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Sas Analyst Resume

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Chicago, IL


  • Over 9 years of experience in data analysis and statistical modeling including data extraction, manipulation and validation techniques, writing macros and reporting on various projects for financial and health - care industry using Teradata, SAS, SQL Server, Oracle.
  • Data preparation for various statistical modeling which includes data cleaning, descriptive analysis, missing data analysis, data validations, data triangulations and preliminary data reporting.
  • SAS professional in developing statistical methods routinely used in Financial/Mortgage/Healthcare/Education/Telecom/Sales and Marketing data analysis.
  • Solid understanding and proficient use of various procedures like proc SQL, proc report, proc freq, proc means, proc contents, proc dataset, proc append, proc import, proc export, proc print and proc sort.
  • Have strong knowledge about drop, keep, retain, and date manipulations, formats, in formats.
  • Worked with different Data sources ranging from Teradata, flat files, XML, Oracle, and SQL server databases.
  • Excellent command in writing complex routines for Data Validations, Data Extraction, transformation and loading to target decision support systems using MS Excel, Pivot tables and SAS on various environments.
  • Proven skills in Data Cleansing, Data Archival, Data Migration, ad-hoc reporting and coding utilizing SAS on UNIX, Windows.
  • Good knowledge of MS Access including tables, queries and VBA.
  • Good understanding of logical and physical data modeling.
  • Good knowledge of statistical techniques for causal inferences: matching, instrumental variables, difference-in-difference.
  • Experience & skills in Predictive Modeling for Insurance and Direct Marketing. This includes planning & executing Analytical Projects.
  • Exposure on every step of entire software development life cycle (SDLC) including data collection, query, modifying and analysis, coding statistical models, summarizing the findings, and presenting the results.



Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, TSQL and Visual Basic.

Package: MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power point, MS Visio, LATEX

Operating System: Windows, UNIX (Sun Solaris, AIX), LINUX, Mainframes

Other Statistics tools: STATA, R


Confidential, Chicago, IL

SAS Analyst


  • Interacted with the Business Users to gather Requirements and analyzed the mutual dependencies of their needs by coordinating with the Project Manager.
  • Analysis of Business Requirements Document (BRD) and Functional Business Requirement Document (FRD).
  • Developed and maintained data preparation and validation routines to support the reporting of cost information
  • Reviewed and analyzed trends in current portfolio populations and recommended verification strategies.
  • Provided analytic support on cross channel fraud and verification, operating losses, verification strategies, fraud risk assessments, and other product strategies to ensure goals and objectives are satisfied.
  • Developed complex programming models to extract data and manipulated databases to support verification strategies for reporting/analysis.
  • Built score cards for credit risk analysis and regression models for analysis of the relationship among variables.
  • Developed product and cross-product simulations, business logic, and pricing strategies to optimize profitability.
  • Maintained a tracking system for all Marketing channels and generated client report in order to make business decisions
  • Integrated monthly reports on invoice for waterfall data to ensure accuracy in bills and optimization of data costs.
  • Data extraction and correction of invoices for marketing channels to ensure new data providers fall within the best cost structure.
  • Worked on third party data to validate data discrepancies associated with their invoices.
  • Automated data analysis programs with a goal of improving efficiencies. Used SAS system macros for error handling, code validation, date stamping of log files and collected files to a given directory.
  • Selected and applied appropriate analytic and statistical methodologies and techniques to financial data (product performance) using PROC UNIVARIATE, PROC REG, PROC CORR, and NPAR1WAY.
  • Used Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) feature of SAS for importing and exporting of data from and into SAS, MS Access and Excel.
  • Automated daily, weekly and monthly reports on UNIX platform and documented and tested all queries used to pull data for reporting purposes.
  • Modified existing scripts according to the business needs.
  • Managing and resolving data issues on using Teradata SQL Assistant.
  • Used Output Delivery system (ODS) facility to direct SAS output to RTF, PDF and HTML files.
  • Performed SAS analysis using the customer database to monitor portfolio pricing.
  • Built summary reports after identifying the customers, their occupancy period and the revenue generated using PROC SUMMARY, PROC MEANS, PROC FREQ and GCHART.
  • Automating and Scheduling the Teradata SQL Scripts in UNIX using Korn Shell scripting.
  • Imported and gathered data from flat files like Excel, Text files into SAS data sets using PROC IMPORT.
  • Generated listings and reports from SAS programs using MACROS, ODS and PROC TEMPLATE/REPORT/TABULATE.
  • Developed customize templates and report formats in Excel using VBA, Macros, pivot tables and charts.
  • Provided monthly reports related to Card Data quality by using Teradata, SAS EG, MS Excel, Pivot Charts.

Environment: Teradata V2R12/V2R13, Teradata SQL assistant, Teradata Queryman, SAS 9.2,SAS Enterprise Guide, JMP9, SAS/BI, VBA, SharePoint, oracle 11g, MS SQL Server, Visual Basic, MS-Excel, and Unix Shell Scripting.

