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Analytics Manager Resume


Result driven analytics professional looking forward to challenging data analyst opportunities.


  • 3.5 years of data analyst experience in market research.
  • Proficient in statistical modeling and analysis.
  • Specialization in Regression Analysis, Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis, Operation Research (OR), Optimization Technique (OT) and Industrial Statistics, Reliability and Statistical Quality Control.
  • Experience in assessing project performance and providing strategic solution.
  • Knowledge in different statistical analytics software.
  • Complete implementation of multiple large scale projects and multi country market research projects.


  • R programming, SAS
  • SPSS
  • Minitab
  • Quantum, ADL (Magic)
  • SQL, RDBMS concepts
  • Working knowledge of Python



Analytics Manager


  • Created questionnaires to survey existing brand variants across the globe (in almost 60 countries). Provided deep drive analysis based on survey results using statistical modeling, compared results with previous quarters/years (using trackers and scorecards) and measured performance metrics against other competitors .
  • Before lunching a new product, created questionnaires for surveys, analyzed survey results using statistical tools and measured expected performance with respect to existing products and forecasted revenue potential in business which impacted introduction of a new tobacco pack or a flavor in the global market.
  • Created data screening/analysis program and implemented weights using Quantum & SPSS.
  • Analyzed how the change in pack size, color, design, quality and flavor change impacted consumer behaviors and calculated Consumer Disposition Funnel i.e. awareness, consideration, trials, repertoire and loyalty for consumers. Switcher calculation for smoker as well as starter (new smoker & smoking duration less than 6 months), up - trend & down-trend percentage (percentage of smokers switching to low price category to high price category and vice versa).
  • Found coefficients by discriminant analysis for different segments based on previous year to find out the appropriate segments for the current year.
  • Conducted project feasibility studies and prepared reports to assess the financial viability, predictable cash flow & growth opportunities for business. Monitored / tracked projects with respect to time over-runs to ensure timely execution of projects assessing project performance and providing strategic solutions.
  • Created a universal brand list for all cigarette variants in the different markets for BAT and delivered overall brand performance picture in form of charts and comparison reports.

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