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Sr. Sas Programmer / Analyst Resume

Morrisville, NC


  • Over 7 years of extensive experience in SAS programming on different platforms - Windows and Unix.
  • Proficient in SAS/Base, SAS/SQL, SAS/Macro, SAS/Connect, SAS/Access, SAS/ODS, SAS/Stat and SAS/Graph.
  • Strong programming experience in SAS EBI and DI Studio. Proficient experience in different Databases like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Teradata and IBM DB2
  • Strong experience in data extraction, manipulation, Analysis using claims data.
  • Good exposure on SAS Business Intelligence Tools like SAS OLAP Cube Studio 4.2 (To create OLAP Cubes), Information Map Studio 4.2 (To create information maps on data marts), Web Report Studio (WRS) 4.2 (To create web reports using Information maps), SAS Information Delivery Portal.
  • Experience in analyzing the claims data, future trends and summarized results to generate recommendations for management.
  • Worked in updating, data extraction, transformation and loading to data warehouse, data analysis, updating, testing, trending, mapping analysis and business driven data validation.
  • Experience in Data analysis and Reporting in health care, finance and marketing sectors.
  • Developed new or modified existing SAS programs to load data from the source and create study specific datasets.
  • Thorough grounding in all phases of data analysis, including definition and analysis of questions with respect to available data and resources, overview of data and assessment of data quality, selection of appropriate models and statistical tests and presentation of results.
  • Significant experience in requirement gathering, building, designing and testing the application to meet the functional Design and Business Process Design.
  • Strong experience with databases like Oracle, MS SQL Server 2000, DB2, Teradata and MS Access.
  • Strong skills in Data Analysis, Data Requirement Analysis, and Data Mapping for ETL process.
  • Extensive experience to handle large amounts of data for Data Cleansing, Data Profiling and Data Scrubbing.
  • Experience in working with SAS Enterprise Guide Software for reporting and analytical tasks.
  • Extensive knowledge of advanced SAS/STAT procedures.
  • Extracting, transforming and loading data into data warehouse using SAS DI Studio for further analysis and reporting.
  • Created complex web reports from SAS data and information maps using SAS Web Report Studio.
  • Performed data extraction, analysis and published results using SAS Enterprise Guide.
  • Possess a strong ability to adapt and learn new technologies and new business lines rapidly.
  • Effective team player with strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Reviewed existing literature onMedicare, Medicaid and models dealing with Medicaid fraud.


SAS Tools: Base SAS 9.4/9.3/9.2/9 /8.2/8.1/6 (mainframe), SAS/Stat, SAS Macros, SAS/SQL, SAS ODS, SAS Graph, SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Enterprise miner, SAS Business Intelligence (BI) platform and SAS EBI.

Reporting Tools: Base SAS versions 9.3/9.2/9/8/6, SAS Enterprise, SAS Graph, AXUM, MS-EXCEL, SAS BI Platform, MS-Visio, MS-PowerPoint.

RDBMS: SAS SQL, SAS Enterprise, SAS BI Platform, MS-ACCESS, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Teradata, and Netezza.

Languages: SAS, SQL, Basic, HTML

Platforms: Windows 95/98/XP/Vista/Win7/8, Unix, Solaris, Linux (Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu & Xandros), MAC OS, DOS, Windows NT/ 2000/2003/2008

