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Senior Statistical Programmer Resume


Statistics Software Skills at Expert Level: SAS, SPSS, SAS MACRO, Enterprise Miner, STATA, R, CART, CHAID, JUMP etc. Other

Software Skills at Advanced Level: MicroSoft Office, Word, Excel, Bloomberg, Oracle, PowerPoint, Lotus etc.

Program Languages with Advanced Level: SQL, C, C++, Visual Basic, Fortran etc.

Computer System: UNIX, Window NT, MainFrame etc.

Database and other: Informix, Oracle, EPIPHANY, SIEBEL and TOAD, DBAccess etc.


Senior statistical programmer



  • Participated in complete project lifecycle: requirements gathering, programming, troubleshooting, quality assurance, and creation of final deliverables of clinical trial and healthcare research studies, including:
  • Interoperated research protocols and created adequately documented in consultation with principal investigators and scientific staff.
  • Writing SAS programs for data manipulation, such as Conducted data quality check and addressed problems appropriately to ensure integrity of data used for analysis and reporting.
  • Writing SAS programs to generate statistical analyses, such as, explanatory analysis, produce tables, listings, figures
  • Wrote output delivery system (ODS) programs to deliver results ).
  • Perform SAS programming using more complex techniques as SAS macro language, advanced data manipulation techniques, and statistical procedures (e.g., PROC GLM, PROC FREQ, PROC REPORT, PROC Phreg, PROC MIXED). Defined the metrics and statistical methods used in projects.
  • Developed advanced SAS macros to improve program efficiency and provided standardization within and across projects.
  • Ensured project goals, project milestones and quality of deliverables were met.
  • Performed ad - hoc queries for internal and external customers.
  • Represented statistical programming within the clinical study team and liaised with clients.

Sr Statistical analyst



  • Serve as project Manager to propose a research plan based on the business requirement and conduct preliminary research on the feasibility of methodology and to oversee project progress and to complete projects project lifecycle: requirements gathering, data extraction and manipulation and statistical analysis and programming, troubleshooting, quality assurance, and creation of final deliverables of result.
  • Present the research plan to internal audience and interoperated research protocols and created adequately documentation on project processing and consultation with external clients or internal clients and experts. develop SAS Macro program for data extraction, manipulation and modeling analysis.
  • Conduct research to investigate key issues with the data, statistical analysis and report findings.
  • Satisfaction Survey of Health Insurance Plans in Massachusetts.
  • Designed the two stages sampling method (PPR for the cluster sampling in first stage sampling and SRS for subject sampling in the second stage sampling) and questionnaire in the survey, and analyze the survey data to evaluate service performance of health insurance plans in MASS.

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