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Analytics Consultant Resume

Houston, TX


  • Holder of both Base Programming for SAS 9 and Advanced Programming for SAS 9 certifications with over 6 years of SAS experience including 3 years programming in a clinical trials (phase I - IV) environment .
  • Holder of BS in Applied Mathematics/Statistics and MS in Software Engineering with knowledge of Operational Research, Numerical Computations, Statistical Modeling, Statistical Inference, Time Series Analysis, Design and Analysis of Statistical Experiments and Neural Networks.
  • Over 4 years experience in Predictive Analytics including 3 years experience software development related to credit scoring.
  • Over Fifteen years of experience in software development in both business and academic settings.
  • Competent knowledge of full life cycle Software Development from Requirements Analysis, Technical Specification, Design, Coding, Unit Testing,Regression Testing and Maintenance.
  • Over 7 years experience of C/C++, STL, DOS/VSE, OpenVMS, UNIX, C-shell, Korn shell and Windows NT/2000, SQL, TSQL, SQLServer 2008 R2.
  • Extensive experience in VAX/VMS Open VMS COBOL, DCL procedures,.
  • Experience in migrating from ICL 2950 to VAX/VMS, From VAX/VMS to Open VMS from Open VMS to UNIX (COBOL to ORACLE)
  • Over 10 years experience in Statistical Programming and Statistical Data Analysis, SAS, and SPSS, R
  • Self-motivated; able to set effective priorities in order to achieve immediate and long-term goals and to meet operational deadlines.
  • Functions well in a fast-paced, high pressure environment.


Languages: COBOL C/C++ C# dBaseIII+ Clipper Ada Pascal Miranda Smalltalk BASIC FORTRAN Z HTML Visual Basic UML SAS R

SCRIPTING: Unix Shell Scripting OpenVMS DCL Scripting R Scripting SPSS Scripting

Operating Systems: UNIX OpenVMS VAX/VMS Solaris MS-DOS Windows 9x, 2000, NT

Databases: Oracle dBaseIII+ Datatrieve MS Access DB2 RDB SQL T-SQL

Hardware: PCs Sun Sparc DEC IBM Mainframe ICL Mainframe

Tools: MS Office CMS MMS DECforms ACMS TDMS Lotus Notes SPSS CICS Continuus FrontPage ASP



Confidential, Houston TX

Analytics Consultant


  • Testing the SQL Queries for accuracy
  • Conversion of the SQL Queries to R
  • Verifying that what is produced by the R queries on the R Studio matched what was produced by the SQL Management Studio.
  • Using the R queries and Virtual factory to create analytic query operations.
  • Using R and Virtual factory to create wrapper analytic operations to further manipulate the returned rows and create R objects.
  • Using Virtual factory to create analytic tasks that consisted of analytic operations (queries, wrappers and scripts for producing u-charts, p-charts, pareto-charts, xmr-charts, Histograms and Dials etc)
  • Creation of dashboards and other visuals.
  • Submission of the task for Quality Assurance.
  • Daily morning meetings with off-shore teams in India and Puerto-Rico to compare notes and report progress and difficulties.
  • Using the Analytical Tasks for extraction of supplier data, field data, regional factory data and user community data from the Confidential Global Data Warehouse and using this data to create quality and operational metrics, analytics, dashboards and other reporting mechanisms including alerting mechanisms for monitoring quality of components from various sources as well as products produced by Confidential .
  • Writing of SAS DATA STEPS for the creation of SAS data sets as well as creation of new variables removal of variables from an SAS data set and variable transformation.
  • Writing of PROC SQL to combine SAS data sets both horizontally and vertically. PROC SQL is the SAS implementation of SQL.
  • Writing of PROC FREQ for the production of ad-hoc frequency tables and descriptive statistics for categorical variables as well as production cross-tabulation of categorical variables. It is also a very handy procedure for doing data cleaning.
  • Writing of PROC MEANS for the production of descriptive statistics for continuous measurements and can further produce the statistics by categories of a classification variable.
  • Writing PROC SORT for the arranging of SAS data sets in certain predetermined sort order. This is done due to a requirement that data be in a certain specified order or as an intermediate step for merging or applying other procedures on SAS Data sets.