Batch Server: Unix, Putty, SSH, SAS scripting

Web Server: MS-FrontPage, HTML, Linux, Apache Server

Networking: Windows 95/98/XP, Linux, Server+


Confidential, Morrisville, NC

Sr. SAS Programmer / Analyst


  • Reviewed the Business Requirement Documents and the Functional Specification.
  • Developed and created SAS Macros to access and analyze data.
  • Created new or modified SAS programs by analyzing the health care claims data and created study specific datasets which are used as source datasets for report generating programs.
  • Created permanent formatted SAS data sets and developed reports using Proc Report, Proc Tabulate and used Data Null for analysis.
  • Wrote programs in SAS to generate reports, created RTF, HTML listings, tables and reports using SAS/ODS for Ad-Hoc report generation.
  • Used SAS Proc SQL to extract data from different relational database management (Teradata) systems, used SQL Assistant to analyze and query from the Teradata database.
  • Developed SQL Pass through Queries to fetch complex data from different tables from remote databases.
  • Developed and modified existing tables, views, stored procedures, functions, triggers and cursors.
  • Created reports in Excel spreadsheets which are capable of doing automatic calculations.
  • Developed routine SAS macros to create tables, graphs and listings.
  • Extensively used the SET, Update and Merge statements for creating, updating and merging various SAS datasets.
  • Participated in user requirement discussions and data quality assessment.
  • Created JIL files to schedule SAS jobs in Unix environment and created flat files for third party vendors.
  • Used the SAS Macro facility to produce weekly and monthly reports.
  • Have strong experience in creating Quality Reports based on the Claims data.
  • Successfully converted all the codes to handle both ICD9 and ICD10 diagnosis codes.
  • Developed new and unique strategies to identify potential fraud in Medicare/Medicaid data.
  • Successfully handled multi-projects/tasks at a time.

Environment: SAS/Enterprise Guide, SAS/Base 9.3, SAS/Macros, SAS/SQL, SAS/ETL, SAS/Graph, SAS/ODS, SAS/Stat, MS Access, Windows, SQL Server, MS office, Unix and Teradata.

Confidential, New York City, NY

Sr. SAS Programmer/Analyst


  • Responsible for Business analysis and requirements gathering.
  • Developed SAS code to manipulate raw data and validate data integrity.
  • Benchmarked the effectiveness of AML data. Identified the potentials for performance improvement.
  • Consulted with end users, subject matter experts and other stakeholders to delineate and analyze business requirements.
  • Created source to target data mapping documents and ETL design document.
  • Worked closely with data analysis team like statisticians to analyze business related data, generate custom reports, tables and listings.
  • Worked within the SAS BI Enterprise utilizing an Oracle database and Windows server environment.
  • Provided support on SAS EBI platform, portal, OLAP Cubes and dashboards.
  • Extensively used various Base SAS procedures like Proc SQL, Proc Datasets, Proc Format, Proc Print and Proc sort.
  • Reading the Packed decimal and Zoned decimal data in IBM mainframe format.
  • Created data sets from variable length multi format files having more than one layout in a single file.
  • Understand and analyze the layout of Cobol file to get the positions of variables in raw file, to create appropriate SAS formats, informats for variables and identify the “occur” blocks in the file.
  • Created data sets by reading multiple “Occur blocks” from Cobol raw file.
  • Documented business requirements for necessary customizations to the new application and reviewed the customized components with the business and developer team.
  • Created and delivered reports and presentations with key findings and recommendations.
  • Performed data quality analysis using advanced SQL skills.
  • Provide technical support on SAS programming related to data manipulation and analysis.
  • Involved in developing Unix Korn Shell wrappers to run various dependency graphs.
  • Created different user defined functions for applying appropriate business rules

Environment: SAS/Base9.2/9.3, SAS/Macros, SAS/Enterprise Guide, SAS/Stat, SAS/Graph, SAS/Connect, Integration technologies, telnet, putty and Unix(IBM AIX 6.1), MVS, VSAM, JCL, ISPF, ES 9000, OS/390, Unix, Korn Shell Scripting, XML, XSLT, XSD, XPath, XML Spy 2010, MVS, COBOL II, JCL, VSAM Files, Copy Books, TSO, and Putty

