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Atabase Analyst Unix Resume Profile


  • Experienced SAS programmer, skilled at interfacing SAS with other technologies
  • Experienced in ORACLE Forms and Reports, versions 3.0, through 9.2
  • Experienced with Sybase 12, 12.5 and integrating SAS with Sybase
  • Experienced SQL, PL/SQL, procedures and functions
  • Exceptional at debugging and analyzing existing code
  • Very good with Excel and interfacing SAS to write to spreadsheets
  • Familiar with UNIX and UNIX Shell Scripts
  • Experienced SAS DATA Step programmer, versions 6.03 through 8.2
  • Experienced in the analysis, design, and trouble-shooting
  • Experienced in use of PVCS Tracker, Merant Version Manager, RUP Rational Unified Process , MS Query, and Rapid SQL
  • Experienced with TOAD Quest for accessing and Using Oracle 9.0
  • Experienced with Mainframe SAS IBM VM and MVS .
  • Familiar with SAS ACCESS to ORACLE/UNIX/CMS/MVS IBM Mainframe
  • Familiar with SAS ODS, OLAP and Enterprise Application Development Systems,
  • TortoiseSVN Subversion
  • SAS Enterprise Guide 4.0
  • Enterprise Architect 7.5 with UML Universal Modeling language for design and business analysis, modeling, documenting, reverse engineering, building and maintaining object-oriented software systems
  • SAS Business Intelligence and Stored procedures
  • SQL Developer for Oracle



SAS Programmer/Developer

SAS programmer in support of the Petroleum Marketing Monthly task.

Responsibilities include:

  • The migration of application code for the EIA-782A/B/C survey processing systems from a mainframe to PC-based environment
  • Ensures that I/O capabilities with the principal Oracle database function properly Interacting with the Mainframe
  • Writing SAS Code
  • Writing SQL Code
  • Working with SQL Developer and the Oracle 11g Database
  • Formulating a system for seamlessly integrating all of the components together
  • Assisting with development and implementation of a test plan for the migrated system and providing additional technical maintenance and ad hoc support as needed.
  • Assisted in SAS Systems Upgrade to Eguide Enterprise Configuration.
  • Developed requirements and enterprise architecture for EIA metadata, Eguide and EBI under SAS version 9.1/9.2.
  • Assisted staff in converting legacy SAS mainframe code to SAS Eguide.
  • Trained staff in learning EBI analytical techniques and information delivery approaches and methodologies.
  • Designed and deployed software engineering practices, as requested, to maintain SAS code configuration and data quality.
  • Created Enterprise Guide projects and stored procedures in SAS, seamlessly integrating the operations of the different modules.
  • Used SAS Web Report Studio, Information map Studio and other SAS BI Business Intelligence objects.
  • Extensive use of the metadata repository, SAS macros, and Enterprise Guide.
  • Completed Courses at the SAS institute, Rockville MD, on SAS EG and other BI modules.


SAS Programmer epidemiological Analyst

  • Conducted data queries, analysis and validation.
  • Retrieved, manipulated, and summarized healthcare System data from various databases, warehouses and files using Base SAS software.
  • Consolidated the data for reports.
  • Calculated healthcare metrics and performed analyses on the data. The various outputs included SAS version 9.1 frequency reports, Excel spreadsheets, ODS database tables.
  • Created SAS code to assist Analytical Epidemiologist and the Central Epidemiologic Center of AMSA ad hoc reports, reports, projects, or task regarding the health and wellness, as well as the obstacles to medical readiness of US Service Members.
  • Wrote SAS programs to generate epidemiological/statistical analyses e.g. tables, listings, figures, and other Statistical output.
  • Performed quality review on SAS programs generated by other staff analysts.
  • Documented programs.
  • Servied on assigned projects and task.
  • Programmed using SAS, SQL, and MS Office Suite.
  • Worked under Limited Supervision.
  • Performed Additional duties as required.


Senior Developer/Analyst/Programmer SAS - Sybase - SQL - Oracle -- Mainframe

  • Ran SAS in multiple UNIX environments as well as stand-alone PCs, Consolidated Computing Environment in Solaris, distributed environment, Mainframe SAS, and PC SAS editions which are mixed LAN and locally based.
  • Responsibilities included maintaining software levels and planning for future product implementations.
  • Day to day duties included writing, coding, updating, modifying and trouble-shooting SAS programs and macros in support of the CPI consumer price index and PPI producer's price index .
  • Use of Versions 6.09 SAS mainframe , 8.2 SAS LAN and UNIX , integrating them seamlessly from one platform to another as part of a downsizing effort.
  • Worked on C S/TPOPS Production and development.
  • Used Sybase 12.0 and 12.5 with SAS to replace code on the mainframe for high priority work to produce the CPI every month.
  • Designed, Coded and documented applications to meet customer requirements where SAS was an integral component of the system.
  • Prepared associated documentation, block diagrams, and logic flow charts.
  • Translated design specifications into program instructions.
  • Prepared, tested data and conducted test.
  • Formulated recommendations on technical problems with little guidance.
  • Loaded to SAS version 9.2 on the UNIX servers.
  • Migrated data from the mainframe using SAS 8.2 and SAS version 9.
  • Versions 8.2 used on the LAN, 8.2 on the PC, 8.2 and 9.2 on UNIX, versions 8.2 and 6.12 on the Mainframe SUNGARD .
  • Instructed, directed and monitored lower level developers and served as a SAS reference person on a development / redesign team.