Confidential, PA

SAS Analyst


  • Worked extensively with the Business Analysts to create requirement documents.
  • Facilitated and attended numerous detailed chartering sessions with the Risk analysis Business teams in order to enhance the reports being used by them.
  • Formalized Business Requirements into System Requirements for implementation by development groups.
  • Make the results actionable for Marketing, Campaign Planning, Strategic Planning, Finance and Sales organizations.
  • Performed statistical analysis and data management on study data by utilizing appropriate statistical methods using SAS and SAS tools.
  • Integrate results of the Marketing Mix Analysis, Price Elasticity and other advanced analyses into business planning process.
  • Designed the metadata, workflow, models in Excel with great transparency and used SAS macro to process the excel file and generate ETL, model scoring and cash flow analysis SAS code.
  • Assist in the creation of quantitative and qualitative primary research and present the findings.
  • Ability to dig into raw data to find and evaluate actionable insights that will help the organization.
  • Analyze and interpret significant results based on data summaries.
  • Worked with the data modeling team in developing logical and physical data models.
  • Pulled loan data, economic data (unemployment, interest rate etc) from Teradata by writing SQL Queries.
  • Work closely with different Marketing Groups in designing and analyzing the data.
  • Extract the data from a data warehouse and create ad-hoc reports, tables, and graphs according to Business needs.
  • Perform Metadata (Information Map, OLAP, Enterprise Guide) development
  • Direct the development, testing and maintenance ofSAS-EBI reports
  • Provide support for, and automation of, routineSAS-EBI stored procedures.
  • Create Data Dictionary and migrate the data when shifting to new version of SAS.
  • Perform statistical analyses and QC statistical output.
  • Developed SQL scripts for data loading and table creation in Teradata
  • Write VBA Macro to process recurring jobs .
  • Created tables, views in Teradata, according to the requirements.
  • Results are performed using SAS programming and using techniques such as SAS Macro language, advanced data manipulation, and statistical procedures (e.g., PROC FREQ, PROC REPORT).
  • Extracting Data from Mainframes Flat File and converting them into Teradata tables using SAS PROC IMPORT, PROC SQL etc.
  • Assisted in Developing Marketing Campaign.
  • Used various procedures such as Proc Tabulate, Proc Means and Proc Report to generate tables, listings, graphs and reports.
  • Import/Export data from Teradata to MS Excel.
  • Provide SAS Programming support and technical assistance in the accurate development and intermediate steps required.
  • Modeling SAS data stores (SASOLAP /SASMOLAP Cubes) required to supportbusiness intelligence and reporting needs.
  • Assist in Optimization of Performance forSASOLAP Cubes (SQL to SAS,SASOLAP Build Time,SASOLAP slice and dice,SASOLAP aggregations, partitioning, etc…)
  • Present statistical results using the appropriate graphs, charts, tables and written reports.
  • Creating ad-hoc reports.
  • Used SAS ODS to create HTML, RTF and PDF outputs files in the process of producing reports.
  • Formatted HTML, RTF and PDF reports using SAS output delivery system ODS.
  • Extracted, performed validation and generated SAS data sets from Teradata; applied SQL Pass through Facility.
  • Tested and debugged existing MACROS.
  • Used SAS DATA NULL and PUT statements to create the customized reports.
  • Develop new macros for report generation using SAS/Macros as per the customer’s requirements.
  • Extracted, performed validation and generated SAS data sets from Teradata; applied SQL Pass through Facility.
  • Default Report output is HTML and provided the options of WORD & EXCEL formats using SAS/ODS statements.
  • Used FTP to download SAS Formatted Data into EXCEL AND CSV format.
  • Retrieving Millions of Records Using different Procedures.
  • Used base SAS and SAS/SQL to generate tables.
  • Used PROC compare to compare the data before and after editing
  • Developed various SAS reports for Survey project and involved in code reviews for all the developed reports

Environment: Teradata V12/V13, Teradata Administrator 6.0, Teradata SQL Assistant, Tableau, Visual Basic (VB), SAS 9.1.3/9.2, BASE/SAS, SAS Enterprise Guide, VBA, Oracle 11g, Teradata, Hyperion, UNIX Shell Scripting and Windows XP.

