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Sas Developer Resume Profile


  • Joseph has total Experience of 8 years in design, development, and implementation using SAS technologies.
  • Worked in SAS technical Support on Various Tracks on Development and Installation of the SAS products.
  • Good Experience in SAS Installation, User Security and Data management.
  • Performed Administration Activities on the server. Backup Activity for the Metadata, Application and Content Server.
  • Worked on the support activities for Business Intelligence and Data Integration applications.
  • Installing the USPS, DPV, LACS Database on the Server.
  • Experience in LSF Scheduler, Creating Flows in SAS Management Console and monitoring in Process manager.
  • Good knowledge in reporting, Business Intelligence, SAS Data Integration Data Quality Using DataFlux.
  • Experience in integrating Data Flux Jobs in Data Integration Studio.
  • Developed ETL Jobs with performance tuning.
  • Good Experience in SAS technology in Telecom, Banking, stock market and Life Science.
  • Interact with the marketing and Business for requirement gathering, planning and implementation.
  • Experience in benchmarking activity.
  • Experience working with huge data in Terabytes.
  • Experience in Campaign Management and ABT creation for the Churn Model.
  • Good knowledge of Pass through concepts of SAS Access to Databases.
  • Experience in Automation projects using Base SAS/Macros.
  • Good Knowledge in Loop Transformation for Parallel Execution.
  • Experience of working in Tech Support role along with SAS India
  • Experience in MS Office tools like MS Excel.
Operating System
  • Unix, Mainframes, Windows
  • Software Languages
  • SAS, SQL
  • Netezza, Oracle, SQL Server
  • Database, DI BI Tools
  • Netezza , Oracle 10g, 11g , Data Integration Studio 4.2, Data Flux v8, Data Management Studio 2.3, Data management Server 2.4, Web Report Studio 4.2, Information Maps Studio 4.2, SAS OLAP Cube Studio 4.2, SAS Management Console
  • Design, Version Control and Documentation Tools
  • Sharepoint
TECHNICAL SKILLS Project Summary Confidential
  • Data Quality Project which involves Standardizing and Cleansing techniques to migrate the marketing data into SalesForce.
  • Data management Studio v2.3, Oracle 11g
  • Development and Implementation
  • Project involves executing hundreds of Campaigns every day and Passing the Benefits to the customer on a daily basis for the Telecom domain. Executing Terabytes of data for various circles on a daily basis.
  • SAS Data Integration Studio v 4.2, Oracle 10g,11g
  • Development and Implementation
  • Building ETL Process for marketing automation.
  • SAS, Data Integration Studio 4.2, Data Flux, SQL Server
  • Development and Implementation
  • Confidential
  • Creating Analytical Base Table ABT for identifying the churning population.
  • SAS, Data Integration Studio 4.2, Enterprise Guide, Windows
  • Development and Implementation
  • Project involves Standardizing and Identifying the Unique Customers for the Insurance project
  • DfPowerStudio v8, SAS, SQL, Windows
  • Development and Implementation
  • Standardization of the clinical trials reporting requirement.
Data Analyst Confidential
  • Risk Analytics project to analyze the trends in the data and develop the business strategy.
  • SAS, Mainframes
  • Development and Implementation
  • Develop a central data warehouse for all the exchanges and track the Indian Capital Market.
  • SAS, Data Integration Studio 4.2, Data Flux, Sun Solaris
  • Development and Implementation

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