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Sas Developer Resume

Elizabeth City, NC


  • I have been working primarily as a software applications developer for my entire 38+ year career.
  • My assignments with the Air Force, NASA, DoD, Commerce, Homeland Security have enabled me to work in a wide variety of languages, computer and programming standards, and methods of solving problems.
  • I believe the diversity of assignments, as well as the assignments themselves, have been invaluable in honing my craft.

Operating Systems: DOS 3.0 on, Windows 3.1 - 7, UNIX, VMS, IBM

Hardware: Windows PC, VAX-11/780, IBM 360/370

Software: SAS, Microsoft Office, dBase III/IV, wInsight

Languages: SAS, COBOL, FORTRAN, PL-1, Pascal, Basic

Networks: TS/SI/SAO, inactive


Confidential, Elizabeth City, NC

SAS Developer


  • Working as part of a team, develop and maintain software applications supporting logistics information systems.
  • Work in accordance with ISD Instruction 5222.1 (Series) and all subordinate instructions and checklists.
  • Design, code and test. Develop test plans. Conduct unit testing. Support QA testing. Develop and maintain documentation.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Confidential, Washington DC

IT Specialist, Programmer/Analyst

  • Provided Earned Value Management data gathering and reporting using the wInsight tool, with future plans to analyze data in SAS. Prepared wInsight charts and briefings for upper USCIS management, analyzing project progress by cost and schedule variance.
  • Acted as Project Manager to lead a team to build and maintain a SAS platform for a pilot for the Standard Management and Reporting Tools (SMART) project, supporting both the IT and business environments. The SAS Predictive Modeling Environment (PME) platform was completed and operational in 11 months; continued in Project Manager role to develop migration plan to move to virtual environment. Acted as SAS Platform Administrator and performed SAS user support activities.
  • Assigned as acting section chief in Texas Service Center, performing duties Summer 2008 while a new supervisor was processed in. Performed “outreach” duties for the Chief Information Officer (CIO), traveling to service centers and field offices nationwide to give briefings and foster better communication. Traveled and gave briefings to support the Performance Analysis System (PAS) migration/redesign effort.
  • Detailed to the Transformation Support Division, providing systems analysis support for the complete reimagining of all USCIS field systems.

Confidential, Suitland MD

IT Specialist, Programmer/Analyst

  • Responsible for development and maintenance of programs in COBOL, FORTRAN and Base SAS, MACRO, and SAS/AF on VMS/Alpha, UNIX, and Linux systems, to support several of the Sales and Construction surveys performed.
  • Final assignment was to migrate Manufactured Homes Survey (MHS) to the Standard Economic Processing System (StEPS).
  • Worked closely with both Government and contract personnel to support construction surveys, optimize existing SAS programs, and enhance StEPS migration programs and policies.
  • Assigned as Lead Programmer for the survey of Manufacturers' Shipments, Inventories, and Orders (M3) migration to StEPS.

Confidential, Montgomery AL

Senior Programmer

  • Responsible for the analysis for Year 2000 (Y2K) implementation on the Base Contracting Automated System (BCAS), and development of a detailed Technical Report.
  • Designed and developed scanning tools to aid in source code analysis.
  • Provided Help Desk support for Air National Guard (ANG) users.

Confidential, Gunter Annex, AL

Lead COBOL Programmer

  • Developed and maintained programs in Unisys 1100/2200 COBOL and Microsoft QBasic.
  • Responsible for DoD STD 7935 documentation in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.
  • Defined and refined requirements in extensive discussions with customers and project managers.

Confidential, Van Nuys, CA

Systems Analyst

  • Provided systems analysis, verification testing and DoD-STD-2167A documentation for the Backup Flight Systems (BFS) tools for Space Shuttle support. Developed the DoD templates used for all in-house documentation. Developed software on VAX 11/785 in FORTRAN, Ada and Pascal, and IBM PC in Basic. Strong communication and user interface skills were refined for design and reverse engineering tasks.
  • Performed analysis and maintenance for Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) calibration statistical analysis software on IBM 370 in FORTRAN and PL/I. Designed and developed utility programs on IBM PC in Basic and Lotus 1-2-3 to support this task.
  • Developed applications in FORTRAN-77 and DBMS for the Teal Ruby Experiment project on VAX-11/780. Worked in team environment to design software and research design implementation methods.
  • Performed complete restructure of the Rockwell Systems Design and Development Language (SDDL) processor in Pascal on IBM 370. Accomplished complete documentation package via reverse engineering.

Confidential, Tampa, FL

Applications Programmer/Analyst

  • Designed and developed in-house applications in dBASE II command language on Cromemco System II under CROMIX, Pascal on Apple II+, and COBOL-74 on Honeywell Level 6.
  • Designed and developed Personnel/Resource Tracking (PRT) system to maintain project and personnel status in parallel on all three systems. Supervised short-term projects.

Confidential, Neubrucke, AB

Applications Programmer/Analyst/Operator

  • Provided design and development of applications in FORTRAN-10, Basic-10, and System 1022 DBMS Command Language on DECsystem-10 under TOPS-10.
  • Lead programmer for Air & Missile Static Order of Battle systems.
  • Performed complete software/documentation revision of reusable software library.
  • Developed on-line tutorial system to expedite training of new personnel.
  • Supervised and trained personnel on FORTRAN, applications systems and in operations.
  • Worked one-on-one with users in all phases of software life cycle.

Confidential, Gunter AFS, AL

Applications Programmer

  • Provided design, development, and maintenance of the training and administrative support programs for Maintenance Management Information and Control Systems (MMICS) in COBOL-68 and Symbolic on the Burroughs 3500/4700.
  • Assisted in redesign of the man-hour accounting and some Time-Compliance Technical Order (TCTO) processing programs. Worked directly with users in solving field problems.

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