server tier and midtier.
  • Identified the users with the SAS 9.2 M2 clients and upgraded them to the SAS 9.2 M3 clients.
  • SAS servers and user support for the SAS 9.1.3 and SAS 9.2
  • Involved in the process of planning for the installation of the SAS 9.3
  • Created scripts for restarting the server and midtier, which checks the availability of the online SAS Portal and sends in an email to the SAS Admin group if the SAS Portal is not responding.
  • Installed and tested hot fixes for SAS 9.2 M3.
  • Upgraded the existing JBOSS version from 4.2.0 to 4.2.3 for a better performance.
  • Effectively tested and packaged SAS components like JMP 9, SAS Activexgraph and Enterprise Guide 4.3. These packages are pushed directly to the user's computer minimizing the efforts for a manual installation.
  • Identify the number of users for the renewal of SAS Desktop components for the year 2012 across Wells Fargo.
  • Monitor the tickets and troubleshoot/Resolve user incidents
  • Supervise SAS admin emails bucket and troubleshoot and timely respond
  • Attend meeting with SAS Users in order to resolve their day-to-day SAS issues/special requests
  • Help End user code level problems over the telephone or by providing in-person support
  • Work/Co-ordinate with IT/Support teams to gain necessary approvals as part of companies rules and policies in order to provide user permissions etc
  • Identify end user's desktop's SAS applications and upgrade them timely by taking directions from SAS Institute support
  • Ensure user's new library requests are considered and create libraries according to their project needs by using SMC and test their libraries from Enterprise Guide with a through test process.
  • Resolve end users logging issues while connecting to the SAS Servers
  • On boarding new users on to the SAS platform by requesting for a UNIX ID and setting up the user on the SAS Metadata with security implemented on the directories on the UNIX side.
  • Coordinate with the users and SAS support in reporting any bugs or resolving any issues.
  • Ensure SAS Internet sites are up and running by verifying respective port numbers.
  • Identify peak and non-peak production hours and schedule activities accordingly
  • Build Knowledge base articles for SAS while troubleshooting on day to day basis and update in share point portal for future references

Confidential, January 2010 - May 2011
Sr.SAS Administrator (SAS EBI)

SAS Enterprise Application Server 9.1.3 With SP4 to 9.2 Migration Expérience

  • Successfully migrated from SAS 9.1.3 to SAS 9.2 including SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence tools like EMiner, Enterprise Guide and Web Report Studio on Solaris operating system.
  • Migrated CODE and Datasets from old Server environments to the newly migrated SAS processing Server within Solaris ZONES
  • Effectively completed the migration project by working closely with the UNIX and SAN Storage Engineering teams from beginning to end.
  • Implemented group based authentication on the newly migrated SAS environment by developing a batch script.
  • Migrated Base SAS code from SAS 9.1.3 to 9.2
  • Involved in transitioning application migration projects by separating groups within SAS hosted environments between two different hardware setups
  • Targeted the completion of SAS application migration from the existing environment within 90 days by working closely with the Project Manager.
  • Promoted SAS/Access Interface to Oracle, SQL server and Teradata on the newly built SAS 9.2 setup by reconfiguring SASROOT! 's host specific files and tested with the SAS end user community.
  • Installed SAS 9.2 using site specific plan file Worked very closely with SAS Cary and used Plan file while implementing the new SAS 9.2 installation and achieved success in all SAS components while performing their sub-sequent test analysis both from Server side and SAS Client side by using SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS Base in Unix enviornment.
  • Performed post installation procedures to make sure SASROOT file systems point to the new 9.2 installation by exporting external Database client installations
  • Customized by implementing SAS Batch scripts to make jobs run via Autosys

