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Senior Programmer Analyst Resume

Chicago, IL


  • Dedicated and enthusiastic expert SAS analyst with over 23 years of experience.
  • Works with client/customer in solution driven approach with concentration on scope objectives.
  • Enjoy being task focused using best practice techniques to achieve timely completion.
  • Key elements include strong small project implementation, process redesign, data cleansing, and algorithm development.
  • Experienced with efficient large dataset (10,000,000+ records) process techniques.
  • Managed frequent production changes to large statistical performance reporting system (over 7,000+ code lines) for major airline.
  • Ensured time critical report availability from large multi - dimensional database.
  • Developed methodology to substantially increase prescreens execution in large financial services company.
  • Used criteria based script process to validate marketing manager campaign requirements.
  • Provides consistent and reliable results that meet customer requirements.
  • Works with others input that assures tasks are within costs and timeline parameters.
  • Takes ownership attitude toward all work.
  • Completed several SAS Institute classes which include advance reporting, SQL with relational database, ODS, and advance macro/data step and efficiency techniques. REXX scripting. Perl regular expressions. UNIX. Expert MVS/TSO


Languages: Expert Base SASv9.4 Macros ODS HASH SAS AF FSP STAT SQL ACCESS Perl, Intermediate REXX, COBOL, C knowledge

Application Software: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access

Operating Systems: Expert MVS/TSO JCL, FileAid, Windows XP, UNIX knowledge

Relational Databases: DB2, Oracle

Network Communications: FTP, NDM, Telnet


Confidential, Chicago, IL

Senior Programmer Analyst


  • Support survey project delivery. Developed code that implements specifications.
  • Ensure processes employ quality controls that enables minimal defect for strict deliverable timetable.
  • Maintain effective fluency in project tool sets.
  • Document projects tasks for cross training, rapid restart, detail QC checks, and appraised principal stakeholders.
  • Development platform was Windows with tools SAS, Access and Windows 2008 databases.
  • Automated high priority critical questionnaire cleaning.
  • Replaced unwieldy error prone manual spreadsheets which often delayed client delivery.
  • Inserted auto-generated code from access tables.
  • Demographic back coding used same approach.
  • My rework became standard method.
  • Rescued nonperforming employee skills matrix tracking response system. Wide response master record containing over eight thousand variables.
  • My techniques ensured timely availability, dramatic run time reduction, rapid table report changes.
  • Implemented project specifications derived from large scale national data collection platforms.
  • My role consulted with survey analysts on new derived variables used their statistical analysis.
  • Developed automated data type conversions from multiple SQL tables and file types to project standard aggregation.
  • This greatly helped analysts deliver consistent consolidated reports.
  • Core team member that collaborated with research analysts and statisticians.

Confidential, Mettawa, Illinois

Business Information Analyst


  • Execute and enable marketing campaign account acquisition.
  • This involved validating mail files, back-end load to application systems and response tracking.
  • Developed automated script that substantially increased file delivery to credit bureau selection waterfall.
  • Converted from manual ad-hoc verification to integrated check point criteria.
  • Coded mimic routines to correct and verify production jobs.
  • Identified project plan issues for modification of standard process execution early in scope.
  • Maintained detail and summary databases for mail file retention and tracking results.
  • Identified early stage issues in project specifications that could affect deliverable timeline.
  • Developed procedures that enforced integrity result standards from simultaneous requests from marketing team members.
  • Developed large scale campaign tracking program to validate/correct production feedback tracking system. Improved several name/address soft key matching algorithms used in DNS and CE lists. Redesigned prescreen criteria program to thoroughly find risk elements. Developed several waterfall reports compliant with updated mailing requirements.
  • Developed prospect list programs that confirmed marketing segmentation strategies. QA Conduct code review with other analyst program specifications. Maintained interactive consultative relationship with marketing team on continuous process improvement.
  • Implemented automated script method which enabled rapid multiple execution from source list segmentation validation to back-end load applications and tracking systems. This resulted in weekly measured gains by 400% over previous manual step submissions.
  • Validated propensity models that selected best prospects for preapproved mailing. Ensured cost effective selection of likely responders. Designed reporting structure for CRM and marketing team sign-off confirmation of selection process.
  • Converted legacy general ledger account COBOL copybook file and working storage business rules to SAS data marts. Enabled fast end-user turn around to customized solutions. Satisfied client requests to transform mart data to enterprise presentation tools and databases.

Confidential, Elk Grove Township, Illinois

Programmer Analyst


  • Supported large flight operational statistical performance report database.
  • Business owner requests required correct module deletion/add/ modification based on user specification.
  • Implemented formula measurement changes as directed for hub-spoke operations.
  • Set-up feeds to OLAP cubes from legacy summary files.
  • Developed itinerary tracking modules for Confidential 10kto improve customer check-in experience.
  • Decision support analyst provided ad-hoc reports.
  • Maintained customer service focus on all requests.
  • Used extensive Base SAS program development and advance Macros to support flight performance hierarchical database.
  • DATA step and PROC REPORT, FREQ, PRINT with ODS presentation satisfied most reporting requirements.
  • Developed SAS code to select summary level data mart records to feed Cognos OLAP cubes. SAS Enterprise Guide used perform remote submits of SAS processes on UNIX. Wrote SAS ETL DATA NULL to load DB2.
  • Compare performance against date warehouse tool Trilium and Ab Initio products.
  • Flight performance reporting structure accessed Macro automated PROC TABULATE and custom NULL reports reflecting adaptive dynamic operational route changes.
  • Wrote SAS AF applications that allowed users circumvent batch runs to on demand customized reports from menu.
  • Designed front-end menu so that user could choose custom reports tailored by selectable parameters.
  • PROC FSP is called by AF to display/edit SAS dataset fields in screen mode.
  • This gives user capability to update datasets dynamically and drive on the fly changes.
  • Provided extensive tabulate reports across multiple levels presenting operating measures via parameter macro generation.
  • Gathered customer requirements using SDLC methodology to test, review, and move to production.
  • Used parallel processing grid computing techniques to improve resource utilization and faster turn times across mainframe and UNIX platforms.
  • Developed ETL programs to compare against vendor supplied solutions bulk load to operations data warehouse.
  • Redesigned as process improvement COBOL code for cost and resource utilization for flight performance to SAS application. This allowed rapid response update to summarization level changes versus time consuming UAT production previously used.

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