Confidential, St. Louis MO

Data Manager/SAS Programmer/Applications Developer


  • Kicking off each protocol with a meeting involving Clinical Project Manager a client representative and myself to outline the nature of the study, go through requirements, concerns and agree on both possibilities and limitations.
  • Preparation a Load Specification document based on inputs from client. The Load Specifications specify among other things, the data definition tables (DDT) that detail the structure of each data set and how the values in each variable is derived, the types of data sets (SAS, ASCII, EXCEL, SAS transport files), whether CDISC standards/format are to be applied, transfer schedules, edit checks that are to be applied as a part of the validation, and the contact information etc. The Load Specification is the contract document between the Confidential and the pharmaceutical company(client) establishing the data characteristics, transfer file characteristics, schedules for data transfers and methods to be used to make the transfers.
  • Writing of SAS/VB6 programs that extracted data from the Clinical Database prepared test data sets according to Load Specifications and Processing Instructions taking into account the companywide standard operating procedures and department standard operating procedures (SOPs), the study protocol, Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), specifically 21 CFR part 11 and 21 CFR part 820..
  • Submitting Test Data for Quality Assurance.
  • Making Test Data Transfer and notifying the client.
  • Developing Validation Protocols that detailed the tests to be carried out to validate the programs and to establish that the programs were producing data as specified in the load specifications.
  • Participating in Peer Review as one of the Quality Control activities.
  • Submitted my programs for peer review.
  • Making both scheduled and ad-hoc transfers as agreed.
  • Developing systems that are used in the overall management of the data, enhanced the functionality of the data infrastructure and produced reports about the data as determined by Confidential .
  • Working as part of a team(s) that processed and submitted study data on efficacy of various drugs that eventually met FDA approval.
  • Communicating directly with clients that relied on study data that I processed at Confidential on behalf of the pharmaceutical companies and was answerable to them in matters regarding accuracy of the data, format of the data, submission schedules and any ad-hoc adjustments that were needed etc.

Confidential - Maryland Heights, MO



  • Designed, developed tools that help in cleaning of data and checking for consistencies.
  • Designed, developed and maintained a suite of software using C, COBOL, DECForms for maintenance of FTP addresses, usernames, passwords, encryption and decryption of user passwords.
  • Designed, developed and maintained PARAGRAPH ANALYZER; a tool developed in C and used by the Code Review team to analyze COBOL source programs for proper use of PERFORM and GO TO statements.
  • Designed, developed and maintained ACCESS ANALYZER; a tool developed in C and used by the Code Review team to analyze COBOL source programs for proper use of different file access methods.
  • Maintained various C, COBOL in processing retail and mail prescriptions.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Programmer /Analyst


  • Maintained parts of a billing application for Confidential on behalf of Software Management Consultants, using VAX COBOL, SQL and C in an Open VMS environment.
  • Designed and developed programs for doing statistical data analysis and production of statistical reports using SAS and SPSS.

Confidential, Burlington, MA

Software Engineer


  • Used both internally developed customer provided Statistical models in determining key independent variables that help in scoring and predicting certain dependent variables like customer default rate.
  • Designed, developed and maintained Sprint-Preprocessor using C in an OpenVMS platform, a Confidential product used for parsing and pre-processing pre-approved Sprint wireless subscriber applications into specific Confidential format.
  • Designed, developed and maintained components of the Talkers using Ada, C/C++, DATATRIEVE and SQL.
  • Provided statistical analysis support by designing and writing programs to extract and perform statistical data analysis, Time Series Analysis and production of statistical support using SAS and SPSS.
  • Made Talker credit models configurable thus reducing the amount of time it took to introduce/modify a credit model by a factor of 5.
  • Designed, developed, coded and tested software to build support for TransUnion TU40v1 new/improved set of products while at the same time maintaining support for TU40v0 (older set of products).
  • Designed, developed and maintained portions of the Confidential Insight products used for monitoring existing records, major business accounts and previous applications for pre-approvals of wireless subscriber applications.
  • Designed, developed, coded and maintained the Process Monitor using Ada, C/C++, a Confidential utility for monitoring Confidential processes running UNIX platforms.
  • Maintained various utilities and components of the Customer Acquisition System (CAS) as assigned.


Chief Programmer/Analyst


  • Used Regression Analysis, Factor Analysis models with SAS/SPSS in explaining variation of the dependent variable (Regression analysis) and explaining total variation to as being constituted by individual variations in all variables analyzed (Factor Analysis).
  • Used Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) Techniques with SAS/SPSS analyzing Linear Statistical models.
  • Worked as a Computer Operations Controller, in charge of operations staff(5), data entry staff(10) and requisitions.
  • Developed and maintained a Payroll System, a Fixed Assets System, General Ledger, Expenditure Ledger and a Creditors using Ada, C/C++, COBOL, DECForms and dBase III+/IV on ICL2950, VAX/VMS, OpenVMS and UNIX platforms
  • Migrated Payroll System, Fixed Assets System, General Ledger, Expenditure Ledger, and Creditors’ Ledger from an ICL2950 to VAX/VMS.
  • Developed versions of all the Ledgers above in dBase III+ for an agency of the University
  • Migrated Payroll System, Fixed Assets System, General Ledger, Expenditure Ledger, and Creditors’ Ledger from an VAX/VMS to OpenVMS then to UNIX.
  • Re-engineered the Payroll System from batch mode to an interactive one.
  • Provided statistical analysis and programming support using SPSS and SAS.
  • Designed, developed and maintained code to help in validation and cleaning of statistical data.
  • Maintained huge sets of data for statistical data analysis.
  • Provided programming instructions to Diploma students taking Pascal, COBOL, C++ and Smalltalk.
  • Created an GUI-building tool using C and X-Windows toolkit that would generate Ada code. The code would then be completed in Ada to make the application.

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