Senior Systems Analyst SAS - SQL SERVER -SYBASE

  • Developed applications and programs/reports in SAS programs were previously written in version 6.12, upgraded to version 8.0 . Version 8.0 was used extensively as version 7.0 was not acceptable .
  • Used DB2, SAS, Sybase and SQL Server Open Client versions 4.6 and 10 in a Data-Warehousing a terabyte of data environment to gather data that was often located on different servers in a large-scale production system Producing over 200 Reports Daily
  • Mined Data, constantly manipulated the data in a high volume, production based system.
  • Wrote SAS Programs, macros and code and produced Ad-hoc Reports.
  • Integrated SAS Code with SQL and other languages.
  • Used SAS to gather data from Microsoft SQL Server for a system requiring hundreds of reports daily.
  • Found and broke down hidden structures in data for data mining. This effort required a heavy use of SAS macros. Used of SAS/STAT and SAS GRAPH as well as SAS Share Software. Also used SAS ACCESS to create data views for transferring data to the web.
  • Used SAS ODS Output Delivery System to produce reports on the web.
  • Used Java web development Tools J2EE, J2SE , cross platform technology and Eclipse, team studio analyzer.
  • Wrote HTML code and edited HTML pages using advanced Html Editors.
  • Used the OLAP Online Analytical Processing to produce Sales and Marketing reports, financial reports and quality control analysis.
  • Produced tables, charts, summary and multi-dimensional reports for different clients.
  • Wrote specifications and designed and developed SAS based production applications that interfaced with the Sybase RDBMS in order to manipulate data into required formats.
  • Utilized SAS ETL tools power-loader to provide source code, migrating data and supporting process documentation for production applications.
  • Prepared documentation and constructed test files.
  • Gathered data from the data warehouse, the LAN and sometimes from Legacy main frame systems.
  • Became familiar with Informatica.
  • Also became familiar with and used SAS EAS Enterprise Application Development System for information delivery version 2.0 which allowed me to use SAS Intranet components such as htmSQL, MDDB Report Viewer.


  • Y2K Desktop Readiness project.
  • Insured that HUD's IT infrastructure was absolutely functional for the Year 2000.
  • Used Oracle and Sql UNIX to create table structures and relational databases to hold data that was to be collected.
  • Used Bindview Btrieve to collect and analyze huge sums of raw data from HUD's 18,000 PCs and over 100 network servers spread out among 81 field offices.
  • Used Oracle Reports to produce the information in the proper format for the various interested parties.
  • Provided coordination and assistance with all of the receivers of the information and reports.
  • Assisted the 81 IT Field Office personnel/Users with support for individual tool usage or questions when it came to their applications spreadsheets and databases .
  • Use of Access and Excel to produce a variety of databases/spreadsheets for individual reports, charts, graphs for users.
  • Produced Summary Reports and various Application Reports Compliance, Non Compliance, Accounting, and User .
  • Also Analyzed, Prepared and distributed reports to all interested parties. Coordinated and trained local field personnel.


Oracle Applications/Database Analyst UNIX .

  • Produced Oracle Forms Oracle 8 using forms 5.0.
  • Upgraded existing applications to 5.0. This included trouble-shooting and re-writing triggers when necessary.
  • Wrote procedures and functions using PL/SQL.
  • Developed reports in SAS. Used SAS application Proc SQL to access Oracle to get required data for SAS reports, sometimes returning data to Oracle by loading a table from SAS Proc dbload .
  • Wrote technical specifications for testing and implementation of procedures.
  • Provided Oracle system application and database support including requirements analysis, design development, testing, integration, implementation, and documentation for developmental and maintenance efforts on a wide variety of projects, primarily in a windows operating environment and on a Unix Platform.
  • Provided support for Year 2000 Y2K renovation, and test plan/procedure development/execution.
  • Systems ranged from small applications to large-scale/complex structures.
  • Extensive use of SAS versions 6.09 and 6.12 and SQL was required.
  • Used Unix Shell Scripting to perform global changes and sometimes to re-direct output to new location printer .
  • Also use of scripting to effect program control transfer start-up other applications. .
  • This job required heavy Product Documentation and Support.
  • This was a large volume production project. Worked with HTML Pages and java.


  • Creating forms in Oracle forms 4.5. UNIX
  • Upgraded forms from 3.0 to 4.5 and Used Oracle 7 for a wide variety of form applications from Oracle forms 2.5 through 4.5.
  • Wrote triggers and customizing and upgraded form applications. Using SAS versions 6.09 to create reports for a wide range of comparisons of data in different databases.
  • Use of SAS/AF Software to create interactive applications.
  • Used of SAS Screen Control Language SCL and SAS Access and Proc SQL.
  • Created menu systems.
  • Wrote programs and de-bugged code in SQL and PL/SQL.
  • Used Data Preparation Software and applications to upgrade and transfer data.


  • Headed a team of 6 3 Senior Programmers, 2 Programmers, 1 Junior Programmer Sr. Programmer for the Justice Department Civil Rights and Criminal Divisions.
  • Our Job was to migrate data including a complete forms system consisting of forms 2.5 and 3.0 from a data general System to an Oracle Platform/Unix Environment.
  • Wrote UNIX shell scripts.
  • Created forms in 3.0.
  • And created menu systems.
  • Created Databases in Oracle using SQL and SQL-loader, and SAS products, Proc SQL and Proc-Dbload.
  • Created reports in varying formats for different clients within the scope of the Civil Rights Division.
  • Performed searches Wrote Programs in SAS version 6.07 and 6.09 to down load and edit data from tape format to make it compatible with the LAN.
  • Received a Generous bonus for my work.

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