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Sas Developer Resume

Bridgeport, CT


  • Over 8 years of robust professional experience in Data Cleaning, Data Aggregation, Data Mining, Data Analysis, Application Development and Reporting wif SAS.
  • Understanding and In - depth knowledge onSAS/BASE, SAS/STAT, SAS/GRAPH, SAS/SQL, SAS/MACROs, SAS/ODBCandSAS/ACCESS.
  • Expertise in problem solving and Creates Macros to improve the efficiency of report generation and automation of programs and data creation.
  • Firm understanding of PROC OLAP and PROC INFOMAP to deliver solutions meeting complex business needs
  • Extensive experience transferring data across platforms (Mainframe, Unix, PC) based on the business and reporting needs
  • Vast experience in presentation using SAS, Excel, PivotTables, DDE for presenting the end results
  • Proven skills in SAS Base (data step and PROC) and SAS Macro fulfilling on demand business needs
  • Advanced SQL skills wif ability to code complex queries to load, clean, format & store data
  • Clear understanding of data modeling principles like star and snow-flake schema, dimensional data model, 3nfetc.
  • Designed several ETL jobs using SAS DI Studio to port the ODS data into data marts wif tasks involving configuring metadata libraries in SMC, developing transformation logic and staging the final data
  • Ability to code complex MDX code for OLAP cubes to has a tradeoff between storage space and performance
  • Experience in SAS/STAT wif linear and logistic regression, ANOVA, DOE, Clustering etc. to gain insight into the data
  • Skilled in analytical and business reporting using SAS, MS Office, VBA and RDBMS technologies
  • Conceptual knowledge of marketing mix, segmentation and association rules, market basket analysis, test and control groups, sample size criteria, hypothesis testing etc. in marketing domain
  • Experience in loading SAS Metadata Server wif metadata from external packages for ETL development
  • 3 years of experience in job scheduling and load balancing using SAS Grid and LSF
  • Involved in preparing and reviewing BRD, FRD documents to serve development and reporting
  • Experience in coding mathematical expressions in SAS as per the requirement using legacy and new functions
  • Extensive experience in Teradata tools & utilities like SQL Assistant, BTEQ, Fast Export &TPump for business analytics and reporting on massive Enterprise Data Warehouse
  • Strong skills in requirements gathering, analysis and ETL design, coding, debugging
  • Excellent expertise wif different types of data load strategies and scenarios like Historical dimensions, Surrogate keys, Summary facts etc.
  • Completed several projects wif accountability for design, development, and implementation of enhancements which involved secure data transfers to external vendors
  • Involved in projects having to deal wif cross functional teams and multiple stakeholders
  • Excellent communication and report writing skills, wif the ability to TEMPeffectively communicate results of analytics to diverse audience.



Databases: Oracle 9X/8.x, MS SQL Server 2000/2005, Teradata 11/12, DB2, MS Access, Informix

GUI Tools: MS Office, MS Project, MS Visio

Commercial Tools: INFORMATICA, Expediter, File Aid, Rapid SQL, Crystal Reports, Hyperion, Erwin, Roscoe, RCS

Operating System: WINDOWS XP/NT/Vista, UNIX(AIX), MVS, z/OS

Programming Languages: C, C++, SQL, VBA, VB 6.0, Java, HTML, XML, Bourne Shell

Reporting tools: Crystal Report, Hyperion, MS SQL Server Reporting Services


Confidential, Bridgeport, CT

SAS Developer


  • Directly involved in gathering complex business requirements pertaining to recent or old pattern of abnormal behavior or activity on different channels dat would affect the end customer of the bank.
  • Convert business requirements into technical specifications using available tools and technologies.
  • Design the needed aggregations, transformations and mapping of the data entities to suite the build and execution phases of the applications
  • Use SAS, SQL, XML, PL/SQL and Windows batch programming techniques to code the technical specifications apply business logic and produce automated reporting solutions.
  • Create detailed business and technical documentation for individual projects.
  • Maintain and contribute to the modulated software development environment for loss prevention.
  • Work individually and as part of a team to put forth ideas pertaining to technical and analytical solutions.
  • Involved in mapping and transfer and summarization of transactional, operational, actuarial, econometric and demographic data for EWARS(Early Warning And Reporting System) applications
  • Extensive use of PROC SQL, SAS Macros, Unix and Windows Batch Shell for process automation
  • Routinely deal in wif large internal and vendor data and perform performance tuning, query optimizations and production support for SAS, Oracle 11g
  • Responsible for troubleshooting and delivering outputs using PROD/DEV/QA environments.
  • Develop test cases/plan for individual project assignments of Loss Prevention reporting using ID Portal
  • Involved in preparing Data Quality Review Plan (DQRP) to adhere to the internal specifications
  • Provide production support and retrospective version control on the application on ad hoc basis
  • Implement the needed fuzzy logic in pattern mapping and segregation of the customer profiles using SAS programming techniques

Environment: SAS ENTERPRISE GUIDE, SAS Information Map Studio, Add In, SAS/SQL, SAS/MACROS, SAS/BASE, Sybase IQ, SQL Server, RCS, UNIX, RCS