Confidential, Findlay, OH

Sr. SAS Analyst/Developer


  • Worked with business users to design and develop several ad-hoc reports and information maps using Proc Report and Proc Tabulate.
  • The reports created include Monthly summary reports as well as detailed weekly reports.
  • Connected to the DB2 database and extracted the relevant data (using LIBNAME or Pass-through facility) and then processed the data using business logic to produce reports. Made heavy use of Proc SQL, Proc Report and ODS for producing these complex reports.
  • Developed online claims reporting system to retrieve client records and create SAS Proc tabulate tables, Proc Freq, Proc Means, and Proc Report.
  • Creating excel pivot table reports using Cycle Time data. These reports consist of Benefit level data, claims level data. These reports are very useful to get a greater insight into the further plan design.
  • Extensively used SAS Data Steps, Statistical models, and Flowchart Design, Listing, Graphing, Summarizing and Reporting procedures.
  • Performed variety of tasks including data extraction, manipulation, Analysis using claims data.
  • Used SAS Enterprise Guide to access data, to manage data, to create reports and to validate data and data mining.
  • Tested and executed marketing campaigns using SAS Marketing Automation.
  • Used EDW processes for replacing the existing data, updating and appending the data and this data is used for generating reports as per the requirement.
  • Created various transformation procedures by using SAS ETL and SAS Enterprise guide.
  • SAS Procedures used are Proc Append, Macros, Import and Export, Proc Transpose, Proc Datasets.
  • Collected and maintained the customer information through CIS.
  • Developed and deployed SAS OLAP cubes for browsing of financial data via the SAS Information Delivery Portal.
  • Proficient in sorting, merging and using different table lookup techniques to get the required information to generate the report.
  • Handled the tasks of writing reports and manipulating data by using Unix platforms
  • Produced reports and complex data analyses using SAS, including SAS/stats, extracted data from MVS and Oracle files using SAS/Views, SAS Proc SQL and SQL.
  • Debugging SAS programs using data null, Put statements and using datastep debug.
  • Generated automated graphs for monthly run using Proc Gplot. Exported these graphs to Pdf File using SAS/ODS.
  • Customizing the existing Macros according to need and requirement, testing and debugging the Macros and creating more complex and reusable Macros.
  • Used Enterprise Guide (EG) query builder to run queries against the tables and sub setting the data
  • Developing the Unix shell scripts in order to run the report as a part of daily schedule.
  • Exported SAS Reports to the Excel sheet by using ODS/Tagsets/ Excel XP to get output in multisheets. Used several Style Options.
  • Produced statistical reports for various business needs and expertise in data preparation, data cleaning, analysis, and reporting.
  • Expert in preparing Analysis Datasets, Tables, Listings, and Graphs according to the Business Requirement.

Environment: SAS/Enterprise Guide, SAS/Base, SAS/Macros, SAS/SQL, SAS/ETL, SAS/Graph, SAS/ODS, SAS/Stat, SAS Marketing Automation 5.4, Excel, MS Access, Windows, SQL Server, MS office and Unix.

Confidential, Chicago,IL

SAS Programmer


  • Prepared, analyzed and distributed various monthly and quarterly Loan Portfolio Reports.
  • Performed and conducted written analysis outlining key performance indicators and key risk indicators.
  • Developed and implemented necessary exception reporting in support of Credit and the line in order to manage to better manage credit administration risk posed to the Bank.
  • Provided support in the design and implementation of ad hoc requests for Credit-Related Portfolio Data.
  • Developed complex SAS Macros to simplify SAS code and effectively reduce coding time.
  • Carried out data extraction and data manipulation using Proc SQL, Proc Sort, Proc Report to create preferred customer list as per business requirements.
  • Extensively used SAS procedures such as Print, Report, Tabulate, Freq, Means, Summary, Transpose and Data Null for producing ad-hoc and customized reports and external files.
  • Responsible for generating Financial Business Reports using SAS Business Intelligence tools (SAS/BI) and also developed ad-hoc reports using SAS Enterprise Guide.
  • Extensively used SAS ODS facility to create customized reports in HTML, PDF, RTF formats.
  • Performed data analysis, statistical analysis, generated reports, listings and graphs using SAS tools e.g., SAS Integration Studio, SAS/Graph, SAS/SQL, SAS/Connect and SAS/Access
  • Performed competitor and customer analysis, risk and pricing analysis and forecasted results for credit card holders on demographical basis
  • Performed Consumer profiling, Sales forecasting and testing of financial and business models.
  • Effectively prepared and published various performance reports and presentations.
  • Developed and used scripts to schedule SAS Jobs.

Environment: SAS 9.1.3/9.2, SAS/Connect, SAS Macros, SAS/Access, Oracle 10g, Windows 7, MS Office, HTML, SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3, Unix.