SAS Web Infrastructure Platform Administration Tasks

  • Add/remove users from the application side up on the request that are made by SAS Developers
  • Install, configure and deploy SAS Web applications on JBOSS and administer by configuring JVM, SAS Stored Process Server on a UNIX 64 bit enabled platform.
  • Tuned SAS Stored Process Server Web Application parameters to incorporate auto logon without using the SAS Logon Manager.
  • Implemented security by changing the configuration files in the JBOSS Web Application Server.
  • Migrated SAS Stored Process codes from existing environment to SAS 9.2 Stored Process Web Application.
  • Installed and configured SAS Web Report Studio server side components and deployed the application in JBOSS Web Application Server.
  • Assigned Web Report Studio roles to users.
  • Manage web based users and their profiles on the client side.
  • Install client side web report studio and setup the client side profiles for the users on daily basis.
  • Provide access authorization and with the respective domain authentication.
  • Conduct SAS Web Report Studio and SAS Stored Process Web Application awareness trainings to the SAS user community by consulting SAS Institute with proper presentations.
  • Ensured high availability of the Web Application Server by making sure that the JBOSS services is up and running at all times.
  • Installed and configured SAS Content Server as the WebDAV and implemented a directory structure for storing Images and html pages required for SAS Web Applications.
  • Made sure users have sufficient space to store their outputs on the report repository by conducting meetings with the business managers to get an estimate of the current usage versus forecasted usage.

New Deployment Responsibility:

  • Work with IT/Support teams and make them understand on the SAS upcoming requirements and co-ordinate with them by running through Project timelines.
  • Work as a One Point Contact for Project SAS Admins and take their requirements (Example: Additional Disk space to their current project) and drive with IT support teams to ensure they get on time.

Self-Initiatives & Recent Achievements for SAS:

  • Identified current manual procedure of adding new users into metadata servers. Came up with a script and scheduled it in Autosys under production, which enables automatic update of user passwords into metadata on daily basis.
  • Identified Users desktop SAS Application tools and upgraded their EG 4.1 to EG 4.2
  • Identified small group of users; created work space; created a separate SAS Server; and implemented metadata user authentication process
  • Implemented Scripts that automated User's /work file system thresholds and email to SAS Admins as a pro-active initiatives in order to free up the space

Confidential, December 2007 - December 2009
Baltimore, MD
SAS Administrator

Daily SAS BI 9.1.3 (SP 4) Server Side Support Responsibility:

  • Responsible for SAS 9.1.3 Application Server hosted on SunFire 25000 towers with four different Servers for different in house clients requirements
  • Manage Metadata Server and ensure it's up and running without any performance issues
  • Performed Metadata Server tuning by changing the parameters in the omaconfig.xml and sasv9.usermod configuration files.
  • Responsible for in house reporting web sites, which are equipped with the SAS Servers and ensure all the intranet websites SAS data availability to let them view their reports regularly
  • Worked with the various business managers to spread awareness about the SAS Enterprise Platform and migrate users from PC SAS to Enterprise SAS on UNIX.
  • Responsible for managing SAS Internet/Server, AppServer,Object Spawner, Application Server on the primary Solaris operating environment.
  • Responsible for managing production support/maintenance issues of SAS 9.1.3 Application with 85 Terra bytes of Data under SPDS environment
  • Scheduled 24/7 production jobs using Tidal
  • Responsible for creating new libraries for upcoming small scaled projects to the end users in SAS Server using SAS Management Console (SMC 9.1.3)
  • Create/Manage SPDS users and responsible for backing up their day to day data
  • Responsible for helping end users (SAS Developers) in terms of allotting user quota and resolving their SAS dataset level issues
  • Initiated new group requests by coordinating with the Mid Range UNIX team, Storage Engineering team and Backup Ops to ensure timely completion of projects.
  • Responsible for end user's data management (Work Space)
  • Responsible for SAS Web Report Studio application server's uptime and availability along with WEBDAV repository for WRS in SAS Management Console
  • Responsible for internal production processes in terms of setting up SAS Access/ Interface to SQL Server and Oracle Database using ODBC connectivity method by following the change process for TEST/DEV/INTG/PROD Servers
  • Responsible for all the production jobs that are running in Tidal [Scheduler] and co-ordinate with Unix System administrators in ensuring all the jobs are running smooth,
  • Responsible for making the web based SAS services like Enterprise Miner [Web based] and SAS Stored Process Web Application connectivity has no performance impact on the SAS Metadata Server.
  • Conducted base SAS training to offshore [India SAS Admins]

Project Implementations Performed:

Web Report Studio - Implementation

  • Installed WRS on HP-UX Environment successfully
  • Tomcat Web Server at port 8080
  • Installing Web Report Studio in the existing SAS installation on all the 4 environments [TEST, DEV, INTG, PROD]
  • Created new users and provided access rights by allotting disk space
  • Created WEBDAV repository for all the end users reports using SAS Management Console
  • Created log locations for future troubleshooting
  • Included application availability scripts in HP Open View monitoring system to receive pro-active alerts for effective system administration.

