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Sas Administrator Resume

Van Buren Twp, MI


  • 15 years of experience in the field of Information Technology services.
  • 6 years of SAS Administration experience on Solaris, Linux, IBM Mainframe, and Windows.
  • 10 years of solid experience in designing, developing, and maintaining Finance related programs utilizing COBOL, JCL, SAS, IMS DC, CICS, VSAM, and DB2 in an IBM Mainframe environment.


Hardware: Sun SPARC/M4000, IBM Z/OS MainframeIBM S/390

Operating Systems: MVS, Z/OSUnix/Solaris 10 (64 bit)MS Windows, Linux/ RHEL

Software: Base SAS(PC/Unix/Linux)SAS BI Platform (Unix)SAS Administration (9.1.3/9.2)SAS Enterprise GuideSAS Management ConsoleSAS PortalSAS Web Report StudioWebLogic AdministrationCICS, IMS/DCInformatica Powercenter 8 ADS PlusEndevor, PUPSMVS Socket ConnectApache Tomcat CA7, Control M

Languages: COBOL MVSVS COBOL IISAS 9.1.3, JCLSQLDCLUnix ShellAssemblerC and C++Visual Basic 5.0/6.0HTMLVB Script

Tools: SAS Deployment WizardSAS Hotfix ToolsSAS EG Stored ProcessTabloXpediterFile - Aid/Abend-AidDB2 ExplainBMP/MPP ShellSPUFI/QMFStrobe/iStobeSyncSort, PL/SQLSqlplusInformatica Data Explorer

Database/Access Methods: Vertica (Version 6.0)DB2 (Rel 8)OracleVSAMSAS Access to TeradataSAS Access to OracleSAS Access to ODBCMS Access/ExcelDB2 Stored ProceduresInformatica ETLZFS


  • Drive for results.
  • Very adaptable to new work environments.
  • Flexible work schedules to meet project deadlines.
  • Excellent problem solving under pressure.
  • Good team player.
  • Responds well to supervision.
  • Multitasks and prioritize workloads.
  • Good Personal and Interpersonal skills.
  • Takes initiative.


SAS Administrator

Confidential, Van Buren Twp, MI


  • Administers the SAS Business Intelligence Platform built on a two-tier architecture with Apache Tomcat Server on the Web tier and SAS Server on the Compute tier.
  • Manages the Installation and Maintenance of SAS BI components on the Client and Server .
  • Creates SAS Stored Procedures using SAS Enterprise Guide to be used with SAS AMO.
  • Administers the SAS Warranty Analysis tool and SAS SPDS Data Mart used by ~800 Quality Users and Engineers worldwide.
  • Manages over 1000 warranty batch reports published by Quality Engineers.
  • Manages the early warnings batch reports generated from SAS Emerging Issues/Predictive Analytics process.
  • Creates and Manages SAS Reports utilizing Base SAS, SAS EG, OLAP Cubes, and SAS Web Report Studio.
  • Manages the Information Map for Reports using SAS Information Map Studio.
  • Works as a Software Release manager and maintains the Licensing for SAS installation.
  • Applied over 50 hotfixes/patches from SAS for various products in the past one year.
  • Maintains the SAS ETL process written in Base SAS to load data from Oracle Source tables utilizing SAS Access to Oracle, SAS Access to ODBC/Vertica Client and Informatica Powercenter tools.
  • Creates SAS Installation instructions and provides SAS BI Tools training for new users.
  • Manages SAS Metadata for WRS Reports, User Authorization, and Logical Server maintenance utilizing SAS Management Console.
  • Administers the SAS Information Delivery Portal and maintains the SAS Portal Security, Content, and Customizations.
  • Creates complex SAS routines utilizing SAS Macros and Base SAS to help facilitate the SAS user requests.
  • Manages the Base SAS configuration for optimal performance.
  • Resolves SAS user issues and coordinate issue resolution with SAS support.
  • Provides 24 x 7 supports for the SAS Servers and SAS Batch Process.
  • Successfully upgraded SAS from SAS release 9.1.3 to 9.2 utilizing SAS Migration Utilities (SMU).

Systems Analyst

Confidential, Farmington Hills, MI


  • Supports McKesson Health Quest application for more than 20 hospitals running in four different LPARS in Production and Integrated regions.
  • Performs Analysis, design, implementation, and testing of patient management programs.
  • Provides application support for various components of the Health Quest product including but not limited to COBOL online CICS transactions, ADS Screens, DAF(Data Access Facility), Table Manager utilities, VSAM Files, COBOL Batch programs, ADS Plus, DCL, etc.
  • Installed new releases of McKesson Health Quest products.
  • Participates in on call rotation for hospitals on a 24/7 basis.
  • Implemented Audit Logging capability for Patient Management system.
  • Modified several registration screens for hospital Admit Discharge and Transfer functions.
  • Worked extensively with Health Quest business team to resolve production issues, and create functional specifications.

