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Data Analyst Intern Resume


  • To seek a full - time position in the field of data analytics.


  • Performed simple linear regression analysis on number of person waiting in the queue at the checkout counters which incurs a certain amount of dollars in loss to Walmart.
  • Took waiting time in the queue as predictor variable and observed the impact of this on checkout time.
  • Conducted regression analysis using SAS® 9.4, which generated Analysis of Variance output, residual analysis, Normal probability plot, scatter plots and Modified Levene test.
  • Designed a balanced complete two factorial experiment. Impact of the factors (1) the Nozzle Temperature and (2) the Nozzle-bed Distance on the width of the 3D printed struts in a 3D printing technique known as Fused Deposition Modeling.
  • Nozzle-bed Distance was found to be the most important factor affecting the struts width.
  • Carried out preliminary analysis with the help of SAS® 9.4. Pairwise comparison by Bonferroni method, multiple comparisons for a pre-selected set of contrasts and interaction and correlation plots were obtained.


Tools: SAS Base, SAS Macros, SAS SQL, SAS ETL, SAS ODS, Tableau, Six Sigma, Minitab, Oracle r12 based ERP system MS Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.

Simulation Software: LabVIEW, Modular OPNET, Cadence, Spice, SIMIO.



Data Analyst Intern


  • Monitored and maintained physical stocks of unfurnished goods by creating stock reconciliation reports on daily basis using SAS ® 9 based system.
  • Developed SAS programs to create datasets for further analysis for vendor management, price negotiations and stock replenishment.
  • Interpreted statistical model using linear and logistic regression to identify possible delays in shipment delivery.
  • Optimized report generating model to synchronize delivery schedule of new suppliers with manufacturing demand.
  • Identified and analyzed suppliers which were sluggish and were hampering the efficiency of the whole plant.
  • Developed and analyzed reports using SAS/STAT, PROC SQL and other SAS procedures.
  • Used Tableau for supplier selection based on quality, cost, and delivery efficiency.
  • Involved in developing a predictive model and analyzing it to ensure definite delivery of products and maintaining regular follow up with the vendors.


Sourcing Associate


  • Created and implemented order and delivery plans as per requirement from Category Managers.
  • Processed requests from suppliers regarding information, quotations, proposals, and bidding processes.
  • Evaluated current and potential suppliers based on quality, delivery, and cost objectives.

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