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Lead Sas Engineer Resume

Denver, CO


  • I led Confidential SAS migration project as the lead System Engineer in helping Confidential restructure its IT Business Analytics department to be tailored towards end - user centered while saving about 1.5 million dollars in SAS licensing.
  • I helped changed the direction of Confidential SAS from SAS EG per user licensing to web based SAS Studio free licensing products.
  • I architecture a new three tier SAS deployment on AIX with specific focus on file system performance and large data storage techniques.
  • I also incorporated Hadoop into Confidential big data architecture to help drive SAS to RDBMs performance.
  • I have installed and configured SAS Grid in 20 node cluster for production, 12 node Test and Dev platforms on Linux redhat 7 with Isilon clustered file systems.


Confidential, Denver, CO

Lead SAS Engineer


  • Deployed end user SAS applications and make sure all the client/server connectivity is intact without any performance issues.
  • Managed SAS Connect server, Metadata Server, Object Spawner, OLAP server, Stored Process Server on the Linux environment
  • Supported Users Migration from Hyperion SAS EG also making sure they have appropriate access and Users Credentials have been defined properly.
  • Create Powerbroker Groups and Service ids to help users run jobs on Confidential specific batch tool
  • Experience with SAS 9.4, 9.3 also Installed and Configured client components like SAS Enterprise Guide 7.12, PC SAS 9.4, 9.3 & 9.1, SAS Enterprise Miner 14.1and SAS OLAP Cube 4.3, SAS Information Map Studio 4.31 and Troubleshoot Technical Problems.
  • Installed and configured SAS Access to Oracle, DB2, Teradata, atabase and Hadoop
  • Configure Odbc.ini files to Connect to Hadoop And SQL,
  • Interact with various teams to ensure a stable production environment, including but not limited to client facing support, application developers, business analysts, and infrastructure.
  • Escalated the issues and worked closely with SAS Support in resolving issues related to users and environment.
  • Developed shell script and SAS code to monitoring workspace and disk quota of SAS environment, Send email notification to end user whenever utilization is above threshold.
  • Developed Utilities to check Users Disk Quota, Cleanup User Workspace, Tool to provide user info, etc.
  • Supported 1500+ Users and serve as a first line defense for User Issues.
  • Monitor storage growth and work with user areas to develop purge criteria. Coordinate with other IT groups on performance, storage issues, etc
  • Monitoring of servers, databases and workstations to ensure availability and efficiency.
  • Document operational processes and recovery procedures
  • Maintain environment configuration information
  • Supported Onsite and Offshore development Teams.
  • Administer user access and security on the system


SAS GRID Platform Engineer


  • Team lead on ongoing SAS platform migration from Solaris Unix platform to 20 node SAS production, 6 node UAT and 6 node development Redhat Linux Grid platform
  • Created Database cataloging for all RDBMS including DB2, Sybase, SQL Server, Teradata and oracle
  • Created bi-directional SSH Keys from server to server to enable users to seemingly transfer data between various platforms
  • Created batch jobs with shell scripts to submit SAS autosys jobs
  • Used SASGSUB command with Grid options to submit jobs to the SAS grid
  • Created SFTP macros for SAS file transfer between Unix and LAN’s
  • Set up Grid Option sets for various departments to run their jobs in queues that were assigned to them
  • Used SAS Platform RTM and Environment manager to manage SAS Grid environment
  • Worked on shared files system such as GPFS file systems
  • Configured metadata server for high availability using SAS Grid Manager 9.4
  • Configured LSF environments to observe queue priority and queue preemption
  • Designed migration documentation project plan to meet required customer standards
  • Configured CPU Utilization threshold on servers and apply loads to the grid
  • Designed project implementation timeline and project delivery timeline templates
  • Configured two other nodes in the Grid set up as Master candidates
  • Coordinate with all end-users on specific applications needed to perform migration and specific application changes needed to be able to run the applications on the new platform
  • Assisted SAS Institute to Load Balance workspace servers,
  • Performed pre-migration testing on various applications components found in user environment
  • Performed all code changes and migrated applications onto the new environment
  • Performed post migration testing of all application and Grid enabled the applications to run on the platform Grid server
  • Performing system administration and at the current ongoing project delivery timeline


