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Sr. Sas Developer Resume



  • SAS Advanced Programmer with 7 years of IT experience including experience in Statistical Analysis, Reporting, and BI Data Warehousing.
  • Domain knowledge of Credit, Retail, Direct - Marketing, Insurance, Financial, Mortgage, Telecom and Banking industries.
  • Experience in all phases of Software development Life-Cycle (SDLC) including Gathering requirements, writing test cases, conducting testing, Data quality evaluations and verifying results (peer-review).
  • Experience in updating and creating documentation of code, guidelines, and high level systems documentation.
  • Experience in handling complex processes for Extraction, Transformation, Loading (ETL) and Data Analysis using SAS/BASE, SAS/MACROS, SAS /SQL, SAS/GRAPH, SAS/STAT, SAS/ODS, SAS/ACCESS,SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Information Map Studio, SAS DI Studio, SAS OLAP Cube Studio, SAS Web Report Studio.
  • Strong SAS/ACCESS experience to import data from various databases like MS-SQL Server, Confidential, NETEZZA tables into SAS using IMPLICIT and EXPLICIT pass-through facilities.
  • Performance tuning with techniques like %INCLUDE shared code, MACRO Subroutines, Stored Process, parallel processing and USER Written Function using PROC FCMP.
  • Technical and analytical expertise in responding to complex, specialized report requests requiring higher-level data analysis and data management experience. Produced Tables, Listings and Graphs (TLG) for the analyzed data.
  • Used SAS DIRECT I/O for large datasets to achieve higher read-write speeds on SAS Dataset processing.
  • Transpose or normalize tables to simplify processing and reduce complexity of ETL.
  • Produced data in various output formats including HTML, RTF, PDF and PS using SAS ODS.
  • Strong T-SQL, ANSI SQL experience in tuning code using techniques like Temporary tables and Indexes.
  • Experience with Descriptive statistics, advanced statistical modeling and HASH object processing.
  • UNIX operating system expertise, Data warehousing expertise and experience with querying large RDBMS tables (Data Mining). Experience with data models including both relational and dimensional models.
  • Mentored other team members by knowledge transfers, conducting one-on-one training in SAS, SQL and UNIX.
  • Exceptionally well organized. Ability to quickly adapt to new applications and platforms.
  • Strong work ethics, positive attitude, analytical and communication skills.


SAS Skills: SAS/BASE, SAS/MACRO, SAS/ACCESS, SAS/SQL, SAS/GRAPH, SAS/STAT, SAS/ODS, SAS Enterprise BI Platform(EBI), Enterprise Guide, SAS Information Map Studio, SAS Web Report Studio(WRS), SAS DI STUDIO, SAS/CUBE STUDIO, SAS/ WRS, SAS/Stored Process, SAS Management Console.

Programming: UNIX shell scripting, C, ANSI SQL, T SQL, PL/ SQL, Perl

Databases: MS SQL Server 2005, 2008, Netezza, Confidential 9/10g/11g

Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX

Other BI tools/Skills: Toad for Data Analysts, Active Batch Scheduler, MS-Visio, Data warehouse concepts and Star Schemas


Confidential, CT 

Sr. SAS Developer


  • Involved in running summary reports concentrating on Quality Control information.
  • Worked with NUC managers to obtain and process reporting requirements and to handle Ad hoc reporting requests.
  • Used PC SAS to manipulate smaller pools of data as well as UNIX to extract and manipulate data stored in  Confidential tables.
  • Acted as a resource to team in providing SAS programming support as well as completed any Additional tasks needed to meet project deadlines.
  • Creating permanent formatted SAS data sets and developed reports using PROC REPORT, PROC TABULATE AND DATA NULL  for analysis.
  • Built a Data warehouse and Data marts that integrate the extracted data
  • Developed reports as per business requirements and created various reports like Summary reports, Tabular reports etc.
  • Formatted HTML, PDF, CSV and RTF reports, using SAS - output delivery system ODS
  • Used SAS extensively for Match merge, Append data validation, and Data correction and Cleansing.
  • Generated listings and reports from SAS programs using MACROS, ODS and PROC REPORT/TABULATE and using Word, Excel and Power Point.
  • Extracting data from the database using SAS/Access, SAS/SQL procedures and created SAS data sets.
  • Creating Customized reports and Stored processes in Enterprise Guide for the users
  • Used data step options like KEEP, DROP, and RENAME as a part of storage efficiencies. Data set options IF, where, missover, truncover etc. were used in reading raw data files.
  • Conducted and generated Daily, Weekly and Monthly statistical reports based on the routine analysis in Dashboard using Business Object.
  • Generated Lender Notification reports, Loan level details, Inventory, Repurchase, Rebuttal, and Aging reports.
  • Migrated data from Windows to UNIX (P2 and P7) environments.