SAS Access Interface to MS SQL Server & Oracle Databases-Implemented

  • Installed ODBC drivers
  • Installed SAS Access interface drivers for both SQL server and Oracle on a HP-UX and Solaris Environments
  • Created odbc.ini file and pointed the path for the installation of drivers for ODBC
  • Specified Production database instances along with the user credentials in ODBC file and implemented successfully and made sure all the production users are connected from SAS servers to respective production databases without any issues
  • Responsible for day to day external database support for all the internal SAS Programmers/Developers as a SAS Administrator

Web Based Enterprise Miner 5.2 for End Users - Implementation

  • Installed SAS Analytics Platform Server on the Metadata Server 9
  • Installed, configured SAS Enterprise Miner Server 5.2
  • Enabled the ports 5098 in order to make Enterprise miner
  • Installed SAS Services Application
  • Thorough testing exercises have implemented on the client side to make sure data mining process is stable
  • Tested the RMI Server remote method invocation using SAS AP Platform server which allows to go to the web site
  • Installed respective JRE latest versions on the client side before they test using web site for E-miner 5.2
  • Created Default user libraries to get more space while they create any data sources in E-Miner for effective data storage management purposes from the end-user perspective

Confidential, May 2005 - November 2007
Durham, NC
UNIX Administrator/ SAS Application Support

Responsibilities for the Production, Development, Test, QA Environments:

  • Responsible for installing SAS Enterprise components on the client side
  • Primary on-call (24*7) support engineer for SAS production Servers
  • Responsible for making sure jobs run smoothly in SAS environment which includes working with AUTOSYS scheduling team and making sure there is no production loss
  • Responsible for test builds for SAS and create documentation for future references and update them in share point sites internally
  • Configuring the databases parameters, reorganizing, creating, checking, extending table space, administer database security, create users, grant/revoke roles, privileges, extended databases storage capacity, manage data files, rollback segments, extents, segments, rebuilding indexes.
  • Export-Import databases from one schema to another schema.
  • Responsible for SAS Application tuning by modifying the configuration parameters.
  • Tuning of I/O, which includes separating data files and Redo log files on different locations, Striping of table data, and separating of tables and indexes on different locations. Reducing Disk I/O Contention etc.
  • Configuration and Administration of Solaris servers for testing and Production environments
  • Responsible for Managing SUN Solaris Based Server environments both production and QA based Servers
  • Responsible for Capacity planning on a yearly basis to ensure availability of resources like CPU and memory.
  • Manage new installs, Test builds and any application installation setups
  • Responsible for day to day system administration activities on SUN based platform servers
  • Manage Tomcat and Apache Web Servers
  • Responsible for managing Send Mail, Oracle 8, HP Open View, IBM HTTP Server, Web Sphere.
  • Perform Remote Administration Using Tools like Exceed
  • Responsible for SUN Volume Management, SMC, CDE, Scripting (Shell, PERL).
  • Responsible for monitoring CPU usage, Disk usage, and system resources
  • Overseeing installation and configuration of new system hardware and upgrades.
  • Co-coordinating Unix Administration tasks for new system and enhancement of existing systems.
  • Responsible for system auditing and perform Network Monitoring.
  • Installation, configuration & maintenance of Solaris, HP-UX and Linux servers.
  • Installation, Configuration and Client/server environment setup, Designing and creating the database for Different Environment on Oracle.
  • Support the application development teams for database needs and guidance
  • Created Users, Roles with privileges. Grant the appropriate Roles.
  • Monitored & Tuned The Database and Application Performance
  • Installation and administration of Web logic 6.1, IBM Web Sphere 4.0, Apache with Tomcat, LDAP, Oracle9i AS & MQ Series on Unix
  • Developed & Maintained Shell Scripts to automate the Startup & Shutdown; monitor process/jobs status.
  • Involved in the design and implementation of various strategies to optimize data center performance and throughput. These strategies comprised of database optimization techniques, backup solutions and performance management across operating systems. In addition I was also responsible for automation of various day-to-day operations giving assistance to development teams in setting up their environments.

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