Confidential, Monterey, CA

SAS Analyst


  • Interviewed Business Users to understand the project needs, requirements and existing processes.
  • Prepared Business Requirements Document, Functional Requirements Document, and Test case Document.
  • Developed templates for the following - Business Requirements Document (BRD), Detailed Requirements Document (DRD), Test Cases, and Implementation Plan.
  • Used SAS PROC SQL Pass through Facility to work with DB2 & Oracle databases.
  • Used SAS DATA NULL and PUT statements to create the customized reports.
  • Working with HEDIS tool in order to access to service, quality of care, and feedback from the Customers, Doctors.
  • Create PDF report, HTML report using ODS statements.
  • Generating EXCEL Reports using Proc EXPORT, DATA NULL, PROC ACCESS.
  • Retrieved different delimited files using PROC IMPORT, FILENAME, and PROC ACCESS.
  • Develop new macros for report generation using SAS/Macros as per the customer’s requirements.
  • Used FTP to retrieve remote information regarding client, and process the client information and add Extra information.
  • Retrieving Millions of Records through DB2 tables.
  • Received Appreciation Letter from Director, Project Manager for Good work.
  • Analyzing the tasks before doing the configuration.
  • Analyzing, Configuration, Unit testing all the above tasks.
  • Collaborated with the Data Modeling team to leverage existing models and to refine and extend those models for specific applications and projects.
  • Extensive use of Teradata SQL for providing Business Users with data for analysis.
  • Wrote several Teradata SQL Queries using Teradata SQL Assistant for Ad Hoc Data Pull request.
  • Create Design Documentation regarding SAS Development.
  • Documenting the Detailed process, i.e. documenting all the possible information about the application like SAS programs, DATA files and Connection to Remote host using SASNODE.
  • Scheduling batch Jobs.
  • Scheduling Chron File.
  • Writing the Korn scripts to load data into the database.
  • Using Web Report (SAS BI) Creating HTML Reports to the client based on Business logic and Business terms to data whose fields, calculations and naming conventions using MAPPING STUDIO (SAS BI).
  • Identifying the tools to use in the process.
  • Implementing the process in intervals and testing the process.
  • Implementing in production environment and giving access to the minimal number of user’s, to make sure process works good, before giving privilege to all the users.

Environment: Teradata, UNIX, Base SAS, SAS Enterprise Guide, Enterprise Miner, DB2 8.2, Oracle, Tableau, Hyperion, Visual basic (VB).

Confidential, Richardson TX

Data Analyst


  • Interacted with business users and subject matter experts (SMEs) for better understanding of individual subject are Assisted the Manager to prioritize requirements, estimating, define and manage scope and sprints for a project.
  • Develop, enhance & execute complex programs and reports with proper documentation.
  • Comprehend production codes, undertake diagnosis, resolution of complex issues and improve the efficiency of processes and programs.
  • Develop business domain expertise, rudimentary project based business knowledge and good theoretical knowledge of tools like SAS, MS office Independently delivers end to end on complex projects and assist in developing and testing new information infrastructure.
  • Manage end-user expectation in the delivery of projects within agreed timelines and as per agreed quality standards.
  • Worked on Teradata Queryman to validate the data in warehouse for sanity check.
  • Independently executes standard processes, implements predefined algorithms and corrects identified problems.
  • Created SQL views for retrieving and dynamically updating data.
  • Maintaining large data sets, i.e. reading in data from various sources in various formats to create SAS data sets and/or ASCII files.
  • Extensively used Teradata SQL for complex Transformations
  • Documenting the process, i.e. documenting all the possible information about the application like SAS programs, DATA files and source.
  • Generated data and business validation reports using Excel to present data analysis reports for each marketing campaign. Presented reports to all the campaign stakeholders for their approval.
  • Preparing project plan for the execution.
  • Worked with Teradata DBA’s in optimizing the queries.
  • Independently interacts with business partners to understand business need and translates to technical specifications. Assist in developing and testing new information infrastructure.
  • End to end project management and hands on delivery when required.
  • Take ownership and actively manage project timelines. Execute standard reports, processes, files, and implements predefined algorithms
  • Sets up QA/QC framework and ensures adherence and constant improvement.
  • Used SAS system macros for error handling, code validation, date stamping of log files, collected files to a given directory and scheduling.
  • Develops business and technical knowledge of team members and identifies opportunities of improvement.

Environment: Teradata V2R12, Teradata SQL Assistant, Teradata Queryman, SAS, Oracle, Teradata, DB2,Marketing Campaign, Visual Basic (VB), UNIX and Windows 2003/XP.

Confidential, Phoenix, AZ

Data Analyst


  • Analyzed current business process flow by understanding preset business rules and conditions.
  • Conducted formal interviews, Live Meetings and JAD sessions with business users Subject Matter Experts (SME’s).
  • Prepared the Business Requirement Document (BRD) and Functional Requirement Document (FRD) for the enhancement of the existing services.
  • Conducted JAD sessions with business units and stakeholders to define project scope and identify the business flows.
  • Enhancement of scripts for Macros Confidential Well Care.
  • Extensive use of SAS Macros to modify hard coding in existing programs into Automatic process through an excel sheet.
  • Created Daily, Weekly, monthly reports related by using Teradata, Ms Excel, and UNIX.
  • Writing complex SQL Queries using joins, to extract the data from the Teradata database
  • Unit tested the results between Pre and Post changes.
  • Generated reports validating changes between pre and post modifications.
  • Retrieved surplus records from DB2 by connecting to the remote server using FTP and retrieved data.
  • Modified tables in warehouses according to business user requirements using SAS/BASE and SAS Macros.
  • Extensively used PROC SQL for column modifications, field populations on warehouse tables.
  • Generated output files in text format, HTML & PDF format usingSASODS.
  • Worked with several sas procedures like FORMAT, FREQ, MEAN, PRINT, SORT for data validation, cleansing, analysis and reporting purposes.
  • Working with production support issues.

Environment: Teradata, SASBASE, UNIX, Visual Basic (VB).

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