Sas Programmer / Analyst


  • Reviewed Business Process and Develop Process Flow Diagrams.
  • Extensively worked with Health care data which includes various claims, details and of the members.
  • Gathered and assimilated data from Oracle, SQL Server and reporting requirements from business
  • Extracted data from oracle database using SQL pass- through facility.
  • Created complex and reusable Macros and used existing macros for Data Cleansing, Validation analysis and Report generation.
  • Sourced and analyzed data from a variety of sources like SAS data sets, MS Access, MS Excel, CSV, XML, and flat files etc.
  • Analyzed the claims data, future trends and summarized results to generate meaningful recommendations for management.
  • Dealt with Teradata EDW Asset Datamart from which data is pulled and did necessary modifications as per the requirement and finally loaded into the respective tables.
  • Coded, Modified and automated existing SAS programs to automate process, improve efficiency.
  • Extensively used various SAS ODS techniques to generate complex reports.
  • Performed quality control (QC) checks on peer developed programs to ensure that the correct source data is used, correct code and logic are used.
  • Documented all the programs developed for future .
  • Creating SAS dataset from tables in Database using SAS/Access. Retrieved the data from flat files, oracle database and converted to SAS data sets for Analysis using SAS/Stat procedures.
  • Coding SAS programs with the use of Base SAS and SAS/Macros for ad hoc jobs.
  • Created many Perl, CGI reports and Extracted, loaded Teradata DBMS tables using SAS/ETL.
  • Ample experience on Teradata/ SQL Pass thru facility.
  • Maintenance of large data sets, combining data from various sources in varying formats to create SAS data sets and/or ASCII files by using Set and Merge,, Sort, and Update, Formats, Functions and conditional statements for generating Reports.
  • Prepared new Datasets from raw data files using Import Techniques modified existing datasets.
  • Used Enterprise Guide (EG) for creating, editing and submitting SAS code for stored processes to Application server, for running queries against DB2 to bring the data into the SAS environment.
  • Involved in scheduling the existing reports using Unix and SAS Data Integration Studio.
  • Wrote Shell scripts for running batch files; performed validation on transported data and reports.
  • Extensively researched for cause of errors in code and modified code according to requirements

Environment: SAS/Enterprise Guide, SAS/Base, SAS/Macros, SAS/SQL, SAS DI studio, SAS/ODS, SAS/Stat, SAS/ETL, Excel, Access, Windows 2000 Server, SQL Server, Perl, Unix, MS office and Teradata.

Confidential, Bellevue, WA

Jr. SAS Developer


  • Participated in business requirement walk through, design walk through and analyzed Business requirements.
  • Extraction of data from Oracle, created into datasets. Performing data validation, transforming data from RDBMS oracle to SAS datasets.
  • Done Enhancements for the existing business reports like incorporating new business variables.
  • Developed, modified, and generated Monthly Business Review (MBR) reports summarizing business activity.
  • Uploading data into the warehouse application on monthly basis.
  • Worked closely with data modeling team and management like Marketing managers, Campaign managers, financial managers etc., to analyze customer related data, generate custom reports, tables and listings.
  • Worked extensively in sorting, merging, concatenating and Dynamic Formatting as optimized technique for SAS data sets.
  • Automated SAS jobs running on a daily, weekly and monthly basis using SAS/BI and Unix Shell Scripting
  • Extensively used Base SAS- ETL to load data from SQL server, oracle, Flat files and sources to Oracle Data warehouse as target.
  • Worked on Source and Target Metadata creation & developed many jobs to load data from source into target
  • Extensively used various types of transformations such as Expression, Aggregator, Filter, Joiner, Update strategy and Lookup (Connected and Unconnected) to load the data.
  • Extensively involved in designing and developing of Star Schema Model for Data Store.
  • Used Workflow Manager for Creating, Validating, Testing and running the sequential and concurrent Batches and Sessions and scheduling them to run at specified time with required frequency.
  • Involved in testing the XML files and checked whether data is parsed and loaded to staging tables.

Environment: SAS/Base, SAS/Macros, SAS/Access, SAS/Connect, SAS/Stat, SAS/Graph, SAS/SQL, SAS/ODS, SAS/ETL, Unix, Oracle DB2, MS SQL Server 2000, and Windows XP.

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