Project Lead



  • Administered the SAS programs and files on Mainframe and Linux servers for Operations Research and Risk Management systems.
  • Maintained Operations Research Data Warehouse, SAS programs, and Shell programs on the Linux server.
  • Supported Risk and Statistical systems for Ford Credit Asia Pacific and North America.
  • Lead the integration efforts of Risk IT operations from Asia and Africa to Dearborn, MI.
  • Responsible for the Operations Research Linux server and SAS software upgrades.
  • Scheduled and Maintained the CA7 SAS Jobs/JCL on the Mainframe system.
  • Provided pager support for the Linux Server and Batch jobs (JCLs) on the Mainframe CA7 system.
  • Played a key role in the design and integration of the RouteOne dealer system with the Legacy Mainframe Loan origination system.
  • This project integrated credit technologies.
  • Designed and implemented various Credit related tools like Electronic Tier Analysis, Sensitivity Analysis, Dealer Text Messaging etc for Ford Credit RouteOne systems.
  • Coded several complex CICS & IMS COBOL transactions utilizing COBOL, DB2, and VSAM.
  • Worked closely with business customers on the requirements gathering and User Acceptance testing phases.
  • Utilized Unified SDM technology for Use Case/design documents
  • Created Transaction design documents for Mainframe team.
  • Created detailed Unit and Integration test plans.
  • Participated in Code Reviews, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery testing.
  • Mentored new employees. Provided training and support on the dealer systems and application frameworks.
  • Created and maintained applications flow diagrams for Reference Implementation.
  • Coordinated problem resolution utilizing Abend-Aid, and Xpediter tools.
  • Provided pager support.

Systems Analyst



  • Played a key role in the design and development of Credit Bureau Interface project.
  • This project involved creating new CICS transactions utilizing DB2 and VSAM Files, MAGNUM Vendor packages, APPC interfaces, Custom Socket Connect programs, etc.
  • Worked extensively on the design, coding and implementation of DSP (Dealer Service Provider) specifications.
  • Experience working with all the major Dealership Service Providers (DSP) in US and Canada especially ADP, Reynolds & Reynolds and Dubuque Systems.
  • Performed analysis, design, coding and implementation of Mainframe transactions for the Ford Credit discounting application (Pinnacle).
  • Worked with business team to translate business requirements to high-level design specifications and involve in requirement reviews with business analysts.
  • Performed impact analysis, create detailed design specifications and coded MPP/BMP programs in an IBM Mainframe environment.
  • Designed transaction process flow between PC and Mainframes involving COBOL, IMS DC, CICS, XML, Sun server, and IBM Mainframes.
  • Created mainframe transactions programs with complex calculations and SQLs.
  • Coordinated problem resolution. Extensively utilized File-Aid, Abend-Aid, and Xpediter tools.
  • Participated in beeper support on a 24/7 basis to support the online and batch programs.
  • Held accountable for the Account origination Mainframe new business bridge programs, which creates and transmits new business files to the receivable system (ALLTEL) using Connect Direct software.
  • Supported various branches, dealers and dealership service providers to enter an application for vehicle purchasing, vehicle payoffs utilizing Electronic Fund Transfer.
  • Supported the branches and dealers to maintain and upgrade their applications.
  • Assisted the business team in generating various credit-related reports such as dealer EFT reports and credit offering reports.
  • Scheduled batch jobs using CA7 to run daily, weekly/ monthly also special runs upon request.
  • Involved in the Analysis and design of various projects with the business team to create high-level design specifications for Red Carpet Lease products like WEARCARE, RCP and various car rental packages.
  • Designed and implemented a system to extract the purchased vehicle contracts for certain Ford Financial branches and send the information via FTP to the vendor SST for servicing. A customer satisfaction award was received for implementing this flawless system, which automatically runs every night.
  • Worked with the business team to enhance the requirement document for various vendors (Dealership service providers) who access the Ford Credit Application Entry, Credit bureau system, Vehicle payoff and DEFT using a Ford credit compatible system developed by these third party vendors.
  • Developed various IMS online message processing programs in COBOL (MPPs) called by a Java application notebook.
  • This application notebook is used for discounting an offering or entering new commercial vehicle deals. Worked with the business and application team to design the advanced vehicle discounting process while enhancing the system performance.
  • Obtained various recognitions and awards from the business and systems team.
  • Created new standards and delivered two training sessions for online and batch programs to account origination system programmers.

Programmer Analyst



  • Worked on Computer Software Development ( Confidential ) projects, which mainly concentrated on Confidential Software.
  • Performed maintenance of several COBOL programs for Confidential with Confidential .
  • Included in the offshore project were Upgrading and Testing of CICS COBOL programs.
  • Analyzed, converted, maintained and tested CICS COBOL programs, and converted them to be Y2k compliant.
  • Utilized the fixed window technique for conversion.
  • Maintained the Confidential system for Confidential utilizing COBOL and CICS.
  • Corrected errors in claims numbering and provider numbering for claims processing.

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