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Statistical Data Analyst Resume

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  • Certified statistical business data analyst wif more TEMPthan 8years of experience. 5years in statistical analyst, market studies, SAS developer, and SAS analysis. Also, 3 years of experience in financial analysis, business studies and risk analysis using several DB’s
  • More Certified data miner wif experience wif advanced predictive modeling skills using SAS EM, EG, JMP, and forecast studios
  • Certified base SAS programmer wif extensive experience working on SAS/BASE, SAS/STAT, SAS/MACRO, SAS/GRAPH, SAS BI, SAS/ODS
  • Experience in dealing wif big datasets, combining datasets, exploring data, model fitting up to scoring
  • Expertise in preparing statistical reports, generating summary reports, tables, histograms, graphs wif analysis, and ad hoc requested reports
  • Extensive SAS programming experience wif PROC SQL,UNIVARIATE, MEANS, GLM, ARIMA, Report, Tabulate, Transpose, Plot, Chart, and SAS/STAT Procedures
  • Experience delivering analytic report in different formats including CSV, HTML, RTF, PDF, and customizing reports using SAS ODS, PROC report, and SQL pass through facility.
  • Good knowledge of data extraction and sorting data from various databases: Teradata MS Access, SQL server
  • Extensive practical ability working on multiple regressions, logistic, multinomial regression, and neural network
  • Extensive experience wif advance model fitting using principles component, PLS, LARS,LASSO, and more
  • Experience wif high performance modeling using gradient boosting, random forest, credit scoring, and more
  • Experience wif advance data mining using rule induction, incremental response, two stage modeling and more
  • Practical econometric modeling: ESM, AR,ARIMA, Credit scoring - survival and hazard analysis
  • Experience and training in quantitative and qualitative research data analysis and feasibility studies
  • Excellent organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills


SAS tools: SAS/BASE, SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Enterprise Miner, SAS/GRAPH, SAS/IML, SAS/STAT




Statistical data Analyst


  • Appraised small business proposals, profitability, and market analysis
  • Accomplished several multiple regressions, logistic, multinomial regression, and neural network works
  • Managed statistical analytic system performance evaluation of different clients
  • Identified and recommended best practice methods, installed, implemented and gave remote supports.
  • Lead analytic team to select, design efficient and cost TEMPeffective data acquisition, processing, analysis, and auto updating spread sheet formatting, linked quantitative table generation for prompt solutions
  • Analyzing American coffee import and export trade through each ports
  • Conducting demand analysis of different coffee types in harmonized codes for the coming years
  • Built predictive modeling of imported coffee by type, code, value and quantity for the coming five years

Environment: Base SAS v9.3, SAS/Macros, SAS/SQL, SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Enterprise Miner, SAS/ACCESS, SAS/STAT, Teradata, Project Management, Basel II, UE Studio, Windows XP, UNIX


  • Analyzed crime data of seven cities, seven data sets of daily records provided to be analyzed
  • Merged different big data sets using SAS,JMP, SAS EM, SAS EG
  • Conducted data transformation, Interpolation, imputation, splitting, fit the model, compare the model
  • Conducted advance Model fitting, Nominal logistic for categorical response analysis
  • Conducted advance Model fitting, neural network and Regression for rate response analysis
  • Built advanced predictive models, and time series model fitting based on the estimates, and scoring
  • Conducted advanced forecasting of ten years using SAS forecast server


  • Analyzed Multi-Channel whole sale and retail Market flows
  • Merged several data sets, reviewed distribution analysis and transformation of data
  • Computed RFM analysis, Imputation, variable selection, clustering segmentation
  • Conducted segment profiling, scoring data and interpretation of clusters
  • Analyzed Credit card market offer analysis and predictions
  • Conducted data cleaning, combining data, transformation and imputation
  • Built model, reviewed model assessments, and model comparisons
  • Analyzed cluster segmentation, segment profiling based on multiple offer types
  • Conducted result interpretation and recommendation




  • Organized research data, compiled, formatted, and merging different data sets
  • Analyzed the theoretical and economic interdependence of data trends
  • Diagnosed the distributions of raw data, statistical exploration, standardizing and transformations
  • Identified functional relationship of variables and derivation of economic variables
  • Analyzed statistical exploration of candidate variables and variable selection
  • Examined distribution analysis, outlier detection, hetroskedasticty tests
  • Built Econometric models, evaluated estimated model results, conceptual, and functional validation
  • Conducted risk analysis based on econometric model outputs

Environment: - Excel solvers, Excel risk analysis platform, Maple, R, Gretel, STATA, Base SAS v9.2, SAS/Macros, SAS/SQL, SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS/ACCESS, SAS/STAT, Oracle 10g, Teradata, Project Management, Basel II, UE Studio, remote server, Windows XP, UNIX




  • Supervised 5 operation zones working in different locations
  • Improved existing SAS programs, procedures, created new programs using SAS macro variables to enhance and maintain consistency of results.
  • Analyzed and delivered statistical reports from the results obtained from various statistical procedures like PROC ANOVA, GLM, UNIVARIATE, MEANS and regression model, cluster analysis and ODS graph.
  • Instructed trainings for cooperatives on project planning, tax, and documentation
  • Administered different IT and network servers
  • Prepared different monthly program, logistic, finance, administrative reports

Environment: - Excel, World, Access, PRS, Base SAS v9.2, SAS/Macros, SAS/SQL, SAS EG, Windows XP, UNIX




  • Reconciled approved payment documents wif planned activities
  • Provided overall IT support for all computers, network and servers
  • Supervised different zone account record handlings and conducted internal audits
  • Developed monthly business review (MBR) reports, quarterly business review (QBR) reports using MS-Excel, SUN systems, and PRS
  • Expanded load of data from other data sources to SAS FM

Environment: - Excel, World, Access, PRS, Sun-Accounting systems, Peachtree, Quick book, CTS

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