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Research Assistant Resume



I desire to be an entry level SAS Programmer, who has extensive experience in design and analysis of experiments, research data management, statistical methods selection/improvement, and writing protocols.


SPSS, SAS, Minitab, OriginLab, MATLAB, Tableau, C++, java, Microsoft office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).


Research Assistant

Confidential, MO


  • Led a research team taking charge of design and analysis of experiments and protocol improvement.
  • Accomplished experiments in two incubators instead of two, each of which costs 1200 dollars, by designing split plot experiments.
  • Discovered an effective approach to distinguish five instars of Manduca sexta’s larval stage to accurately start measurement.
  • Saved half year's research time and 1000 dollars' funding by modifying research protocol, while ensuring the correctness and accuracy of measurement.
  • Reasonably explained the relationships between food assimilation, growth, metabolism and cellular damage by selecting appropriate statistical methods and conducting data analysis using SPSS and SAS.
  • Converted experimental data into attractive and simple tables, charts and curves for team members by SAS.
  • Tested the relationship between cellular damage and five independent variables by principal component analysis using SAS.
  • Demonstrated fundamental theoretical prediction by fitting a multiple linear regression model based on the first and second principal components.
  • Interpreted linear regression statistical results into biological principles and concluded the primary effects causing cellular damage that laid a foundation to study cellular damage from energetic perspective.

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