Confidential, Richmond, VA

SAS Developer


  • Extensively used SAS on UNIX platform to develop custom business solutions
  • Collaborate wif business area to understand business needs, capture supporting requirements and resolve issues
  • Developed and supported infrastructure to implement Statistical and Economic models
  • Conduct walkthroughs of requirement artifacts and communicate TEMPeffectively wif business, development and testing teams during construction phase to ensure clear understanding of requirements
  • TEMPEffectively used version control to coordinate the development across the various phases
  • Used SAS to develop custom desktop solutions for the Stress Testing of the Commercial Loan portfolio of the bank
  • Extensively used SAS macros, loops and other techniques to perform program and application automation
  • Responsible for Phase I/II and III model validations for Commercial lending portfolio of the bank in Energy, Muni, Construction, C&I(Consumer and Industrial) to derive PD(Probability of Default), LGD(Loss Given Default) and EAD(Exposure at Default)
  • Responsible for implementation of the various quantitative models in retail domain targeting delinquency, charge-offs
  • Participated in DATAMART design and build using Oracle 11g, Toad, SQL Plus for the consolidation of the very large vendor data into the enterprise systems
  • Supported in house oracle DATAMART administration using configured environment variables, parameters, stored procedures, group profiles
  • Extensively used SAS Grid architecture on UNIX/Linux to perform job and workflow scheduling
  • Used SAS and system options to improve the performance of the existing SAS programs
  • Participated in the process of streamlining the data process underlining the program automation
  • Used SAS program techniques to develop custom and enhances reports for customers using AMO, OLAP Cubes, OBI
  • Used parallel processing in SAS to aggregate programs to significantly reduce the execution time of the applications dat fetch aggregated and partitioned data
  • Performed rigorous query tuning and performance optimization for the applications dat process the large transactional data

Environment: SASENTERPRISE GUIDE, SAS OLAP Cube Studio, SAS Information Map Studio, Add In, SAS/SQL, SAS/MACROS, SAS/BASE, Teradata, RCS, UNIX, RCS

Confidential, NJ

Data Analyst - SAS


  • Build SAS datasets from clinical database and Developed programs using the LIBNAME statement & SAS Views to extract & report error statistics.
  • Develop SAS macros, templates and utilities for data cleaning and reporting.
  • Contributed to several JAD sessions wif focus to eliminate bottle necks form the system.
  • Used Microsoft Access and Excel to provide output analysis data
  • Work in tandem wif Biostatistics and Data Management member on various clinical projects.
  • Imported data from SQL Server and Excel to SAS datasets. Performed data manipulation by merging several datasets and extracted relevant information
  • Used SAS datasets to create reports using PROC Print and Reports. Also used PROC Transpose, PROC Tabulate, PROC Import, PROCFREQ and PROCSQL
  • Used arrays along wif PROC Means, PROC Summary and PROC Freq. Created drill-down HTML reports for the finance department using data from several sources
  • Used SAS/DDE to call Excel VBA macros in reporting applications development
  • Used SAS Macros to produce drill down capability for the reports.
  • Produced tables in Excel using ODS and PROC Tabulate as per the business requirements
  • Performed detail analytics while producing financial reports so dat the financial data is checked and are accurate
  • Generated reports, tables, graph to identify market opportunities and recommended business strategies based on analysis of internal and external data sets
  • Participated in full life cycle of model development: market research, statistical analysis, model development, and reports/presentations

Environment: SAS/BASE, SAS/ODS, SAS/MACRO, SAS/SQL, SAS/GRAPH, SAS/STAT, SAS/ACCESS, SAS/CONNECT, Windows NT Server, UNIX, Microsoft Office 2003, SAS/EG, MS SQL Server, Teradata, Java, Python, COBOL, Perl


SAS Developer


  • Installation of SQL Server on Development and Production Servers, setting up databases, users, roles and permissions.
  • Performed data analysis, statistical analysis, generated reports, listings and graphs usingSAS.
  • Read datasets wif alot of missing values using MISSOVER and TRUNCOVER.
  • Extensively used the SET, UPDATE and MERGE statements for creating, updating and merging variousSASdata sets.
  • Converted the financial data retrieved from vendors intoSASreadable format and executed the datasets to produce necessary financial reports usingSAS/STAT procedures such as PROC FREQ, PROC REPORT
  • Developed application for measuring financial performance of newly acquired accounts such as Forecast vs. Actual and developedSASprograms for generating reports on key financials, Income Statements and Balance Sheets.
  • Developed complexSASMacros to simplifySAScode and TEMPeffectively reduce coding time.
  • Performed complex statistical analysis using PROC MEANS, PROC FREQ, PROC SUMMARY, PROC SORT, and PROC SQL.
  • Worked wif complex datasets to extract customized reports using PROC SQL, PROC FREQ, PROC SORT, PROC REPORT, PROC MEANS for creating a preferred list of customers as per the given requirements from businessanalysts
  • Created reports in the style format (RTF, PDF and HTML) using ODS statements and PROC TEMPLATE. Used DBLOAD procedure to load data into the database TEMPeffectively prepared and published various performance reports and presentations
  • Produced weekly and monthly-customized reports by using PROC REPORT, DATA NULL and PROC REPORT.

Environment: SAS8.x, (BASE, MACROS, CONNECT, SQL, GRAPH) Oracle, MS Excel, and Windows.


JR.SAS Developer


  • Participate in project discussions and weekly status meetings of the project proceedings wif the onsite team.
  • Involved in impact analysis on the maintenance modules to identify the impacted programs dat are required to change as part of dis new Servicing Interface.
  • Done reverse engineering to identify the gaps in the Business requirement.
  • Create test cases, test data and recorded test results for new/enhanced requests
  • Understand and update the existing code or create new code by using BASE/SAS,SAS/MACROS andSAS/SQL to implement new requirements
  • Customizing the existing COBOL/DB2, JCL programs while debugging the code for any issues.
  • Estimation of change requests
  • Responsible for Version control, movement of code and components from deployment area to integration system.

Environment: SAS, COBOL, JCL, REXX, DB2, IBM Utilities, TSO, SAS8.x, (BASE, MACROS, CONNECT, SQL, GRAPH) Oracle ISPF, Endevor, FTP, Connect Direct, OMNIPLUS, Visual Safe SourceProject Maintenance of DC Payroll.

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