SAS Engineer


  • I managed the entire SAS infrastructure platform for Confidential
  • I design a three tier server architecture of the Enterprise Analytical system
  • I installed and configured the SAS Infrastructure platform for critical analytical applications to become functional.
  • I led the design, installation and configuration project as a one-man team from start to finish completing critical project plans and meeting deadlines for the project delivery
  • I was responsible for the day to day running of the SAS infrastructure platform and administering the platform performing duties such as Creating and adding users, groups, roles on the SAS Metadata server using management console. Identified configuration directory folders owners and security set up such as SASMeta, SASApp, creating Profiles for SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS Enterprise Miner Users, provide/grant access to the users
  • Applied patches and hot fixes using SAS Deployment registry report on windows server
  • Configured SAS PC file server to enable connectivity to Microsoft products
  • Migrated the entire business analytics datasets from an old SAS environment to new SAS environment.
  • I created a back-up strategy for disaster recovery purposes and tested data streaming capabilities and recovery points of the backup system
  • Perform system performance monitoring using various software’s such Microsoft xperf to determine performance metrics such as disk utilization, system throughput, CPU utilization and memory utilization
  • Helped train end-users on best practices and how to get the best utilization out of the configured applications

Confidential, Philadelphia

Sr. SAS Platform Engineer


  • Query optimization using system admin tools to monitor CPU utilization, MEMORY utilization, DISK I/O, throughput, system Latency and network performance for SAS servers and services by individual PID’s
  • Configured SAS environment manager to measure key system metrics and parameters
  • Administers and monitors the overall health of the SAS platform and data warehouse.
  • Performs performance tuning, capacity and utilization monitoring, backup strategy and disaster recovery planning.
  • Applied patches and hot fixes as required using deployment registry tool in SAS to identify system specific hot fixes.
  • Created and validated SAS Access to Hadoop
  • Wrote simple proc Hadoop queries to test connectivity to Hadoop
  • Securing metadata, including the following: metadata security, metadata permissions, securing content in the folder tree, secure access to SAS data, secure access to OLAP
  • Data, secure reports, create and apply ACTs, and use SAS token authentication.
  • Setting up data access, including registering libraries and tables in the metadata,
  • Updating table metadata, setting up data access, troubleshooting data access.
  • Administering users, groups, and roles.
  • Create and Manage SAS Software Depots including license renewals.
  • Coordinated migration of 2 Terabyte data from one environment to another and validate the data upon migration.
  • Creating SAS libraries and registering SAS datasets.
  • Created user profiles for client tools such SAS EG on user machine based on Work Orders and Access Requested Tickets
  • Worked closely with SAS Support in resolving the SAS server and user issues.
  • Installs, upgrades and manages packages via RPM and YUM package management
  • Manages Patches configuration, version control, service pack and reviews connectivity issues regarding security problem. Manages systems routine backup, scheduling jobs and enabling cron jobs
  • Responsible for creating and managing user accounts, security, rights, disk space and process monitoring in Red Hat Linux server
  • Remote system administration via tools like SSH and Telnet


Senior Associate (SAS Analyst)


  • Produced SAS Ad-hoc reports from outcomes, utilization and claims data
  • Maintained and ran weekly, monthly and Quarterly reports using SAS.
  • Automated the entire monthly and Quarterly data update processes employing SAS Macros and involving reading large volumes of external files of different formats, data cleansing and manipulations.
  • Modified legacy SAS codes to enhance appearance of Reports, ODS proc template and SAS Graph
  • Produced excel, access and SAS batch files for scheduled execution.
  • Developed a Data Dictionary tool that takes search terms and suggests table and variable names, used for quick ad-hoc reporting.
  • Documented Production SAS Codes to meet ‘Best Practices’ requirements.
  • Modified Legacy SAS Macros and New Macros
  • Rewrote department SAS programs, improving their efficiency for time, memory usage and maintenance.
  • Produced SAS Ad-hoc reports from outcomes, utilization and claims data and generating presentation graphs for clients
  • Modified legacy SAS codes to enhance appearance of Reports, ODS proc template and SAS Grap

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