Environment: Base SAS, SAS/SQL, SAS/ACCESS, SAS/GRAPH, SAS/MACROS, SAS/ODS, Business Objects, MS Excel, UNIX, Enterprise Miner

Confidential, VA

SAS Developer


  • Used SAS Macros and procedures like Proc SQL, Transpose, Univariate, Means, Freq Performed statistical analysis using One-Way ANOVA
  • Developed SAS macros for Data cleaning, Data mining and Reporting and to support routing processing
  • Formatted HTML, PDF, CSV and RTF reports, using SAS - output delivery system ODS
  • Extraction of data from Data Ware housing tables and Data marts
  • Modifying data using SAS/BASE and Macros.
  • Gathered the requirement business team and analyzed the data.
  • I used programming tools such as SAS Data Integration Studio (formally known as SAS ETL Studio), SAS BASE V9.1.3 (Windows and UNIX), SAS Enterprise Guide V3, SAS MACRO, SAS ACCESS, SAS Information Map Studio, Enterprise Miner, SAS Web Report Studio, PROC SQL, SAS SQL-Pass Through, Oracle9i, Teradata, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word.
  • Performed Data analysis, statistical analysis, generated reports, listings and graphs using SAS Tools - SAS/Base, SAS/Macros and SAS/Graph, SAS/SQL, SAS/Connect, SAS/Access.
  • Automated creation of Daily, Monthly and Quarterly UFF files to support My Field-Point Analytics by SAS Macro variables and SAS Macros and Stored Processes.
  • Creating Customized reports in Enterprise Guide for the users
  • Coordinating the production of monthly, quarterly, and annual performance reports for senior management.
  • Extracting data from the database using SAS/Access, SAS SQL procedures and create SAS data sets.
  • Coding SAS programs with the use of Base SAS and SAS/Macros for ad hoc jobs.

Environment: Base SAS, OS Windows, SAS/SQL, SAS/GRAPH, MS Excel, UNIX, Enterprise guide, Enterprise miner. 

Confidential, CT 

SAS Developer


  • Modified data using SAS/BASE and Macros.
  • Employed techniques like sorting and merging on the raw data sets and coded them using Proc SQL and SAS Macro facility to get the required output
  • Prepared graphs using the modified data for business analysis.
  • Creation of Data Sets on the Remote Server.
  • Used shell programming to run weekly and monthly reports
  • Used SAS/ACCESS to gather data from RDBMS like TERADATA and DB2
  • Coordinating the production of monthly, quarterly, and annual performance reports for senior management.
  • Extensively used SAS/ Macro facility to provide reusable programs that can be conveniently used time to time and created tables, graphs and listing reports
  • Used SAS Data Integration Studio to develop various jobs processes for extracting, cleansing, transforming, integrating, and loading data into Data marts and Data warehouse database.
  • Extracted data sets from server using PROC IMPORT and created datasets in SAS libraries.
  • Coding SAS programs with the use of SAS/BASE and SAS/Macros for ad hoc jobs.
  • SAS scripts on Unix are run, and the output datasets are exported into SAS.
  • Created charts showing performance using SAS/GRAPH.
  • Monitored and Analyzed Bank and Cards application.
  • Maintained and enhanced existing SAS reporting programs for marketing campaigns.
  • Maintained SAS statistical analysis for the products purchased every month.
  • Moved data set across platforms (from PC and Mainframe to UNIX and Vice Versa).


Confidential, CA

SAS Developer


  • Successfully designed and implemented statistical reporting processes for regular data collection and clinical data analysis. Analyzed Phase I, II and III Clinical Trials.
  • Used Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) feature of SAS for importing and exporting of data from and into SAS, MS Access and Excel.
  • Reading the raw clinical data (weekly and monthly), validating, manipulating, sorting, and merging the data. Generate summary tables, patient listings and develop different types of statistical reports by using different types of procedures. Extracted data from DB2 and Teradata tables
  • Data integration of different individual Business units to create appointment date file by using Macros, Data steps, Match Merge and Hash-look up
  • Coded SAS programs to manipulate and produced the custom reports. Developing the reports in Business Objects using complex SQL queries & materialized views
  • Maintenance of large data sets, combining data from various sources in varying formats to create SAS data sets and/or ASCII files by using Set and Merge for generating Reports and Graphs.
  • Prepared new Datasets from raw data files using Import Techniques and modified existing datasets using Set, Merge, Sort, and UpdateFormatsFunctions and conditional statements.
  • Created complex and reusable Macros and extensively used existing macros and developed SAS Programs for Data Cleaning, Validation, Analysis and Report generation. 
  • Tested and Debugged existing macros
  • Generated TablesGraphs and Listings for inclusion in Clinical study reports and regulatory submission; Participated in preparing study results as well as ISS and ISE for FDA submissions using SAS.
  • Extracting data from the database using SAS/AccessSAS /SQL procedures and create SAS data sets.
  • Creating SAS dataset from tables in Database using SAS/Access.

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