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Senior Data Consultant Resume


  • 8+ years strong experience in SAS programming - Macros, ProcSQL, SQL, ODS etc.
  • Strong experience in SAS importing, exporting, data transformation, reporting
  • Strong experience in production automation
  • Strong experience handling different databases, data sources of different formats, MS office products using SAS
  • Strong experience handling data quality issues, data profiling, Quality Assurance using SAS
  • Strong reporting using SAS ODS and MS Office - Word, Excel
  • Unix - SAS Program development and execution, Shell Scripting, Directory and files management, automation using crontab, File transfer, SAS EG on unix
  • Strong Experience in migrating, deploying and automating SAS applications and data on SAS Grid managed AWS cloud from laptops, desktops and windows/unix based servers.
  • SQL - Querying using complex joins, sub-queries, Table creation, Aggregation,, DLL, DQL,DML, DCL
  • ProcSQL - Querying using complex joins, sub-queries, Table creation, Aggregation,, DLL, DQL,DML, DCL, SQL Pass-thru.


  • Oracle, DB2, MVS/TSO, JCL, SQL, RDBMS, MS Word, Visio,Python, Datastage
  • SQL Developer, MS Excel, Power Point, Unix, Linux, AIX, HTML, Visio, Tableu, PowerBI.
  • SAS (Windows/ Linux / IBM Mainframe), SAS Macros, ProcSQL, Reporting, Base/Windows
  • SAS EG, SAS Gridmanaged AWS cloud deployment, SAS Applications Automation



Senior Data Consultant


  • Developed high quality SAS Solutions to create Network Adequacy reports and Provider Directories for all Confidential regions - California, Washington, Georgia, Colorado, Hawaii. North-West, Mid-Atlantic - by taking regional data in multiple formats, importing them, transforming them, cross-referencing with cross-walk tables/data bases, addressing data quality issues, producing outputs in multiple formats, delivering files via emails / share point / sftp resulting in huge cost / time / man power savings for the KP regions.
  • Developed SAS email outreach solutions for various regions to reach out to providers, extracted their feedback from their emails and processed the information to update KP systems resulting in extensive cost / time / man-power savings for the KP regions by turning days of manual work to minutes of automated processing...
  • Created Adhoc SAS applications to accomplishing various tasks.
  • Developed extensive QAs to detect issues on source data, processed data and loaded data to eliminate errors and detect data loss.
  • Used SAS ODS to produce reports in different format - Excel, PDF, HTML, Word, Json, delimited files etc.
  • Took lead in planning and migrating all the SAS applications and data from individual laptops/desktops to SAS grid managed AWS cloud environment. This enabled the SAS Developers (including myself) and business users access program and data from anywhere, any machine, any time. This also eliminated the need to worry about backup, data storage space, dependency on application owner to manage his/her applications.
  • Configured output files delivery from SAS applications in AWS cloud to Sharepoint, PC files server, Email etc.
  • Automated around 60 monthly SAS production applications on AWS cloud which are executed on set schedule on different nodes efficiently and delivered results to set destinations in set formats.The log and results files are automatically delivered to the respective developers (application owners) via email. This automation also enabled the developers to channel their productivity and time towards other critical tasks or projects.
  • Developed Business Rules documentation, data/program flow drawings (Visio, Word)
  • Provided customer support for defects / issues.
  • Developed and implemented multiple monthly production jobs using SAS. Automated production, data files delivery and report creation/delivery in SAS Grid.
  • Worked with IT Team and SAS Artchitect to provide NPDM Group's SAS Production Code, Batch processing, Data storage and other details towardsmigration of SAS to AWS Cloud pilot project.
  • Assisted team members with their issues. Provided SAS programmingtraining and mentoring to team members. Trained end-users on using Applications developed using SAS.


Datawarehouse Sr. SAS Developer


  • Worked on Oracle (Peoplesoft) and MS SQL Server data bases and SAS Data sets
  • Used SAS EG, Base SAS and DI Studio.
  • Developed ETL programs using SAS to extract data from Peoplesoft and created SQL Server tables and flat files.
  • Provided training in SAS programming methodologies and introduced SAS program development framework to the team of developers who were new to SAS as it was introduced in the university for the first time.
  • Worked on Human Resources, FInancial, and Student Campus solution data in peoplesoft to produce Employees, Student, Courses, Enrollment related files to produce state and federal reports (semester reports and yearly reports)
  • Created power point, MS word and Visio documents for presenting to the team and management.
  • Performed extensive data profiling, data cleansing as part of achieving high data quality. Also, created lots of QA programs and reports.
  • Developed unix script to automate the files backup, backup files purging, copying files.
  • Conducted various presentations to walk through the programs, data flow, business process etc.
  • Automated ETL programs and reports using SAS EG/Windows Task scheduler, batch files etc.
  • Used Macros, Proc SQL and other SAS procedures and functions extensively.
  • Created word documents and visio data flow diagrams as part of the documentation.


Sr SAS Specialist/Consultant


  • Responsible for Confidential Claims Connect ETL development, maintenance and support.
  • Developed an indepth knowledge of Outside Medical (Referrals/Claims/Supplemental) in Kaiser
  • Developed a deep understanding of the Kaiser’s business processes involving insurance plans, encounters, episodes, billing, payments etc. Developed strong understanding of Hospital, HHHSPC, Ambulatory, dialysis encounters.
  • Gained in-depth understanding of Integrated Data Repository (IDR), Confidential Claims Connect (KPCC), CDW, OCPS, Tapestry.
  • Developed SAS programs to extract huge volumes of Confidential Claims Connect data from multiple tables in CDW (Central Data Warehouse / oracle), cleaned/refined/transformed data to load to IDR (Integrated Data Repository / Oracle)
  • Developed extensive QAs to detect issues on source data, processed data and load data to eliminate errors
  • Automated production and report creation
  • Used SAS ODS to produce reports in different format - Excel, PDF, HTML, Text
  • Developed Business Rules documentation, data/program flow drawings (Visio)
  • Provided customer support for issues as well as new requirements report by the end-users (reporting group and other customers).
  • Addressed Data quality issues to ensure the data delivered is of high quality.
  • Assisted team members with their issues. Provided training to team members.

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